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Vintage Plus-Sized Dress Guide to Revisit the 1960s

1960s plus size

When entering a 1960s-themed party, everything seems attractive. The different hairstyles, the printed headbands, the Go Go boots, and oh, the lovely vintage dresses. The vintage dresses of the ‘60s were perfect pieces of clothing to make a fashion statement. Chanting the slogan of ‘freedom’, the dresses spoke of female empowerment. Taking over from the Flapper trend of the Roaring ‘20s, the 1960s came up with differing trends, but upholding similar ideas of ‘bold and beautiful’.

1960s fashion was impressive because of its diversity. It was the time for Modernists exhibiting their elegant yet stylish looks, whilst the Beatniks stunned in an all-black ensemble. The hippies on the other hand, continued to tread their carefree path, wearing all the wanted, the way they wanted, and let their hair grow long and wild. 1960s fashion was impressive because of its diversity. The diversity symbolized a feeling of acceptance for all – be it the slim, or beautifully chubby. The ‘60s fashion grew immensely popular also due to its inclusivity of plus-sized dresses, those too very fashionable plus-sized vintage dresses.

Let’s take a glimpse at the wide variety offered:

The Shapeless Shifts

Shift dresses were the most famous trend of the ‘60s. You could find one in each woman’s cupboard. These dresses were special for the drastic change they represented from the earlier pencil-thin dresses. These vintage dresses have an A line silhouette, and instead of hugging the body figure, they let loose at the waist, thereby making them a wonderful plus-size dress. The length of the dress stayed above the knee – raised hemlines making a point of female empowerment? We think so.

These dresses are available in a variety of hues, especially bold colors. Pastels were not popular until the end of ‘60s, thus the decade consisted of a lot of bold prints. Be it large paisleys, or the bright honeycomb pattern, polka dots, or geometric designs, these dresses had them all, evident in all their glory. An aspect which elevated the dress to a higher level, were the pocket outlines. Shapeless dresses in solid colors with white outlines of pockets – monochrome fashion revisited.

The Granny Dress

Also widely known as the prairie or peasant dress, this vintage dress is famous for the hippie vibe it gives off. Sporting colorful prints, each print has a story to tell; be it a local myth, or a folktale via pictures. If not for cultural prints, flowery prints also grace the fabric of these ensembles, stunning everyone who gets to witness them. For all who love pops of color in their attire, the granny dress is most suitable for them.

One of the best aspects of the granny dress was the comfort it upheld. Being ankle-length and flowy, it meant donning a loose and airy attire. Thus was one of the top choices on the list of dresses for the plus-sized women of the time. Bringing a touch of history, cool sleeve cuts and bold colors together – the prairie dress was a must-have.


When wishing to wear a dress which personifies beauty, as well as covers the exact shape of your body, the skirt comes to the rescue. These skirts were items of each woman’s closet due to the variety they presented. Whether you wish for full coverage or want something which complements the shape of your body – the skirts give it all. Ranging from long, flowy skirts, to box pleat ones, to A line skirts, to Pencil-thin body hugging alternatives, there is a skirt style for the likes of every individual. For those feeling slightly adventurous, the mini skirt was also a trending fashion style in the ‘60s. Whilst the color and patterns of the skirt usually went in contrast with the top – in case of a dark-colored top, a pastel bright, or solid-hued skirt was opted for. Whilst plain tops demanded bright, printed, and ‘happening’ skirts.


When considering dresses to wear, how can one forget the ever-important tights underneath? Since the 1960s had vintage dresses with decreased lengths and raised hemlines, it pointed towards the need for fashionable tights. Earlier, there existed stockings and with suspenders, however they did not go well in line with the nature of the trending dresses and tops. Also, stockings were not preferred for the plus-sized. Thus came the ‘fun’ tights. Invoking the playful side of the women who wore them, they consisted of bright colors, and bold prints. However, they were not only a youthful alternative for a lower-wear. They were definitive of colorful yet bold fashion – a style which continues to stun today as well.

The 1960s were a great decade for fashion. Whilst there was the arrival of beautiful vintage dresses, legwear was also given importance with the advent of colorful tights. As the Go Go boots were worn, the entire combination completed the look for a fashion icon. Thus the ‘60s inspired looks continue to be recreated today too, in the efforts of making an old, but gold fashion statement.

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