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Accessories In The 1960s

1960s Accessories

The expansion of fashion in the 1960s was not limited to dress fashion alone. Accessories were carefully considered and designed to stand out, look amazing, and pair perfectly every time they were styled.

This era saw the rise of large, bright, and dance-related accessories. The usual flashy gold parures of the 1950s were transformed into eccentric bold creations shaped in cheap plastics by 60s accessory styles.

With beautiful, artsy pieces, art and jewelry began to go hand in hand. Plastic’s introduction also resulted in more durable products and a lot more room for experimentation.

What Accessories Were Popular In The 1960s?

Colors popular in accessory or pop art include yellow and green, black and white, and pink and red. Women wore large accessories, and the perfect phrase is “the bigger the better”. These are the most common accessories;

  • Bangles– They came in a variety of colors and designs. Chunky oversize bangles in jarring color combinations were ideal 60s accessories. Stacks of various-sized bangles covered the entire arm. Many women adored them because they gave them a quick and easy way to update their outfits and add those signature pops of color that were everywhere.
  • Earrings– Women wore long and large earrings, with many of them searching for theVintage Jewelry largest ones they could find. Ear piercings had become common in society, and the earrings were designed to be as attractive to other women as possible. To keep the focus on the earrings, hair was sometimes styled back or tucked behind the ear.
  • Shapes– The shapes in jewelry designs became much bolder, almost sculptural as a result. The Op Art Movement of the 60s fashion had an impact that extended beyond the fashion industry and into accessories and jewelry. Neckpieces were created to be bold and to embody shapes in all their forms.
  • Floral designs– Floral patterns entered the fashion world in small and barely noticeable sizes but left the 1960s era as large as possible. Floral jewelry designs are becoming larger and are almost entirely made of plastic. The Hippie movement saw the rise of the Flower Power movement, which went far beyond a political statement and firmly established itself in the realm of fashion.
  • Sunglasses– These had been a popular vintage accessory for a while, and they became even more popular in the 1960s. The obsession with black and white accessories extended to sunglasses. There were custom, large, and lovely black and white sunglasses on the market.

How To Match Accessories?

Matching accessories is as much fun as buying them. Because of the size, it may appear to be a frightening event, and there may be fear of something going wrong. If you pay attention to these few details, you will be able to match them perfectly;

  1. Colors– There are some colors that go well together. You don’t have to worry about black because it goes with everything. Blue and pink complement each other. You can mix and match colors until you find the ones that go well with your outfit and skin tone. The key to matching is to avoid going overboard with the colors.
  2. Contrast-When it comes to matching accessories and clothing, the law of opposites applies. Simple accessories are all you need for a loud outfit, and loud accessories require a simple outfit. This will help you look stylish, and the matches will complement each other perfectly, as opposed to how tacky pairing a loud outfit with a loud outfit would be.
  3. Mix– Do not stick to a single brand or material for your accessories; if you want a simple look, look for different simple accessories. The key is to stick to a theme, mix as much as possible, and be creative while doing so. Create a balance and watch your choice be stylish and perfectly complement your styling.
  4. Feet and Hand– Matching your footwear and hand accessories is always a good idea and one of the simplest. It helps to create balance and a solid foundation for your outfit, and it is always a very cute sight to behold.
  5. Style– Having a personal style will help you know which items to pair together and which to avoid in the long run. When you know what works for you and how to style it, you will make fewer styling mistakes. Your style does not have to be consistent because it will change depending on where you are and the look you want to achieve.60s Fashion

Where To Buy Vintage Accessories?

Purchasing quality vintage accessories can be a difficult task; you will want to get quality while keeping your budget in mind, your location in mind, and hoping not to get ripped off. Here are a few places to look for high-quality vintage accessories –

  • Online marketplaces – Online marketplaces such as Etsy, Alibaba, eBay, Craigslist, and Aptdeco are trustworthy sources for vintage accessories. Prices will vary depending on location and seller, but you can be sure to find what you need there.
  • Stores– Thrift stores, which are frequented by the elderly, are a goldmine for vintage accessories. Because you can walk in, you worry less about not purchasing high-quality items and are more likely to find something that fits within your budget.
  • Social media– Sellers frequently list their wares on Instagram and Facebook marketplaces. Before paying, it is critical to find a trustworthy seller.

Securing a vintage accessory can be difficult, but once you find the right platform and seller, it becomes much easier.

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