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Halloween Stores and Spirit Near Me: Funny Adult Vintage Halloween Costumes

1940s halloween

Halloween spirit is a mysteries word, I think it is from pagan spirit. Halloween was popular since <a%20href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>1920s fashion, even the period of Victorian Fashion. The above video showed the transformation of vintage Halloween costumes. Halloween is not only a festival for children but also a big day for adults. They can relax like a child on this holiday. But it is very important for them to find funny adult vintage Halloween costumes, which can make them happier and bring them into their childhood. For this, some best physical and online stores will be recommended for you.


A brief history of the Halloween costume: original from pagan spirits

vintage halloweenThe origin of Halloween costumes can be traced back to 2000 years ago. Historians believe that the Celtic pagan festival of Samhain was the beginning of the festival, marking the end of summer and the beginning of the “darker” half of the British Isles this year. It is believed that during the festival, the word of God is visible to humans, which leads to supernatural pranks. Some people provide food and food to the gods, while others disguise themselves as animal skins and heads, so that wandering souls may mistake them for their own kind. Bannatyne said: “Villagers hide behind their costumes, often joking with each other, but blame the evil spirits.” “Masks and disguise are seen as a means of getting rid of things. This phenomenon has continued throughout the evolution of Halloween. .”

In medieval England and Ireland, people dressed up as costumes that symbolized the souls of the dead and went from door to door to collect desserts or “soul cakes” filled with spices (called “souls” in Christian customs). Starting in the late 15th century, people began to wear weird costumes to imitate winter spirits or demons and to recite scriptures, songs, and folk dramas in exchange for food (this practice is called “mummies”).


Funny adult vintage Halloween costumes

  1. WWII heroine Rosie the Riveter

Show the world that we can dress ourselves up with the inspiring World War II heroine Rosie the Riveter. Quickly start the look with her signature cotton Red Polka-Dot turban, complete with internal wires to help everything in place. Want to finalize the details? Put on a practical jumpsuit, grab a sturdy lunch box, and spend the day on the factory floor. Amazon is about $13.


  1. President

If you want to look completely president, try Theodore Roosevelt’s signature Pince-Nez Specs, a style that was popular at the time only stayed on the nose. Pair it with a tailor-made three-piece suit and a pocket watch, or try Rough Rider’s safari jacket and ranger hat. Just put the bull moose at home.


  1. 1692 Salem Witch

HalloweenOf course, the witch is a classic of Halloween, but in addition to the pointed hat and broom, the prototype also contains more content. Paired with a simple Puritan-inspired dress, this oversized hood can take you back to the truly terrifying world of Salem, Massachusetts in the 17th century. Between 1692 and 1693, in tragic mass hysteria, dozens of people tried to use witchcraft for trial. In the end, 19 people were executed and later turned into a real hunting witch.

  1. pilot

Set sail for your Halloween with a costume that pays tribute to the flying princess of the past: retro-style aviator hat and goggles. To complete the look, just tie a white satin scarf around your neck, and then grab the map or model airplane. You will definitely win wings.

  1. Let them eat cake” Queen

Ball Gown DressesAs the famous queen of frivolous France, you will need high hair to spend the night when you meet at the guillotine. This Marie Antoinette wig can transform your queen into a superfluous queen, and then add some 18th-century fashion accessories: think feather feathers, delicate bows, and pearls-a lot of pearls. Just don’t lose your head preparation!


  1. Richard Nixon

In the <a%20href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>1970s fashion, there were more adult changes in Halloween costumes. This is the time when Americans began to wear the presidential mask, especially the most famous presidential mask: Richard Nixon. In 1969, the first newspaper reported on the presidential mask, when protesters wore Nixon masks to participate in the anti-war march the day before Nixon’s inauguration. Later that year, at the White House Halloween party held by Nixon’s daughter Tricia, a female guest appeared wearing the mask of former President Lyndon B. Johnson

  1. “sexy costume”

Beginning in the 1960s, women generally used “sexy” clothing. In the 1990s, “sexy” clothing purchased in stores became a popular commercial product. Manufacturers also sell clothing based on current events that charge higher fees. During the OJ Simpson trial in 1995, the clothing store sold masks by Simpson and Chief Justice Ito.

  1. Audrey Hepburn

This iconic breakfast on Tiffany’s clothing is perfect for the workplace. Just pair your favorite black one-piece dress with black high heels, a string of pearls, cute headdress, cigarette holder, and black long gloves.

haolloween costume


Best physical stores in cities of Canda and America to buy Halloween costumes


  1. Vancouver

Party BazaarParty Bazaar claims to be one of the largest party supply stores in BC. Every Halloween, they will wear a special Halloween Hangout costume to kill, including masks, wigs, makeup, and Halloween decorations. This is your last chance to visit the Halloween store, as the store is scheduled to close permanently on November 4.

Address: 1296 Station Street, Vancouver

  1. Toronto

Spirit Halloween surfaces at multiple stores in Toronto every year running from the last summer through Halloween. They stock all sorts of kids and adult costumes and accessories.

Address: 19 Bloor St. West


  1. Washington DC

If you attach great importance to Halloween, then you can choose American Backstage Company. This theater retailer does this all year round, so they know their stuff from the inside out, and the range extends from clothing to complex accessories and professional makeup.

Address: 5380 Eisenhower Avenue in Alexandria.

  1. Houston

Top vintage warehouse-Although this warehouse is only open to the public on the last Saturday of each month, it is worth the wait. The owner makes sure you have a good shopping experience, including DJs, cocktails, and sometimes even a dining car. You can find all types of clothing from different eras, such as twill dresses from the 60s, jumpsuits from the 70s, and even sequin dresses from the 80s.

Address: Houston, TXTop vintage warehouse

  1. Chicago

Spirit Halloween has a variety of packaged costume sets, masks, cosmetics, and some weird decorations. At the last minute, clothing buyers will find many quick and easy options, but those who plan ahead will have the most options-those David S. pumpkin suits will be on the shelf.

Address: In Gap’s former Loop store (State State N 35)

Best online vintage Halloween stores

  1. Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween provides a one-stop-shop that provides the best costumes for any occasion. They also have online stores: has a wide range of decorations, clothing, and accessories, from cute children’s dresses to hot-selling adult dresses, which can add luster to any occasion.


  1. Halloween Express

Halloween Express is one of the most aggressive and vibrant Halloween chains in the United States. Since 1990, Halloween Express has company-owned and franchised locations throughout the United States. By leveraging the huge purchasing power of retail stores and the e-commerce operations throughout the year, they are able to provide you with the absolute most Halloween costumes and Halloween-related goods you can find online.

3.Early Halloween

Early Halloween is the 32nd-year-old costume rental and modeling house. Our collection of men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing and accessories ranges from the 1900s to the classic 60s, plus retro collections from the 70s and 80s, including antique and vintage suitcases and other fashion-related props. Cooperate with many major film companies, fashion companies and designers around the world on Halloween. Our collection is for rent only and can be viewed by appointment in the 8,500 square foot loft space in the heart of Manhattan’s Chelsea district.


Around Spooky Little Halloween, it will help you find decorations, DIYs, and parties, as well as killer playlists, the best shopping places of the year, and even one or two weird recipe ideas and inspirations. During Halloween, it will keep you informed about the goods on the shelves. If you also live the Halloween lifestyle all day long, then you have found the right corner of the Internet. Let’s have Halloween every day!

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