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How to Style a Vintage Scarf

How To Style a Vintage Scarf

How To Style a Vintage ScarfScarves were the popular picks of men and women back in the 1900s. The formal and informal wear always came with a scarf to go by, wrapped around the head, around the neck or on the waist. Printed with florals or polka dots, in big and bold colors of varying shapes, the scarves defined the vintage era single-handedly.

Read below to learn the multiple ways of incorporating vintage scarves stylishly with your everyday outfits.

As a Headband

How To Style a Vintage ScarfIf you have a vintage scarf in your wardrobe, you would know that they standout particularly due to their fabrics, textures, and prints. A vintage scarf on the head as a twisted headband is one pretty way of styling it.

  1. Fold your scarf such that it ends up being two inches wide only, and is long enough like a headband.
  2. Let your hair loose and put the scarf around the head with the loose ends at the front.
  3. Make a twist at the front tightly. Tuck in the loose ends inside the band and use bobby pins to keep it fixed.

In the Ponytail

How To Style a Vintage ScarfScarves in the ponytails are always in vogue, and there are several ways you can make ponytails – half, low, plaited, high. There are also several ways in which you can link your vintage scarf to each type. However, the trick involved is similar so you can get a general idea by this one, commonest ponytail styling.

  1. Fold the scarf so that it becomes long and skinny
  2. Secure your hair in a ponytail using a hair tie.
  3. Put the scarf beneath the ponytail and wrap around twice.
  4. Make sure the knot of the scarf is on top of the ponytail.

You can improvise this style by keeping the knot up, or down, making half or low ponytails, or draping the scarf on the end of a French braid. The innovation is yours to make.

As a Belt

How To Style a Vintage ScarfRelive the ladies of the past and wrap your vintage scarf as a belt, because the ninja style was interestingly one of the favorites of people from the past.

This particular fashion is for the longer scarves, which can be folded as triangles or rectangles. A tight knot on the side-waist with high bun and sunglasses is a hip look relevant almost everywhere!

Around the Neck

How To Style a Vintage ScarfThis one is quite trendy in the 21st century because it serves multiple purposes – keeping cold in winters, polishing a look, completing the office attire, and well, teasing with sleeveless tops.

Wrap the scarf around your neck, keeping either ends loose at the front or one end short. Make a loose lock of the ends, or drape it casually around the neck. The neck-style is easy, quick and always looks chic.

Sold popularly even today, styling a vintage scarf to the tea party or for the meet-up at the café is an exotic addition to the outfit. While it can deftly save you from looking shabby with unwashed oily hair, the pretty textures in a rainbow of colors is always a pleasant accessory to have.

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