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1920s Plus Size Formal Dresses Guide

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Plus Size Fashion-Regain Confidence

The roaring 20s fashion introduced an entirely different style from what other years before and after did. The Jazz age as the 1920s is usually referred to was one filled with lots of organized formal events hence apart from the boyish day looks, formal dresses of the decade were amazing.

Although formal dresses were always available in the 20s as in other decades, plus size women usually found it more difficult to find their sizes as much fewer dresses were made to fit them. Well, in a way the roaring 20s decade was different. The styles that graced the era seemed to have favored all body types including the plus size women.

Wondering how the plus size formal dresses of the 20s looked like? Below, we take a look at the features that highlighted those dresses. Follow us!

20s Necklines

Different kinds of necklines were used in the plus size dresses of the 20s. The necklines were not only seen at the front of the dresses but also at the back making them look fashionably stunning. The V-neck was one of the most popular. The V-neck style was usually deep and it suited plus size women who needed to appear elongated. Round necks which concealed the torso and drew the focus of the viewers to the face instead were also trendy on plus size dresses. They were simple and beautiful. The scooped neckline was another 20s style that made the women appear great. Others like the square necks and boat necks also helped to conceal the upper body of the plus size women. These necklines on the formal dresses made the plus size women of the 1920s look astonishing and they still do. You can try them if you fall into the plus-size category.

20 Sleeves

The 1920s, in general, had stylish sleeves that gave dresses a unique look and the plus size women dresses were not excluded. Fashionable sleeves that turned the eyes of viewers away from size and redirected them to beauty were popular on those dresses. Those with heavy arms went for formal dresses with trendy sleeves such as the bell-shaped sleeves and the sheer sleeves. Those with less heavy arms wore caps sleeves or even went sleeveless if they preferred. Although the plus size women had to wear sleeves that suited their size, their formal dresses were fascinating with whatever sleeves they chose. The 20s sleeves are still very suitable and fashionable for plus size women today.

plus-size 1920s formal dress

FLAPPER Hemlines

The hemlines of the 20s plus size dresses differed. The women made their choices of whatever hemline they wanted on their formal dresses. One stunning hemline was the uneven hem style. Both floor-length dresses and knee-length formal dresses could have an uneven hem style. The asymmetrical hem which helped in focusing attention on the upper parts of the body was also a hem trend suitable for plus size formal dresses of the jazz decade. The sheer scalloped hemline was another unique one that helped in creating symmetry in the body. The 20s sure had the appropriate hem styles for the plus size outfits. These hemlines worn to formal events made the women look glamorous. Well, they still do.

FLAPPER Waistlines

The waistlines of dresses of the 1920s added so much glam to those dresses. Although not so many waistline styles were available to plus size women, their dresses had cool waist styles that made those formal clothing look fabulous when worn. The empire waistline was one of such. It held the waist tightly and gave a perfect fitting. High waistlines were also amazing especially for dresses with flared skirts. The hourglass waist which was done to be exactly like the natural waistlines was another style that always looked beautiful on plus size women. Formal dresses in such category were also spotted with detailed waistlines. Beads especially were used alongside other delicate detailing. Those whom it fitted also wore formal dresses with no waistlines.

It was very difficult to attend a formal event in the 20s and not find women that were glamorously dressed all over. Size was not a hindrance, as the plus size women of the era wore the most fashionable styles too.

Such dresses with the features of the roaring 20s styles are still very much available today and for all sizes of women. As a plus-size woman, you just need to know your body shape and what suits you.

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