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1930s Hairstyles for Women or Men

1930s hair

People often remember the Jazz Ages of the 1920s, nevertheless, we forever have the 30s to thank for sentimental romance. By the 1930s, women were settling into the idea of working, being able to vote, and having the freedom to be independent. Meanwhile, men had to deal with the realities of growing globalization, trade, and industrialization. Amidst all of these changes and turmoil, we get to witness fashion wonders as it pertains to hairstyles.

Both men and women flaunted unique hairdos during this period. There seems to be something delightfully romantic in the way people chose to keep and style their hair. In this article, we will explore popular hairstyles of the era for both men and women.

Trendy 1930s Hairstyle For Women


For vintage fashion fans that will like to recreate some of the greatest fashion styles from the past. The 1930s hair choices are a fabulous place to start. The movies from that era help showcase the amazing hairstyles from that period. Some include:

  • The Mercel Wave:The 30s had a lot of women take personal care of their fashion choices. The reason isn’t far-fetched as the great depression did occur during this period. Hence, most women choose to style themselves rather than visit the saloon. One of the popular 30s hairstyles is the Mercel wave. The style gets its name from the elegant Marcel Grateau, the inventor of the hair-weaving iron.


Thanks to the home curling iron, women could style their hair in the comfort of their homes. It is a style that is easy to achieve and great on short hair. To achieve the Mercel wave, you wrap a section of the strand of hair over the iron rather than the whole strand. Then you press it into a wave and keep it in place using a hair spray. Repeat the process a few more times till you cover the entire hair. The result will be shortened hair with a lot of volume. The Mercel Wave is a hallmark of elegance for the 30s hairstyle.

  • The Pageboy:Another popular and trendy hairstyle from the 1930s is the Pageboy. It was popularized by the famous starlet Greta Garbo. To style your hair in the form of a pageboy, you have to have a hair with length reaching your shoulder. To wear the Pageboy you have to side part the hair, maintain curls at the ends of the hair, and have a smooth flat top. It is the perfect 30s hairstyle for long hair.


  • The Grown-Out Bob:Another great hairstyle for long hair is the Grown-Out Bob. The hairstyle is characterized by volume curls at its end. To wear this 30s hairstyle, you have to slick the hair down from the top to the midpoint. Then, you make use of a pin to puff out the top section with the aid of a bobby pin. Finally, use iron curls to make beautiful curls at the bottom.


  • The Chingon:The chignon is a great hairstyle for a working woman in her 30s with long hair. It has the advantage of keeping hair out of the woman’s face and making a typical voluminous hair look short. To create the chignon, you have to wrap the hair into a few ponytails and weave. Then, you split the ponytails into a curly topsy turvy with loops to form a bun.


Trendy Hairstyle For Men

1930s-hairstyles-for-menMen may not be as fashionable as women, but men still have to present themselves with class. Men in the 1930s were no exception. To stand out, men indulged in styling their hair as well. Some of the popular hairstyles from that era include;

  • Tousle Top: For young men with curly and thick hair, the tousled top is a great hairstyle choice. Generally, to achieve the tousle top look, you have to tamper the sides of your hair, then keep the top portion free-flowing and long. With a bit of oil, you can give the hair some shine. Congratulations, now you look like a musician or athlete from the 1930s.
  • Tapered Cut:The tapered cut is a great style for a man with naturally wavy and curly long hair. The tapered cut hairstyle requires that the hair is tapered toward the ear. The hairstyle can be high-maintenance as trim is needed every two to three weeks to keep the hair neat and clean.
  • Conk hairstyle:The conk hairstyle is mostly suited to black men. Although the conk evolved from the jazz period of the 1920s, it endure until the 30s. The conk is styled by using hot oil and a metal comb to straighten the hair. In the 1930s, men opted for using lye rather than hot oil to straighten their hair. Although it was an easier alternative, it was also expensive. With the conk, black men had straight and shiny hair.

Final Words

The 1930s was a tough time. Yet, people found a way to be frugal and fun. People faced depression head-on and maintain their sense of fashion. So, you can take a page from the 30s and decide on unique DIY hairstyles to stand out. The 30s is proof that fashion doesn’t have to be expensive to be relevant.

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