1930s Men's Clothing

1930 Hat Styles for Men

1930 Hat Styles for Men

Men’s fashion and style has evolved significantly in recent years, but in the 1939s, the look for men was formal wear. With limited technology and fewer automobiles, society was different in the nineteenth century.

Social events such as balls and evening tea with friends were required to be attended. In the fashion industry, there was a formal theme that was not limited to genders.

Men wore hats with their suits, shirts, and uniforms, creating a stylish and distinctive look.

5 Types of Men Hats (Worn in the 1930)Stetson Fedora Hats | Official Site

Because of the heavy presence of hats in the fashion industry, various types of hats were created for various occasions and to be worn with various attire.

These are five types of hats that men wore in the 1930s:

  • Fedora Hat – This was also referred to as the fur felt hat. A deep crease ran down the center top of the hat, angled toward the back of the head.

On most styles, the front pinch or crown sides were also indented. They were sometimes worn on one side only.

  • Hamburg Hat – It was also known as the “Conservative Fedora.” It had straight sides and a deep center dent, making it a slightly more formal hat than the soft fedora. It was about 5.5 inches tall, giving the wearer height and prominence.
  • Bowler Hat – This hat was also known as a Derby. The crown was mostly made of matching black Petersham ribbon with a flat side bow. Its narrow curled brim was frequently higher on the sides.
  • Porkpie Hat – This hat had an oval flat top with a deep crease around it. It was worn on an angle, with a thin leather band that matched the color of the hat. Occasionally, a feather. The brim was wide and straight, with a slight curl at the back.
  • Tyrolean Hat – This was similar to the pork pie, it had a center dent or knock about loose open crown with a deep pinch front characterized the crown. From front to back, the top slanted sharply.

Tyrolean hat - WikipediaThe brim was narrow, with a sharp back curve and a snap down front. The majority of Tyrolean hats had a feather in the hat band, either on one side or at the back. The hat band itself came in a wide range of materials, from classic grosgrain to woven belts and thin leather.

The Reasons Why Men Wore Hats In 1930

The question of why men wore hats in the 1930s is a resounding one, especially when one considers the fashion scene today and realizes that men do not wear hats as much as they used to. There are numerous reasons why men wore hats, but here are a few of the most important ones:

  1. Covering up – People washed their hair less frequently, so most people had very greasy hair, which hats were used to cover up.
  2. Protection – The hat protects the wearer’s head from rain, sun, and wind. It provided adequate weather protection, especially since many people had to walk to their destinations.

A hat is more than just a piece of clothing; it is a form of intellectual fashion. It elevated garments and provided valuable head protection. It will forever be a significant part of fashion history.

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