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The 1920s is popularly known as the Roaring Twenties, was a time birthing a lot of cultural and radical change. It is important to note that it is a decade following the end of the first world war. As a result, people couldn’t wait to live their lives to the fullest. In the midst of that joy, and eagerness, we get to see a redefining of creative arts and culture. The 20s was the birth decade for the Charleston dance, flapper dresses and multicolored art deco. Of Course, we can’t highlight the amazing fashion of the time without exploring 1920s jewelry trends that helped define the decade as a roaring one.

Popular 1920s Jewelry Trend Styles 1920s JEWELRY TRENDS

Flapper Pearls:One jewelry that dominated the scenes in the 1920s is pearls. Women at the time that love to adorn flapper dresses will often accessorize with long pearl necklaces. The pearl necklaces often compliment the sleek line of the flapper dresses making it a go-to for young women of the 20s.

Art Deco: Art Deco style was mostly about geometric shapes, symmetry and colors. It was a style that fused the craftsmanship at the time with the need for innovation. As a result, Jewelries in the decade would have geometric shapes and designs.

Motifs:One of the popular trends incorporated into 1920s jewelry is motifs. During the roaring decades, influences from exotics places like Egypt were a rave. As a result, Jewelries will come in designs like pharaohs, sphinxes, lotus flowers and many more.

Cocktail Rings:The cocktail ring was born in the 1920s, a true testament to the bold and adventurous lifestyle of the decade. Cocktail rings are bold as they feature large gemstones at their core. People adorn them with a mindset of defiance common to the 1920s especially during the prohibition days.

Enamel Jewelry: Another brilliant addition to the popular trends of 1920s Jewelry is the Enamel jewelry. While most designs incorporated geometry, shapes, motif, big gems, enamel brought colors and a lot of it. Thanks to the riot of colors, the 1920s evolved beyond intricate black and white jewelry designs.

Costume Jewelry:For women who didn’t have much to spare but still wanted to look their dashing best, costume jewelry was the solution. Rather than make use of expensive gemstones, alternatives like glass, metals and rhinestones were used to make glamorous jewelry pieces.

Diamonds:Diamonds are timeless and this was the case in the 1920s too. Having a Diamond Jewel is always a symbol of class, wealth and sophistication. Hence, the rich women of the 1920s never failed to flaunt their diamond jewelries on special occasions.

How to Wear 1920s Jewelry Today

Learn to choose the right pieces:The moment you decide to opt for a 1920s-inspired outfit, you must consider the overall look. For a flapper-style dress, you must wear a feminine looking jewelry. Similarly, if the dress is more Deco then a geometric bold jewelry is the choice.

Experiment: One of the beauty of dressing in vintage 1920s outfit is that is a lot of room for experimentation. A long, layered pearl can be worned alongside a flapper bracelet. Also, you can wear a cocktail ring with a Art Deco geometric ring.

Pairing with a Dress: You can wear any trendy 1920s jewelry with formal or casual dress of today. For example, a brooch can compliment your coat or jacket. Similarly, a statement earring can flatter your formal gowns.1920s JEWELRY TRENDS

In conclusion, there is a lot to be desired about 1920s jewelry. It allure and elegance have stood the test of time and serves a great add to any vintage collectors jewelry box. Also, most 1920s jewelry are still relevant to styling a modern day outfit. So, we are forever grateful to that the roaring twenties delivered fashion greatness.

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