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2020 Best Black Friday Deals Event: the Buyer Guide of Vintage Online Shopping Sites

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Black Friday is coming soon. This is a wonderful chance for people to get more special offers than usual. Certainly, for vintage-lovers, a lot of vintage items are discounted on Black Friday such as 1920s style dresses and coats in the 1950s women’s fashion. However, due to the pandemic, more and more people choose to shop safely at home. In this situation, some fantastic online shopping sites are rightfully recommended to you, especially when you are a vintage lover.


The original of Black Friday

vintage shoppingThe term “Black Friday” was first coined in the 1960s and has now become one of the busiest shopping days of the year. In the past few years, Friday is no longer the only shopping day for Thanksgiving weekend sales. Now consumers can get discounts on small business Saturdays and Cyber Mondays throughout the weekend.

Black Friday is a weekend of significant price reductions, starting on the last Friday of November, the second day of Thanksgiving celebrations. Since its popularity in the 1950s, Americans have taken advantage of pre-Christmas sales, and this day has become the most successful deal of the year for American retailers.


Which products are worth the Black Friday specials

blackfriday vintageIn Decades, it is said that “bah humbug” will be said on Black Friday, because fashionable, sophisticated, and savvy customers know that the best deal in town is to buy some vintage things that may add value without being discovered by people. It is environmentally friendly. And it has a history (very good!). Retro clothes, retro prices. On Black Friday in the UK, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., buy vintage styles for men and women at 424 King Street for $1, $5, and $10. This is a good thing for those who like “Black Friday” veterans with good quality and cheap prices, and hesitant consumers who hate crowded shopping malls but prefer vintage clothing.

When the small KidKraft Vintage Kitchen was sold at the lowest price seen last year, it was better than last year’s Black Friday, and it was only $1 higher than the lowest price. For this year’s Black Friday deal, this is an amazing price!


The Best Types of Products in Black Friday for people and vintage lovers

sear blackfridayThese are usually high-end products with reduced prices, such as top TVs, gaming systems, and cameras. Black Friday is also a good time to buy a car, although you will not enjoy the super discount of 50% off like on TV. Now is a good time to buy, because this date coincides with the year-end inventory clearance time starting in October. The best deal is the model of the year that is being phased out.

In the 1980s, the people who shopped at Sears enjoyed some products under Black Friday deals, for example, Phoebe Cates is a model at Sears or a clunky and ridiculous predecessor like Peloton bicycles and Siri. Then there is nostalgia: Atari games and tracks, cheap excitement in the underwear area. This Black Fridaymaybe a great opportunity for vintage-lovers to shop these vintage items like shopped in 1980s Sears. All in all, the below items have big sales for vintage-lovers:

Beautiful vintage dress with novelty prints.

High street vintage tops.

vintage style lingerie.

vintage inspired plastic jewelry.

original vintage Bakelite jewelry.

vintage style shoes.

vintage cosmetic.


The Best Places to Find Deals for vintage-lovers under the 2020 pandemic

black friday vintageWith the rapid development of e-commerce, generally, there are two main ways to shop on holiday: online or offline.

According to the latest research by Springboard, a shopper tracking research service, at the peak of the pandemic, the flow of people may drop by more than 80%, similar to April. Important stores such as supermarkets will continue to be open for trading, but many clothing, technology, and toy stores have been forced to close their Black Friday sales. However, online purchases will continue as normal, which means that tech giants and non-essential retailers can continue online transactions. Therefore, small local businesses that do not have the capacity to store large amounts of products are likely to be hit.

Therefore, online shopping makes it easy to compare prices, and you can usually find more items than in-store items.


Best shops 

In the past few years, the main participants (Walmart, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Kohl’s, JCPenney) have tried to send Its actual Black Friday transaction that happened early.



While Macy’s isn’t offering up sales for the entire month of November, the department store is releasing its Black Friday deals early. Macy’s kicked things off by running a Black Friday Friday early access sale, featuring over 6,000 sale items. In order to get more shopping inspiration, we listed the best Black Friday retro merchandise promotions available at Macy’s. For example, weatherproof Vintage Men’s Adam Duck Boots: $20 (was $75) at Macy’s.



Ugg has a lot of Black Friday sales, but they only happen at the end of the month. The first is the “Internet Week” closet sale starting on November 25th. During this period, you can save on the best-selling seasonal styles, including classic models, vintage boots, vintage shoes, slippers, robes, and Ugg vintage clothing with up to 60% discount. On the actual Black Friday (November 27), Ugg will sell more items, including new special edition classic boots and slippers. Then, on November 30, Ugg held a special “Cyber Monday” sale and released a limited-edition series, including offers for the whole family. Anyone who spends $300 or more on Ugg.com will also receive a free gift. Now you can save up to 30% discount on Ugg sales.



