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Nothing screams or describes the 1950s as the words elegance and sophistication. The 50s decade was never short of glamour and experimentation with the fashion industry reaping huge benefits. Romance is as old as time as people are always seeking a lifelong companion to share life and experiences. As a result, we have weddings. In the 1950s, romance was not left out of the glamour, elegance, and sophistication. Hence, 1950s wedding dresses, suits, and other days were refined to create a day of magic for couples.


Today, if you are planning a wedding, adopting a 1950s theme is a great approach. In this post, we will highlight the charms of 1950s weddings in hopes that they inspire you and your partner on plans for your big day.


What made 1950s Weddings so Special?1950s WEDDING


The world needed to move on from the horrors of World War II that plagued the 40s, weddings and romance were a welcome sign of hope and optimism. Below are some of the reasons weddings were so special in the 50s.


  • Festivities: Thanks to the economic boom post-war, people went all out to celebrate special moments. For weddings, people would hire live bands, exquisite and elaborate decorations, and a lot of dancing.
  • Classis Romance:Couples in the 1950s were never shy about the way they express their affection. Even in their approach to weddings, they embrace traditional customs and are not shy to make the occasion meaningful and timeless.
  • Pastel Pallete:When it comes to color, pastel colors like soft blue, pink, and mint greens were the go-to themes for 1950s weddings. The colors help provide an air of femininity and grace.
  • Simplicity and Elegance:Only in the 1950s could one find an occasion that perfectly captures elegance as well as simplicity. !950s weddings had those features as brides and grooms paid a lot of attention to the details of their big day.

The 1950s Weddiing Dress


There is no way to talk about the allure and charm of a 50s wedding without talking about the 1950s wedding dress. The wedding stress is iconic as its design highlights grace, femininity, and grace. The typical 50s wedding dress is often white or taffeta or ivory satin with a sweetheart neckline. Sometimes, it is embellished with laces or beads.


Common Features of the 1950s Weddig Dress


  1. Full Skirts:The full, voluminour skirts was a common feature for 1950s wedding dress. To achieve the distinctive bell shape, women will often wear a Crinoline petticoat under the dress.
  2. Gloves and Veils:For women who wanted to add more sophistication and elegance to their overall look, they would wear long gloves and veil as part of their wedding dress.
  3. Tea-length Dresses:The tea-lenth style is one of the most disguishable feature of 50s wedding dress. It is style that allow the bride to flaunt her shoes due to its length.
  4. Bateau Necklines:Also called the Boat neckline was a popular choice for wedding dresses. The neckline helps to highlight the collarbones and shoulder. As aresult, the brides look more refined and full of grace/
  5. Something Blue:In a tradition that far predates the 1950s, brides in the 50 would offten adorn their wedding dressing with blue ribbons, garter and other accessories to honor the something blue tradition.
  6. Lace and Tulle:The fabric of choice for 1950s wedding dresses is undisputably lace and tulle. These material allow designerrs to create dresses with intricate, delicate, and feminine gowns for weddings.
  7. Waist Emphasis:We all love the hourglass figure and in the 50s, wedding dresses often features corsets and cinched waist to give brides the widely coveted hourglass figure.




Popular Wedding Dresse Styles of the 1950s1950s wedding dress


  • Shealth Dress:The dress comes with a straight skirt that fall from the waist to the hem and becomes a common wedding dress style in the late 50s.
  • The Ball Gown:Its undeniable the most popular wedding gown for the 50s decade. It is a full-skirted gown, wiht a sweetheart neckline and a fitted bodice.
  • The A-line Dress:Another popular style choice for 1950s wedding dress, it featurs a skirt flarred out from the waist and a fitted bodice.


Tips for Planning a 1950s Theme Wedding


  1. Choose a synagogue, church or venue that possess the classic 50s feel
  2. Choose to play music that mimics the 1950s vibe of fun and festive.
  3. You can decorate your venue in 50s style with flowers, vintage furniture, and other decorations.
  4. Encourage your guest to embrace showing up in vintage 1950s fashion.


In conclusion, the allure of 1950s wedding is clear to see with in its dresses, form of celebration, and expression of romance. Should you want a vintage retro wedding similar to the 50s then you have a 1950s wedding dress style, or creat a wedding event that is 1950s themed. Regardless of what choice you make, you will be having an elegant, stylish and sophisticated ceremony.



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