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5 Easy Vintage 1950s Back To School Hairstyles

1950s Hairstyles for Long Hair

1950s Hairstyles for Long HairLong hair demands attention but is undeniably ravishing, attractive, and open to several hairstyles. Your long mane can be swept into cinnamon rolls, piled on the top of the head, or puffed to bring about eccentric vintage hairstyles, prim, and ready for the next Retro party.

While the 1950s was an era that nudged women to chop their tails, the longer hair was still in fashion and they creatively brought about bold and unconventional hairstyles. Have a look at the kooky hairstyles for long hair rooting back from the 1950s.

1. Retro-Inspired Half Up Half Down

1950s Hairstyles for Long HairLong hairstyles in the 50s were more or less, all about waves. The half-up an half down style is one of the highlights of that decade. Add waves to the longer tresses and make a cute victory roll on either side of the partition to glam it up the retro-style. A victory roll is easy to make; separate 2 inches of hair on either side and roll it in until the root meets. Secure with pins and hair-spray to keep it fixed.

2. Top Knot

1950s Hairstyles for Long HairPiling the volume of long locks up on the head always looks classic, as it did in the 50s. All you need to do is collect your hair in a high ponytail and put it into a bun on the crown. Tug at the locks to add on the volume, and use a bow to slide into the 50s.

3. Curly Puffs

1950s Hairstyles for Long HairThis hairstyle is specifically for those who have naturally curly hair. Curly puffs were the epitome of 50s iconic hairstyles, and women with straighter hair would go as far as repeatedly curling their hair to pull off that look. All you have to do is roll your hair into a puff at the front and the back – keep the front one slightly off the center, and let the curls fall where they may. Tie the back one into a loose ponytail. This one is vagarious, vintage, and creatively volatile!

4. Pin Curls Up-Do

1950s Hairstyles for Long HairThe 1950s Pin Curls up-do was one of the most popular wedding hairstyles, and actively became another go-to hairdo for festive occasions. The gist is to make rolls of the hair; not one or two, but multiple ones. Secure the small rolls of your hair with pins. The hairdo has various styles – pin-up curling the back of the hair-length, a simple, side-sweep of the front, or a sensual, top-of-the-head roll-up. Once you have aced it, you can wear this hairdo anyhow, anywhere, and anytime.

5. Retro Headscarf Hairdo

1950s Hairstyles for Long HairHeadwear accessory were the featured highlights of the 1950s – headband, headscarf, head-bow, and you name it. Hairdos with an accessory are always easier, elegant, and vintage. They conceal your unwashed hair, protect it from elements, and are wearable at any place. You can create a small, bubble puff of the front tresses, and make a bun of the rest. Put on a hair-wrap on the whole of the head, and pass the ends through the front puff to glam it up. Secure with pins. You can go with headbands and headscarves as well, and improvise your headwear utility, as creatively as you may.

The long hair hairdos in the 1950s were extensively about waves, curls, and rolls. Women loved the loopy looks and the ringlets that decorated their heads. Victory rolls pin-up was another, the popularly cherished hairstyle of the 50s that people thoroughly enjoy implementing even today. Got a costume party with the vintage theme on hands? Put together ringlets on your head, add some waves, and spray it up to keep the hairstyle firmly in place.

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