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1950s Accessories – See What Was Popular for Pin-up Girls

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The 1950s was the era of revolutionary changes. These changes get observed in almost every aspect of life. Fashion trends also got highly effected, and noticeable changes took place. The importance of accessories in creating a look can not get denied. And, the 1950s offer so much in this category that until now, people love to replicate the items and add them to their wardrobe. Today, we will discuss some of the essential accessories.


a woman with red blouseSunshades are one of the essential props for adding glamour to your personality. A perfect sunshade can upgrade your style game effortlessly. There are a few things that should get considered while buying a sunshade, for example, face shape, dress style, and hairdo.

The first ones to hit the American market were the cat-eyed sunshades, also called the devil’s eye. Although the women usually wore more oval-shaped sunglasses than men, the entrance of cat-eyed shades left the fashion industry buzzing with newer ideas. The trend got followed by a variation in sunshades materials. Previously, one could either purchase thin metal frames or the thick plastic ones.

However, with cat-eyed sunshades fever came the unique frames that had a metal-plastic body. The metallic body had a broad plastic lining on the top.

Apart from them, the horn rim sunshades and patterned frames. The cheetah print and polka dots sunshades were particularly famous amongst celebrities.  The monotone green colored sunglasses also gained popularity at the end of the 1950s.


a woman with black hats and glovesIn the 1950s, the gloves were very famous and got worn by every other woman. However, did you know the real purpose of wearing gloves? Back in the 1950s, the usage of gloves was to hide the hands and hence, the class status of a lady. People supposed that a lady from the superior class would have smooth, pale, and graceful. Whereas, a woman from a lower background was to have rough, scarred, and tanned hands. It was this sadistic ideology that led to women using gloves to cover their hands. Other than that, the purpose was to protect the body from germs in public.

Nevertheless, this usage did spring up an enthusiastic wave in trendsetters. Soon, people were wearing exotic gloves of different shapes, material, design, and length. The wrist-length white cotton gloves held a significant position throughout the 1950s. Women wore it in the daytime with almost all types of gowns and dresses.

At night, women preferred wearing arm-length fitting gloves. There were a variety of famous glove patterns and embroideries that still get used in vintage dressings. A variation in fabric was also popular during the 1950s, such as nylon and satin gloves.


a woman with black dressThe hair accessories rocked the 1950s fashion with a spectacular variety of headbands, bandanas, pin-ups, scarfs, and wigs. Perhaps, the most popular was the massive red flower pin-up that several women wore during the 1950s. The teenagers loved to glamorize their simple gowns with a hair scarf or headband. While the ladies wore sparkling tiaras, rhinestone headbands, turbans, jeweled clips, and stylized wigs for formal parties as well as occasions.

In wigs, the curly bobs and bouffant were very famous. Every formal dress for a party got accompanied by an eye-catching bouffant.


a woman with polk dotsBags in the 1950s got categorized into daytime and night time purses. The day time bags were usually small yet bulky. Women loved to carry the reduced, small purses that could carry a lot of personal belongings. Wearing matching purses in the day was also a popular trend. One could find women in the 1950s carrying exquisitely shaped bags, such as circular and rectangular with rounded edges.

At night, women carried large bags in neutral shades. During the 1950s, the trend of the company logo on the purse rose sharply and heightened the class differences. Gucci and Channel were popular bag brands during the 1950s fashion revolution.


All in all, the 1950s fashion accessories were quite eccentric and revolutionary. Each year brought a different set of fashion trends. From hair to toes, the fashion appeared to glamourize every human body part. Now, you have had detailed insight into the famous ravishing 1950s fashion accessories trends, try to stylize your vintage dressing accordingly.

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