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Vintage Short Hairs: All About Glamor Flapper Styles 

The roaring 20s has been one of the most stylish decades and remains a great inspiration for hairstyles of whatever length. However, the 1920s hairstyles for short hairs were all about glamor. Flapper styles which made the ladies on short hairs look chic were the dominant hair trends. The women on short hairs during this era must have felt so comfy as there were no hindrances whatsoever to wearing the best hairstyles they preferred.

The 1920s hairstyles for short hairs had created a standard for the most beautiful styles seen today. Hence, it will be really good to know them and how to create those amazing styles. Here’s a list of the best short hairs worn during the 20s and tips on how they can be done.

  1. Great Gatsby style-Finger Waves

The finger waves hairstyle which was a way of setting the hair into curls was one of the most popular styles of the 20s. It must have been really difficult to find a woman of this era who didn’t love the waves. Hollywood stars were regularly seen on finger waves and so were the flapper ladies. It was easy to achieve. The fingers, combs and clips were used in creating S-shaped curls on the hair after it was parted. Afterwards, a strong-hold hair gel was used to set the curls in place. The style and process remain the same! You could get the exotic finger waves style on your short hair ASAP.

  1. 20s Bobs

The 1920s hairstyles sure had a stylish vibe. This was well proved with the short hair style “bob”. The present-day familiar hairstyle became the first choice for short hair lovers in the 20s. Various styles of bob for short hair were available during the era.

The angled bob style was so chic and still is. It was achieved by an uneven haircut. The barbers of the 20s were skilled in making women look lovely in this particular bob cut. To get yours, let your hair be cut with one side made longer than the other side. Add some bangs for some more glam.

Curly bob was another style of bob that was fascinating during the 20s. Instead of going all straight, the short hair was curled and cut to equal length. Any kind of curl was perfect! The curled bob remains an amazing option for short hair lovers.

  1. 1920s Hairstyles-Marcel Waves

The marcel wave was a must-try for every woman that rocked a short hair in the jazz decade. The waving style which was achieved using a curling iron made the wearers look fabulous and stylish. Hollywood celebrities of the decade proved that the marcel waves was an awesome choice for short hairs. Although the waves required adequate and daily care, they were just perfect for short hairs. The marcel waves are still very much in trend so, get a marcel iron and achieve your desired look on your short hair.

If you are wearing short hair, the 1920s styles are great for styling your hair perfectly. These styles will keep you trendy and beautiful at all times. So, go ahead and try them!

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