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70s Men’s Fashion Online: Costume Ideas for a 1970s Party

1970s Men's Fashion

Fashion in the 70s was all about individual expression, men chose their looks based on their interests, and their clothing choices, in turn, made a statement about what kind of music, and events they probably liked.

Fashion is in constant recycle, so it should come as no surprise if most of these styles are in trend today.

The styles of the 70s were:


1970s Men's FashionJohn Travolta played a huge role in the growth of disco in the 1970s. With the afro wigs, unbuttoned 3 piece suits with large collars, silk or satin neckties, wide bottom pants, and aviator sunglasses. Disco clothing was made to glitter under party lights at clubs while jamming to 70s disco music.





1970s Men's FashionThe 70s was the peak of the hippie fashion trend. Bell bottom pants, colorful patterned shirts, headbands, and whatever made a loose and laid back fashion statement. It was a reflection of hippie culture which signified love, peace, and free living. The Beetles, Cher, and other stars popularized the hippie culture.



1920s Men's FashionBefore the modern trend of pushing back the lines separating male and female fashion, the peacock fashion of the 70s, with the help of Mike Jagger and Jimi Hendrix, gave men the liberty to wear chiffon and silk shirts with bell sleeves, flamboyant prints, and barrettes. Peacock fashion embraced androgyny while adding a simple dose of individual masculinity.



Bright colors

The male fashion of the 70s had a lot of bright colors and texture. To stand out and fit in, men wore bright colors like yellow, orange, green, pink, and other eye-catching colors.



1970s Men's FashionThe androgynous rock fashion was a mimic of the David Bowie and Freddie Mercury style. With satin shirts and silk scarves, dark jackets, and open bottom pants, rock fashion was a living trend of the 70s. Classical rock bands like Led Zeppin and Pink Floyd also aided the trend.


1970s Shoes and Accessories

1970s Men's FashionShoes varied all through the decade, but one constant shoe was the platform boot, these height boosting high heeled boots for men were in high circulation in the 70s. Other available shoes were Birkenstocks, cowboy boots, and oxford shoes.

Popular accessories of the time were mostly handmade like woven belts others were satin neck scarves and ties, headbands, and belts with big buckles and belt heads.


Costume Ideas for a 1970s Party

1970s Men's FashionTo get the right 70s party costume, you had the first off consider your fabric options.

The 70s was a time of individuality and self-expression, so the choice of fabric had to be in line with your chosen expression.

Disco, hippie, rock, and peacock were some of the methods of clothing expression.

The most popular fabrics used during the decade for males were always similar to those used for females because of the influence of a sense of androgyny in the decade. Fabrics like corduroy, polyester, and velour were a must use.

The color was next, as the 70s gave birth to a variety of color combinations and designs.

Finally, hair was a very important element in the 70s. Disco enthusiasts had afros, hippies and peacock lovers went for the nature-loving full-length hairs.

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