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Best Vintage Clothes Stores Near Me- Shopping Guide In Toronto

Vintage Clothing Stores in Toronto
Toronto is not only a land of culture but also a land of fascinating fashion trends. Since fashion freaks always look for some different trends that make them stand out, so vintage clothing hunt is the new norm in 2020.

Toronto offers an amazing variety of the best vintage and second-hand stores that are scattered around the city, that provides a huge array of unique and classical dresses that every person with a decent sense of style will surely love it.

If you are planning to shop more sustainably this year and want to go for some timeless classics, we’ve brought you a list of our favorite vintage clothing stores that you must check out in Toronto that will prove to be your best bet to score some really cool retro stuff:

Vintage Clothing Store#1: “House Of Vintage”

a shop"House Of Vintage"This store has a rich variety of both vintage and antique clothes to select from, according to your taste. Considered as one of the best vintage stores in the city, it’s a spot that no designer junkie wants to miss as it also contains some AH-MAZING brand pieces including Halston, Bob Mackie, Burberry, etc. and a vast collection for both men and women including furs, boots, frocks, and other retro fashion designer stuff.

If you are looking for an expert vintage styling advice, then your go-to place must be the House Of Vintage; since the owner, Dennis Adamidis is a long time fashion expert and he will guide you with the best vintage look that will suit you perfectly.

Vintage Clothing Store#2: “Black Market Clothing”

a vintage shopBlack Market Clothing was founded in 1980 and is considered one of Toronto’s oldest vintage stores. It has a huge collection of vintage items to select from, which mostly cost around $10 only! which makes it the best bet for vintage lovers.

It is famous as the “Punk Rock Granddaddy Of Second-Hand Stores” among the fashion freaks because of the spacious 7000 square foot mega warehouse that offers a huge collection of graphic tees, alt-poetry chapbooks, punk rock accessories, plaid dresses and flannels, all under one roof! Additionally, you will find everything in the Black market store on sale, which makes shopping here even more exciting.

Vintage Clothing Store#3: “Philistine”

a vintage shopPhilistine offers both new and vintage clothing collections for men and women which makes it the perfect spot for people who have a slightly different taste of shopping. The store offers classics that are both second-hand as well as new, but all of them give you the vintage feel once worn, giving you a sense of relief of wearing new clothes, yet with a vintage look! You can surely score a retro denim cut-off while shopping here, or even some other fun accessories like watches and pins too.


Vintage Clothing Store#4: “FAs In Frank”

Located in Vancouver, it offers everything vintage related to retro streetwear, for both men and women. It has a collection of and a lot more.

It has all the variety to satisfy your retro dressing needs, especially it focuses on the dressing of the late 80s to early 90s. The prices start from $20 and go as much high as $400 for some rare antique brand pieces they possess.

a night vintage shop

Vintage Clothing Store#5: “Mama Loves You Vintage”

a lovely shopThe store is founded by a mother-daughter duo. It offers fashion clothes from the popular early 20th-century fashion statement and also has a huge array of famous 90’s clothes when the bohemian style was in trend.

You will find some amazing silk blouses and flowy dresses here. Also, it has a rich variety of vintage clothes with all the funky colors of the rainbow spectrum, along with a mixture of lively prints.

Vintage Clothing Store#6: “Public Butter”

a colorful vintage shopPublic Butter is a gem of a vintage store that was founded in 2008 in the Parkdale neighborhood. It has a collection of everything with a vintage touch, including clothes, furniture, artwork, bicycles, and other collectibles, so it must be your go-to spot if you’re into everything vintage, other than the clothes as well.

We are sure you will definitely score a one-of-a-kind sweater by screening the mess as the store has a seemingly endless collection of classics, that you need to jump into.

Vintage Clothing Store#7: “Courage My Love”

blue shopIt was founded in 1975 and since then we can say that it is an oldie goldie since it has an amazing collection of unique vintage stuff, that ranges from ordinary retro vests to designer jackets and antique leather bags.

Additionally, it is full of bargains and offers that are hard to miss. Not only clothes, but you will also find great deals on accessories like costume jewelry, bohemian Knick knacks, and various unique collectibles.


Vintage Clothing Store #8: “Three Fates”

a shop with flowersThree Fates shop is a women clothing store that was opened in 2014 in Parkdale. It offers a mixed collection of both vintage stuff as well as new wardrobe options from both American and Canadian brands.

No matter whether you are shopping for vintage or new, you will find everything unique as well as a little different here. It is a great place for shopping as you will find eye-catching designs of floral dresses, plaid shirts, and tops that will surely make you stand out.


To sum up all, Toronto is a must-visit place for shopping lovers, especially those who adore vintage fashion, as these stores do not only offer amazing vintage stuff at affordable costs but also give you a chance to walk down the memory lane by exploring classics dated back to old times.

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