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Classic 1950s Headscarf Guide

Vintage Head Scarves

A headscarf may not be like one of your regular hair accessories, but it sure complements a woman’s outfit.

It is simply a piece of covering for the women’s head/hair but with the face uncovered.

Being a covering for the head is one feature that made it different from other kinds of scarves like neckerchiefs, mufflers, and shawls.

Rather, it can come in the forms of scarf headband, head and chin wraps, bandanas, Kerchief, etc.

The existence of headscarves did not start today. Besides, women have been wearing scarves since around 13th Century BC through the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and so on.

Each year comes with its unique style, function, and design. However, we will specifically look at the vintage headscarf trend of the 1950s.

It will serve as a guide to women’s classic headscarf styles, patterns, and steps on how to tie them.

Styles and patterns of women headscarf



Headscarves are usually triangular, rectangular or square folded into a triangle. More so, it mostly comes in fine silk but can be of any material and design.

Some of the popular headscarf styles popular during the 1950s are:

  • Babushka

Babushka is one of the commonest headscarves that dominated the 1950’s and is still classy until today.

Not only does it help to protect the hair from cold and sun, but also keeps it away from the face.

The word ‘babushka” originated from Russia and means “elderly women”. Then, it was common for grandmothers or elderly women in rural areas to tie scarves under their chins.

  • Scarf headband

That means using a headscarf in place of a headband. In this case, it does not cover the hair entirely. Even bandanas can serve this purpose.

One of the popular stars of 1950, Elizabeth Taylor has been spotted with a scarf headband many times. She is one of the icons we can look back to for vintage styles.

How to tie a headscarf

It is easier to tie a scarf than to lace your shoes. All you need is a scarf and your hands.

1.babushka style

You do not need to worry about it falling out of place, even when in motion.

  • Scarf mostly comes in square forms, so;
  • Fold the scarf into two (diagonally) to form a triangle
  • Hold both opposing ends and knot under your chin

2.Babushka headscarf styleWomen Headscarf

This style is classy and is called Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly’s style. All it takes is just a step further from the babushka 1 style but needs a larger piece of scarf.

  • After forming a knot under your chin
  • Hold both ends (drapes at the front), wrap them around your neck and tie again.

3.Scarf headband

The truth is that you have more styles to play with when it comes to scarf headbands. Whichever way you pack your hair, there is a style that fits.

  • Simply fold the scarf thinly
  • Tie it around your head and knot at the back
  • If it is still too long, bring it to the front and tie it into a bow or a knot
  • Alternatively, you can start the procedure from the back to the front.

Regardless of what style you choose, it just feels so good to know that headscarves are fancier than ever. Moreover, when you have a bad hair day, it sure will save your day.

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