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Gown Dresses Ideas from Gone with the Wind

Gown dresses ideas from gone with the wind

Scarlett O’Hara, the main heroine in the 1939 film Gone with the Wind, wore a variety of stunning outfits. From large hoop skirts of the American Civil War era through early Victorian bustles of the early 1870s, the style covers 12 years.

What type of gown dresses were involved in this film?

For each important event, Scarlett wore a variety of outfits. They had a significant cultural impact. Here’s a rundown of the most famous ones, along with the scenarios in which she wore them.Gown dresses

The Green Wrapper

The Green Wrapper: Throughout the film, Scarlett wears six different gowns. When she tells Rhett that she has decided not to have any more children, she wears this green one. This dressing gown is constructed of a beautiful green velvet with loads of gold accents including beading, buttons, and lining. The sleeves are lengthy and graceful.

Scarlett’s Green Curtain Dress

Scarletts Green Curtain DressScarlett’s Green Curtain Dress is without a doubt the most famous of all Scarlett’s outfits, as it is made from her mother’s curtain. When Scarlett goes to Atlanta to entice Rhett for money to save Tara, she wears this dress.

This gown is constructed of olive and dark green velvet. The skirt is a hoop skirt with a broad waistband. The underskirt is olive green, while the remainder of the skirt is dark green. It has a label and a v-neckline. The sleeves are asymmetrical, with a droop on one side that resembles an angel sleeve. The gown is embellished with cording that matches the curtains. The outfit is completed with a black feathered hat and curtain fringe.

The Red Wrapper

The Red Wrapper: This gown was included in the film’s original poster.   Scarlett’s most well-known dressing robe is the red wrapper. When she meets Rhett after Ashley’s birthday party, she wears it. When Rhett brings Scarlett up the stairs, she wears this.  This is a much easier dressing to make than the green one. It’s constructed with a vibrant crimson velvet. The collar and cuffs of the sleeves are adorned with rows of white ruffles. The sleeves are flounced in a circular pattern. A red velvet band runs along the entrance, while a black band runs across the waist.

Scarlett’s Calico DressScarletts Calico Dress

Scarlett’s Calico Dress: Throughout the film, Scarlett wears her calico dress a lot. She first wears it when she and Melanie are tending to some troops. She wears it with a Civil War Era petticoat in that scene. She subsequently wears it without the petticoat when Melanie gives birth, when they have to flee Atlanta during the siege, and when they are poor in Tara. Pink fabric with purple circles and yellow patterns. It features buttons running the length of the bodice. The dress has puffed sleeves for a while, however, the puff elements fade away over time.

Black Mourning Bustle

Scarlett wears the Black Mourning Bustle as she is mourning the death of her daughter, Bonnie. She wears it when Melanie dies and Rhett abandons her at the end of the film. It’s especially notable because she’s wearing it when the famous sentence is spoken and it’s the last costume she’s seen in.  This gown, like the Mill Dress, is an example of the 1870s bustle. Velvet is used to make it. It had a shoulder cape and a standing collar. The garment is finished with a huge enormous cameo brooch. Scarlett wears a variety of mourning gowns, but this one stands out as the most distinctive and gorgeous.

Scarlett is entertaining two young suitors in the opening scene of Gone with the Wing and learning some local gossip about the man she loves, Ashley Wilkes, who is set to marry someone else. Tara is wearing this innocent ruffle dress while sitting on the veranda of her family’s house. It’s known as the prayer gown because she devises a scheme to marry Ashley with the help of her family.  This dress has a light white tone with a red waist belt. It has wide Civil War petticoats, layers upon layers of lace frills, and adorable puffed sleeves. It’s a very pretty dress.

Spring Dress

The Spring Dress in Green This low-cut dress is worn by Scarlett to the Wilkes’ BBQ. Mammy thought this dress was too low-cut for the occasion. It has ruffles around the neckline, a green velvet ribbon running through it, and small bows at the shoulders. The name is enhanced by a white cloth with a green spring motif. There is also a green velvet sash over the waist that matches the ribbons. The skirt is a famous wide hoop skirt from the Civil War era.

How to dress like Scarlett in this film


There is only one way to dress like Scarlett! Invest in vintage beautiful dresses from the 1900s, particularly the ones she wore so beautifully.

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