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Guide For 1920s Accessories: Style Your Look In 1920s Fashion


Are you into the good old vintage 1920s fashion? Does the glamorous and classy fashion for the women of that time still impress you? Well, you are in the right place, because we are here with a guide for the 1920s accessories.

#11920s Hats

1920s-hatsSome of the most loved hats of that time were bucket hats, straw hats, felt hats, berets, turbans, and cloches. For instance, straw hats and cloches were worn for the day time events like a trip to the beach or a shopping spree with friends, and the turbans were for the evening events like parties, dinners, or formal meetings. Berets weren’t usually worn by women in America but they were the trendiest kind of hats in France.

#2 1920s Headbands

1920s-headbandsHand bands were one the top of the list for the trendiest accessories for women back in the 1920s. Most of the women were seen rocking unique headbands with intricate designs and head-turning ideas. The vast variety of material used to make different headbands still shock us to this date, some wore silk headbands and tied them to the nape of their neck, some tied up a pearl or beaded necklaces as headbands and hung the rest on their necks.

#3 Earrings in the 1920s

1920s-EarringsWhen it came to earrings, women back in the 1920s preferred drop earrings for night events like dinners, dates, or parties. The drop earrings became a symbol of elegance and femininity for the women of that time, they wore drop earrings for formal events to appear more sophisticated and high-end.

#4 20s Stoles

If you think or search for the most famous accessories for women in the 1920s, the first thing that will show up is the variety of stoles. From sexy fur stoles to elegant fringe stoles, women used the most unique and stylish ways to cover their bare shoulders when wearing an off-the-shoulder or shoulderless dresses. All the women of the elite class or a high status were always seen sporting a gorgeous fluffy fur stole that they would wrap around their shoulders a subtly sexy way. Some even wrapped silk scarves on their arms and shoulders as an effortless way to look feminine. It was the most stylish way to stay safe from the cold at that time.

#5 Feather Fan of the roaring 20s

1920s-Feather-FanWhat’s the best way to beat the heat while staying stylish and classy? Feather fans. Feather fans were yet another symbol of class and opulence for women back in the 1920s. They usually had a feather fan for formal events and parties, anyone who had a feather fan in their hands was instantly judged as a high-end, elegant person from the elite class.

#6 1920s Gloves

Gloves were the epitome of class, femininity, and elegance for women back in the 1920s. There were different sizes of gloves set for different events, such as the mid-length gloves were for the tea parties and afternoon parties and the elbow-length gloves were for the night-time dinners and parties. You may also like 1940s gloves.

Now that you know what kind of accessories were worn by the women back in the 1920s, you can try and style your looks to appear similar to them. You can even mix things up and create a signature style to stand out in the crowd and get those heads turning in shock and awe. We hope that this guide helped you understand the history of 1920s accessories better.

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