In a series of events they called “Black Friday Trading Days”, Wal-Mart will hold three separate saving events in November, including “The best of the season for retailers’ most sought-after items in the 2020 holiday wishes Price” and HP, Instant Pot, LEGO, LOL Surprise! , New products from top brands such as Roku and Shark, as well as products that can only be found at Walmart.

Each event will start online from Walmart.com and then continue in the Walmart store. Customers can also choose to pick up online Black Friday orders through Wal-Mart’s non-contact roadside pickup service! For example, Ms. Jordache Vintage Sloane Yoke front high waist skirt: $5.97 (original price $24.98) and Hammer Anvil Men’s Retro Polarized Sunglasses Classic Vintage Driving Glasses: $14.99 ($49.50).

Best websites

In 2019, people’s attitudes towards fast fashion and how we consume clothing have changed dramatically. The fashion industry is one of the most devastating industries in the world. The development of cheap, fast, and convenient online shopping means the environment, not to mention paying for it.

However, if you really want to work hard this Black Friday, the best and most ethical way to update your wardrobe is to go shopping in second-hand stores. Due to changes in consumer attitudes, the retro scene of charity stores and online stores is booming-you can be sure to find artwork that suits each style, mood, and era among the wide variety of available products, and most importantly, every piece of art is unique.

Some of our favorite online antique stores have started to release their own Black Friday editions, offering discounts on their merchandise to encourage shoppers to turn their attention to second-hand goods. Just from browsing them today, we have found some beautiful works, and as the weekend progresses and enters Cyber Monday, more works may be added.

Before you might have to walk through dusty clothes in huge warehouses in the clumsy real world, now you can find skirts from the 50s or shell suits from the 80s with just one click.

vintage black friday shop
vintage shopping site
vintage blackfriday shop
vintage black friday
missfox shop

Beyond retro

Beyond Retro, an old-fashioned warehouse in the United Kingdom, carried out its own revision this weekend, called Green Friday, with a wide variety of clothing, and the price was 18 pounds and below (except for coats, which were all reduced to 25 pounds). You can buy the website in British pounds and choose to pay a small fee to Ireland.



The chic French retro website Imparfaite will do its own “Retro Friday” event every week. Selected products can enjoy up to 50% discount, plus free worldwide shipping.


Ture Vintage

Love Miss Daisy uses the code NOVEMBER 2020 to own 15% of its original vintage range. You can save up to 30% on Rokit promotions.



Collectif has a 25% discount on most websites. I like their latest series very much and I will definitely pay attention to some things. Use code BLACKFRIDAY16.



Missfoxshop.com is selling women’s fashion clothing, and featuring vintage dresses for women. The website has set up discount activities, some discounts up to 70% off.



Various styles of clothing are sold on the website to meet the needs of different groups of people. Recently new wholesale prices are provided.

6 things not to buy during Black Friday 2020

Linen and bedding

Unless you have guests spending Christmas and don’t have gifts to sleep them, it’s best to wait until the January sale, when these items will usually reach the lowest prices.

During the sale period, retailers will significantly discount bedsheets, bedspreads, towels, etc. to shift inventory and attract shoppers. These events can be traced back to January 1878, when department store pioneer John Wanamaker (John Wanamaker) held the first big sale to sell his surplus bedding in a slow year. Back then, bedsheets were only sold in a basic white tone, hence the name!



Jewelry is an easy Christmas gift for that special person. However, if you can plan ahead, it is actually best to shop on Mother’s Day or the end of summer (July/August) in order to get a better deal when buying.


Fitness Equipment

After the holidays, the New Year came, and people began to become stylish. Stores know that shoppers are looking for January fitness equipment deals, and they tend to offer the best prices at this time of the year. After the holiday, you usually get the best gym membership!


Gift card

There may be some gift card transactions during Black Friday, but if you wait until December, many restaurants, retailers, and even pharmacies will offer gift card transactions to give shoppers a holiday spirit.


High-power laptop

During Black Friday, there seems to be a lot of deals on laptops, but most of the laptops in the advertisement are basic mainstream computers, and there is not much turmoil. In the months of July and September, you will be able to find better prices on laptops with excellent graphics and faster processors.


outdoor product

After the summer, outdoor products, barbecue grills, and patio furniture have been immediately discounted significantly. If you did not pick up these products at the end of this summer, please wait until next year’s Memorial Day and Labor Day to start selling. Another viable option is the spring home improvement store Lowe, which usually holds Black Friday sales every year.

