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The Complete Guide To Vintage 50s Bags


In the 1950s, hope and optimism were never in short supply as people were healing from the effects of World War II. In this era of hope, fashion was undergoing massive changes, with new designs and accessories flooding the market. One of the standout accessory of the decade is the 1950s vintage handbags. In this post, we’ll take a journey through time as we rediscover the essence, allure and charm of 50s handbag. Also, there will be ample coverage on designs, craftsmanship, and material. At the end of this guide, there should be a new found appreciation for 1950s handbags, its influence on modern fashion and its enduring relevance.

The 50s Handbag DesignsVintage 50s Bags

It’s practically an open secret in the fashion circle that the designs of the vintage 1950s handbags are iconic. The bags never fail to captivate fashion collectors and enthusiast. Below are some of the most popular designs of the era;

  • Kelly Bags:The beautiful Kelly bag gets its name from the iconic Grace Kelly. Both Grace Kelly and the Kelly bag are the embodiment of sophistication in the 50s. Kelly bag comes with a top handle, a trapezoidal shape, and its signature turn-lock closure. Fashion enthusiasts and connoisseurs all agree that the Kelly bag is a timeless classic.
  • Box Bags:Box bags are commonly known as vanity cases. Its popularity was undeniable in the 1950s. Words like elegant and functional perfectly describes the rectangular bag featuring a clasp closure and top handle. For a delightful evening soiree or casual daytime meeting, the Box bag is the ideal accessory.
  • Novelty Bags:Novelty bags took the 1950s fashion scene by storm. The quirky and whimsical designs of the bags was both shocking and captivating. Often you could find Novelty bags taking the shape of animals, telephones, and cars. It found a home with people looking to express themselves in a creative and fun ways.
  • Frame Bags:You can always identify a frame bag by either its plastic or metallic frame. The frame helps make the bag appear more structured. It is common to find frame bags feature some form of beading, embroidery, and other embellishments. They help provide a touch of opulence to the overall outfit.
  • Basket Bags:Summer is synonymous with fun and relaxation, and one accessory that captures that theme is the Basket bag. The bag is typically made using woven materials like wicker or straws. For more creative options, the bag can feature playful embellishments such as ribbon ties. Nevertheless, there is no denying that Basket bags are the perfect and charming accessory for both summer outings and evening outings.


Craftsmanship and Materials of Choice for 1950s Vintage Bags

1950s era of fashion highlights the skillset of the craftsman of the time. With 1950s vintage fashion, one cannot miss the attention to detail and the quality of work. Even the bags are testament to the sophistication of the designers. Below are some of the choice materials of 50s vintage bags;

  • Fabric:For formal events, vintage 1950s bags come in velvet, satin and silk fabrics. Some designers add luxurious features of beads or embroidery to make the bags more elegant.
  • Leather:Today, we see a lot of leather bags ranging from the regular calfskin bags to the exotic types like crocodile and alligator bags. In the 50s, leather bags make for sophisticated, durable, and elegant handbags.
  • Straws and Wickers: Earlier it was stated how straws and wickers helps make for elegant basket bags. Designers looking to distance themselves from the typical formal appeal of fabrics and leather opt for straws and wickers.
  • Lucite: Towards the end of the decade in the 1950s, translucent and transparent handbags were all the rage. Lucite is the material that is used to craft this handbags. It is a form of acrylic plastic and helps add intrigue to handbag designs.

The Appeal of Vintage 50s BagsVintage 50s Bags

Why buy vintage 1950s bags? Well, below are some reasons why they should instantly become part of your fashion collectibles;

  1. High-Quality:Both the designs and craftsmanship of vintage 1950s bag is of the highest quality. The bags are very durable and the design are incredibly intricate making them a highly sort accessory today.
  2. Versatile:1950s vintage bags come in various materials and designs. As a result, there is a vintage 50s bag for practically any occasion. Looking to charm your audience with a retro look, then the 50s bag are the way to go.
  3. Return on Investment:Considering the design, material, and durability, the vintage bag is a great investment. If the bags are well-preserved, its value is such to appreciate overtime as a fashion collectible.
  4. Eco-Friendly: By purchasing a vintage bag, you help the environment as you would be reducing the demand for new materials. Hence, a 1950s bag is a net-positive for the environment.

In conclusion, it is apparent that 1950s vintage bags hold value beyond simple fashion accessories. The bags are relics and capsules of an era defined by sophistication, elegance, and innovation. If you are a lover of history, or a retro fashion fan, then you are sure to appreciate the charm of the 50s bags. Some are whimsical like the novelty bag, others can be elegant, sophisticated like the Kelly Bag. In all there is no denying that the bags are inspiring, functional and ideal fashion companion for a variety of occasions.

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