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1950s MAKEUP



Looking good has never been a bad thing. Afterall, looking good is good business. In a decade known for sophistication, class and elegance, there is so much to be desired in the way women treat their appearance. Women in the 50s approached makeup with the desire to enhance or celebrate their natural beauty. Hence, you will find that most 1950’s makeup routines focus on properly defined lips, great skin and striking eyes. In this guide, we will be highlighting the trends of 1950s makeup, the routines, the celebrities of the time, and how to replicate similar results today.


Top 1950s Makeup Trends to Know1950s MAKEUP


  1. Rosy Cheeks:one of the hallmarks of 1950s makeup is the rosy cheeks. The goal is to create a soft peach or pink blush to the cheeks to appear youthful. It is important to always contour the cheekbones with a darker shade of the blush to have a subtle defined look.
  2. Red Lips:Having bold red lips is a classic 1950s makeup look. Simply make use of red liner, a matte red lipstick and never forget to blot the lips softly with tissue to remove any excess.
  3. Foundation and Powder:Complexion was a big deal in the 1950s as much as it is now. However, the goal in the 50s was to always set the foundation in a porcelain way that would blend into the skin without any cakey impression on the face.
  4. The Brows:it was almost a fashion crime in the 50s to step out with poorly-groomed eyebrows. So, it was crucial that one had perfect brows which can be done using a pencil or powder to fill. Also, one can get well-defined brows by brushing the brows outward and upwards.
  5. Vintage Hairstyles: Another defining feature of the 1950s makeup is the hairstyles. Women of the time are always having their hair in some curls, victory rolls, and classic waves.

Celebrities with Iconic 1950s Makeup


Three major celebrities stood as hallmarks for fashion in the 1950s. We can call them the original influences and their influence also touches makeup. They are;


  • Audrey Hepburn:Hepburn was famous for her distinct sophistication and class when it comes to makeup. Audrey could often be seen wearing a light pink lipstick with a cat-eye liner.
  • Marilyn Monroe:The moment you see a lady with red lips, dewy skin and winged eyeliner in the 50s, you easily think of Marilyn Monroe. It was her signature makeup sign.
  • Elizabeth Taylor:One thing Elizabeth Taylor showcased with her make up was glamorous and bold. She would often wear bright lipstick, dramatic eyeliner, and smoky eyeshadow.


Tips for Recreating 1950s Makeup1950s MAKEUP


  • Flawless Skin:Having a great skin is the start should you want to imitate 1950s makeup. To achieve flawless skin, it is crucial you moisturize, use foundation that matches your skin tone and a concealer to hide dark spots.
  • Use Eye Makeup:In the 50s, the eyes were regarded as the focal point of one’s makeup. So, for a 50s look it is all about finding the balance between a light and dark eyeshadow, applying mascara, and curled lashes.
  • Blush:As stated earlier, women in the fifties love to blush. Hence, if you must go out looking like you time-jumped from the 50s, then you must make use of light pink blushes on your cheek.
  • Red Lipsticks:If you must use lipstick, the recognized lipstick in 50s makeup is red. Take your time to apply your red lipstick, and avoid any spills.
  • To make your makeup last longer, you can use a setting spray or a translucent powder.

In conclusion, going out with a 50s themed makeup styles is an excellent way to add a touch of glamor, sophistication, class, and elegance to your overall outlook.

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