Tips for making the most of your 2020 black Friday shopping:is 2020 Black Friday?

2020 will be Black Friday. This is a good question because we are still in the deepest part of the global pandemic. Even if we are at lock level 1 and most economic activity has resumed, some people are still not insecure. Be careful when going to the shopping mall. If you are worried about shopping in a crowded shopping mall, consider shopping on Black Friday. Most physical stores have websites and mobile apps that allow you to shop in the comfort of your home.


Black Friday shopping tips

If you are drafting a Black Friday wish list for 2020, we will provide some tips to help you stay ahead and make the most of Black Friday shopping.


Do your research

Know which retailer has the best discount and compare prices at any time. Research the items you want to acquire in advance, and choose the options you have in case the store quickly sells out, and then you know where to buy the item.

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Sign up to receive news about Black Friday deals and other special offers before Black Friday.


Prioritize your shopping list

Prioritize the shopping list in order of importance, so you can get what you need first, and then buy unnecessary and unplanned items. Please purchase expensive or essential items before browsing other items.


Shop online

Around Black Friday, shopping malls become crowded and crowds may be at a loss, especially when you and we are still in a pandemic. If you can avoid entanglement with online shopping and shopping apps; I’d rather do that. Online shopping will also help you avoid going astray.


Understand store policies

Read the return, exchange, and refund policies, especially when buying large items. Some stores do not allow the return of goods sold or have a fixed period to allow returns or exchanges-please to make sure you understand the policy.


2020 Black Friday 7 shopping mistakes and how to avoid them

Don’t do your research

Not doing research is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when shopping on Black Friday.

Before you enter the store, take some time to conduct online research on the products you intend to buy. Make sure that all the large products and electronic products you are buying have all the specifications you are looking for.

In addition, don’t let yourself be fooled by the flashy signs, saying “50% price reduction”. Just because something is “on-sale” does not mean you will get the best price. Check Amazon and other online retailers to make sure the price is worth the long queue.


Get into a scam

Black Friday is not only a paradise for people who want to find a lot of things but also a paradise for online crooks.

During the week of Black Friday, scammers swarmed and hacked into your email and social media profiles. Pay attention to transactions that seem unbelievable, and do not click on any links that are not in reputable stores.

In addition, if the company requires you to provide any personal information, please do not disclose it. You don’t need to provide any email address to get coupons or discounts.

If you have any questions about a seemingly suspicious online transaction, don’t be afraid to contact the store to see if it works.


No shopping plan

We have all seen Black Friday advertisements, where a family is shopping in a store, and there is an NFL microcosm before starting shopping. Although these ads are humorous, they also provide some good suggestions.

Before going to the store, you want to make a shopping plan. First, list all the items you need to buy. Then, research each item to see which items can be purchased online at the same price.

After narrowing the list to the items that need to be purchased in the store, figure out where to buy each item. Then, review your list of stores and determine how to enter all stores in the most effective way.

Please make sure you check the opening hours and closing times of each store on Black Friday, as some stores have extended operating hours while others have reduced operating hours.


Think low prices equal big deals

As we mentioned earlier in this article, it is easy to be attracted to stores with huge flashy signs to indicate their big business.

However, it is important to remember that a low price does not necessarily mean you can get a lot. Before buying, you need to ensure that the product is of high quality.

The best way to understand the quality of a product before purchasing it is to read online reviews. Keep in mind that paying more for an item will usually make it last longer, so don’t automatically choose the cheapest item you encounter.



Just because there are so many offers on Black Friday, it doesn’t mean you should go crazy and buy everything you need. Even with discounts, all these purchases can add up quickly.

In fact, a recent study found that the average American spends more than $1,000 on holiday gifts and gifts. Before you list your store, make sure you create a budget to avoid overspending.

When creating a budget, make sure to include sales tax. In addition, please remember that holiday gifts may not be your only holiday spending form. You may be traveling, hosting a party, or buying new decorations. Make sure that when you create a budget, you still have enough money for other types of vacation activities.


Do not read the return policy

Before buying items on Black Friday, it’s important to understand the store’s return policy. Generally, if an item is sold at a large discount, you will not be able to return it, or you need to return it within a certain period of time to get a full refund.

However, this is not the case for all retailers, because many retailers have generous return policies that allow you to return goods well after Christmas. Regardless of the store’s return policy, just make sure it’s all on the receipt, in case you or the recipient is heartbroken.

Ignore shopping on Cyber Monday

Although “Black Friday” undoubtedly offers many discounts, don’t forget that there are more events on “Cyber Monday”.

