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Flapper Hairstyles for Long Hair: 5 Looks You’ll Love in 1920s

1920s women's Fashion

The amazing 20s which had women longing for masculinity is an unforgettable decade. The gorgeous hairstyles of the 1920s were greatly influenced by the social excitement of the decade. Although the styles were a mark of the rebellious time showing that the women wanted independence from the constraints of the previous decades, the flapper girl hairstyles of the era, offered to the women a sophisticated look.

Even though cutting their hairs short was one of the major marks of independence for the 20s women, long hairs continued to have a soft feminine and romantic look. The accessories on the hairs usually gave long hair lovers of that era the independent show-off.

However, since the 20s styles are still trending, the top-notch hairstyles for long hair during the 1920s are below.

1920s Hairstyle-Finger Waves

A perfect 1920s way to flaunt your long hair is the finger waves hairstyle. The stunning hairstyle set the hair into S-shaped curls.  The hairstyle leaves your hair hanging on the neck and is quite easy to achieve. Your fingers, pins, comb and hair gel are all you need. A deep part on the flapper girl finger waves hairstyle will add glam to the style. The finger waves style remains an amazing choice for your long hair.


20s Hairstyle-Curly Updo

A fabulous style of the 20s for long hair was the curly updo. The 1920s hairstyle which could serve as a casual or special event style was great at uplifting the feminine beauty of the 20s women. The soft curl was usually worn with a beautiful headband. Get yourself looking all amazing with this hairdo of the 20s. To look more trendy, you can introduce colors.


Long Hair with headband

As casual as it may sound or look, this hairstyle is a signature of the 20s. The fascinating hairstyle gives a classic look to the wearer and is perfect for an informal hangout. Just part your long hair into two, flip one side to the right and another to the left. Wear a headband over it for the 20s glam.


1920s Hairstyle-Pin Curls

The roller hairstyle was a 20s original style. The hairstyle required curling the hair and pinning it down. It leaves a very curly look all over the hair, that makes the wearer look so classic. Pieces of jewelry were worn on pin curls for those who preferred. Today, you can have your pin curls tight or well blown out.  A beautiful blend of colors will add glam. Your long hair will love it!


1920s women’s Hairstyle-Marcel Waving

The marcel waves also had its turn during the 1920s decade. Although it was done from finger waves, it gave long hairs a different and unique look. They were waved with heated marcel irons after the hair was curled. The hairstyle which seemed like a piece of art was delicate and needed daily care. Headbands were also worn on them. You can make yourself look extraordinarily beautiful with this style to an evening event, to the office or an informal event.


The 20s hairstyles remain relevant today and have been an amazing choice for every season and occasion. Get yourself a 20s signature ASAP.

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