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The liberated women of the 1920s are somewhat of the fashion icons of the time. At the time, young women looking to stamp their independence and departure from traditional roles and expectations will adorn themselves in the classic flapper style. Wearing a flapper dress was a testament to keeping up with the 1920s fashion trend for these women.

In the 1920s, a typical young woman would be seen wearing makeup, a short skirt, and bobbed hair looking to dance the night away to some Jazz music. In this blog post, we will explore what makes the flapper style an iconic fashion staple of the 1920s.


What is Flapper Style?flapper style

The beauty of fashion trends is the creative freedom they allow people to express using their dresses, pieces of jewelry, and accessories. In summary, the flapper style is all about expression and freedom. In the 20s, the word flapper was often used to describe the progressive and young women of the time. Their rebelliousness translated into rejection of traditional expectations and birthing a variety of 1920s fashion trends.

Everything about the flapper style screams boldness and freedom. With flapper makeup, women abandon the modest Victorian styles for bold rep lipsticks, heavy eye makeup, and plucked brows.


Features of the Flapper Styles

Below are some of the impressive features of the flapper style that make it such an iconic fashion-forward trend of the 1920s.

  1. Bobbed Hair:The bobbed hair is the signature hairstyle of the flapper style. Women of the 20s era embraced short haircuts as it questioned the standards of beauty of the time. The bobbled haircut was bold, modern, and perfectly captured the progressiveness of the 1920s.
  2. The Flapper/Shift Dress:There is no way to talk about the flapper style without mentioning the flapper dress. The flapper dress is a short, drop-waisted dress made of chiffon, silk, or velvet. The flapper dress unlike the constricting corsets or big skirts of the last 1910s, allows for more freedom of moment. Also, it is not uncommon to see flapper dresses adorned with beads, fringe, and sequins.
  3. Beads, Fringe, and Sequins:It is important to remember that the 1920s decade was the golden age of Jazz music. As a result, dresses of the time also mimicked the effervescence of the era. To the end, you will often find flapper dresses decorated with exquisite embellishments like sequins, beads, and fringe.
  4. T-Strap Shoes: Another iconic fashion symbol of the flapper styleera is the T-strap shoe. It is a sandal with low heels and very comfortable to wear. It is the perfect shoe to let loose on the dance floor. It exemplifies the mantra of freedom that defined the 1920s era.
  5. Cloche Hats: One accessory that perfectly compliments the flapper dress is the cloche hat. It is a small, bell-shaped hat typically worn at an angle. On most occasions, the cloche hats will be adorned with flowers, feathers, and ribbons. It was a great way to add a bit of sophistication to any dress.
  6. Jazz Necklaces: These were necklaces inspired by Jazz music as they come in numerous colors and geometric shapes.
  7. Feather Boas: Feather boa is a neck accessory made of feathers as the name implies. They are long and fluffy and women will generally wrap them around their necks or shoulders.

Interpretation of the Flapper Style Today

While we are no longer in the 1920s, the need to dress creatively, express freedom, and progressively never changes. As a result, fashion designers today incorporate the flapper dress into modern styles. Hence, one can always find the flapper dress on most red carpets and fashion magazines.

The flapper style and dress is a timeless piece that highlights the expression of society through fashion. Therefore, if you looking to turn heads with a touch of inspiration from the past, then the flapper style is the way to go.


How to Dress Like a Flapperflapper style

Below are 1920 fashion tips to allow you to dress like a stylish flapper today.

  • For a casual and funky retro look adorn yourself with a Jazz necklace and T-strap shoes
  • For a comfortable dress that still accentuates your figure, the flapper dress is the perfect choice
  • For a bold and expressive look, then bold makeup featuring red lipsticks, shaved brows, and thick eye makeup.
  • Don’t be afraid to incorporate a feather boa or cloche hat for casual meetups
  • Having a bobbled hairstyle is perfect for any occasion if you are going for a progressive and fearless outlook.



The flapper style is no doubt the iconic fashion of the 1920s. Nevertheless, it remains relevant today. it is a style for progressive women to express themselves in a way that challenges traditional expectations. So, if going against the status quo is your brand of fashion, then embrace the flapper style.



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