In recent years, more and more stores have closed on Black Friday to allow employees and their families to rest. As a result, Cyber Monday sales are bigger than ever. In addition, in cold weather, shopping comfortably at home is less stressful than waiting in a long queue.

How to Get the Best Black Friday Deals on zkaka and missfoxshop

As I said before, there are some best online vintage shopping sites with big black Friday deals. Here, two typical sites: zkaka.com and missfoxshop.com will be selected from them to explain how to get the best 2020 Black Friday deals.


I know, there are a lot of great shopping websites, but two representative shopping websites: missfoxshop.com and zkaka.com will make retro lovers like you full of shopping desire. These two websites are mainly for retail B2C, and they do additional wholesale services. In terms of wholesale services, they usually can provide wholesale discount prices, and there is enough stock, are welcome to buy in bulk. Below is their usual wholesale price offers: if you shop over $1000 then 20% off, similarly, if you shop between $500-1000, then enjoy an 18% discount and shop between $200-500 then 15% off.

On the other hand, there are three products on these two websites that can enjoy double eleven shopping discounts: dresses, sweaters, and Christmas products. However, for vintage-lovers, the specific discount rules of vintage dresses will be introduced to you exhaustively. When it comes to the special offer in black Friday shopping activities, here are some discount usage rules for you, and let you feel the heat of this shopping festival. Vintage dresses of two sites are hot items for vintage-lovers, for the double eleven shopping discounts mentioned earlier, up to 70% discount on all vintage dresses, and on this basis, you can also enjoy full discount activities.


Missfoxshop Black Friday Deals

Missfoxshop.com, which is a good website selling women’s fashion clothing, and featuring vintage dresses for women. Its homepage section also launches related themed clothing on certain holidays, at the same time, it will push promotions on specific holidays such as Halloween and Christmas.

The best-selling items on this website are cosmetic bags, hair clips, hats, vintage dresses, etc. The latest items are handbags, wallets, necklaces, bracelets, etc. The combination product I recommend most here is to wear a retro dress, wear a wig and a hat, wear a necklace and bracelet, hold a handbag, and play the same style as your favorite celebrity.


Specific event details

In terms of the amount of full reduction, for example, if you buy vintage dresses, and you buy product “MF-XX14”(1920s dress) worth $43.99 plus product“MF-XX15” worth $45.99, the original price is $89.98, you only need to enter the discount code: MF8, the total price is reduced by $8, and finally got a discounted price of $ 81.98. By analogy, no matter how many vintage dresses you buy, as long as the total price is over $30, you can enter discount code MF4, and the total price will be reduced by $4. As long as the total price is over $90, enter discount code MF12, and the total price will be reduced by $12. Last but not least, the above discount rules are limited to dresses, sweaters, and Christmas products.

In terms of a full reduction in the number of purchases, when you buy two pieces, you don’t need to enter a discount code, you can enjoy the discount that is the total price minus 20% of the total price. When you buy three pieces, however, you need to enter the discount code MF25 to enjoy the discount that is the total price minus 25% of the total price. Surprisingly, the top three orders on Double Eleven can enjoy free orders.

Zkaka Black Friday Deals

Zkaka.com, which is an elegant website that sells main dance products for elegant ballet dancers. Various styles of clothing are sold on the website to meet the needs of different groups of people.

The best-selling items on this website are retro skirts, dance dresses, a ballerina skirt, jackets, and trench coats, while the latest items are scarves, hats, and sweater cardigans. My most recommended combination product is like celebrity Anna Pavlova wearing a classic ballet skirt, plus an elegant silk scarf. If you feel cold in this season, you can match it with a jacket, windbreaker, or sweater coat, which is also very matching.


Specific event details

In the case of the amount of full reduction, the discount rules are similar to the website missfox.com, but the specific amount is different. Analogously, no matter how many items (dresses, sweaters, and Christmas products) you buy, as long as the total price is over $50, you can enter discount code CART6, and the total price will be reduced by $6. As long as the total price is over $60, enter discount code CART8, and the total price will be reduced by $8. And so on, as long as the total price is over $80, you can enter discount code CART10, and the total price will be reduced by $10. If you shop over $100, enter discount code CART13, and the total price will be reduced by $13.

As far as full reduction in the number of purchases is concerned, when you buy two pieces, you don’t need to enter a discount code, you can enjoy the discount that is the total price minus 20% of the total price. When you buy three pieces, however, you need to enter the discount code SALE25 to enjoy the discount that is the total price minus 25% of the total price. Equally surprisingly, the top three orders on Double Eleven can enjoy free orders.

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