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1970s Disco Fashion

Brief Introduction of the 70s Disco Fashion

The 70s witnessed a lot of new and exciting trends, and the most recurring is the disco. Disco is a genre of dance or music that emerged in the 70s from the United States urban nightlife society. By the late 70s, most major U.S cities had thriving disco clubs.

The disco craze of the 70s was, in a way, a representation of the decade itself. The 70s was an era that challenged boundaries, from the emergence of hippies to drag queens and everything in between. It was a period that produced new, inclusive, and different.

Disco clothing in the 70s brought a wide range of fashion and lifestyle adjustments that were different from other trends, and a freedom mentality carried over to the 70s disco fashion. Clothing was worn to make a statement, but it was comfortable enough to dance at the same time.

Dressing at the disco hall was a chance to wear a personality like a costume. Conversations in the disco hall were minimal due to loud music, spinning disco balls, and flashing lights, so your disco costume had to say it all.

Disco fashion found its way into the general fashion life of the 70s. Elements of disco clothing trickled down to streetwear as well as workwear. Casual clothing became a huge deal in the 70s, changing fashion as we know it, and this was all due to the impact of Disco fashion. People could wear jeans to work and short-shorts at night.

The fashion of the 70s was a mixture of formerly segregated subcultures. The culture took the hippies ethos to the highest peak, throwing any and everything together and wearing it with pride.

70s Disco fashion is also notable for its lack of difference in men’s and women’s wear. While you would not see many men in wrap dresses, the hairstyles, accessories, and overall silhouettes were less conventional than anything polite society had witnessed.


For the disco lady in the 70s, her fashion taste was in extremes. Her clothes were either too tight or too loose or a little bit of both. The goal was to stand out through the use of glittering and obvious attire.

The most popular 70s disco dress was the wrap dress by Diane Von Furstenberg. The dress was a cross-cultural hit worn at the workplace and on the dance floor. The creation of the metallic wrap dress took disco to a high place, and it was sexy and yet friendly for all ages.

Roy Halston Frowick was the creative force behind the flowing chiffon gowns in shimmering materials worn by celebrities and copied for the masses worldwide. It brought elegance to the dance floor, which was lacking for almost a decade.1970s Disco Outfit

Despite the dress’s popularity, what women were wearing in numbers were the flared pants or trousers popularly referred to as bell-bottoms. They came in different materials, denim, bright cotton, satin polyester, or corduroy flare pants.

They paired the bell-bottoms with halter neck tops and completed the looks with platform boots or slingback sandals. This was what most women wore to the disco, as the flared pants were comfortable.

Hot pants hit the scenes in 1970 and were patronized by both men and women. Some women wore opaque tights underneath, while others went bare. For the tops, boob tubes and plunging necklines were the top fashions of the day and were usually worn braless.

Disco shoes were also essential items when it came to the complete 70s disco outfit. The Shoes tended to heighten the glam of the chosen attire. Alongside were the ever-present platforms, stiletto heels, and spikes. Some people followed the fashion trend set by Bianca Jagger and wore flashy shoes like the gold leather she wore on her horse ride to Studio 54, while others went for more practical looks like boyfriend’s clogs and cowboy boots.

When putting together a disco outfit, the following rules should be considered;

  • Either the top or bottom should glitter but never both unless it’s a jumpsuit.
  • Tops should be breathable, loose, cropped, or sleeveless, while bottoms should be fit and accentuate the body.
  • Avoid skinny jeans and always opt for flared or wide-bottom jeans.
  • Show some skin

There are specific outfits that scream the 70s disco party. These are;

  • Polyester or Metallic jumpsuit with gold sandals and huge bangle earrings.
  • Sequined top with dark flared bottoms, and mid-high sandals
  • A shiny metallic wrap dress paired with stiletto heels.
  • A mini dress or skirt with tall boots and a fringe vest.
  • Full spandex bodysuit with leggings, sandals, and drop earrings.
  • Hot pink pants, sleeveless tops, and sweatbands.
  • Mid rift tops, platform shoes with plastic jewelry.

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