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Swimwear Ideas in 1920s V.S. 2020s: How to Wear in Summer Holiday


Great Gatsby dress ideas, should also a spare a thought or two for swimwear.

On a hot sunny day, if you are planning to dive into a pool in order to get rid of all the hot and humid conditions, an elegant swimming costume is must!

Not just in 2020, but even hundred years back in 1920, a good swimming costume was necessary. Fashion lovers are everywhere, and they don’t really like to give up on any opportunity of dressing well.

So, why not at a pool or beach?

Let’s quickly look at some of the roaring twenties fashion ideas for swimwear, and also how they hold up in our lives today!

Great Swimwear ideas of the twenties!

Some of the great swimwear ideas of the twenties include swimming costumes made up of ordinary quality wools and other fabrics. Back then in the day, colours and fabrics weren’t as popular as today.1920s-swimwear-idea-1

swimming jerseys in the 20s

But then we saw that swimming jerseys and new fabrics stepped in, for making the whole swimming experience comfortable and pleasant!

The new line of jerseys used to fit more, when compared to the older swimming jerseys. And while swimming, an individual always likes to have clothes which fit more than the usual line of clothes.

Beach pyjamas of the roaring 20s

1920s-Beach-pyjamasAround 1920s, we also get to see that beach pyjamas were also in the trend. Where pyjamas could be used both by men and women, there were also robes for men which they would wear over their swimsuits.

Then as we moved ahead through the passage of time, even the jerseys worn by women for swimming, started coming with new cuts and designs. The changes included deep V-neck cuts and more styles, which used to outline their curves.


1920s footwear on the beach

When we come to footwear, women preferred shoes and beach boots. Whilst men were into shoes, but also slippers.

So, this is how a person would dress in 1920s, for swimming or summer holidays.



Swimwear of 2020

How is it today?

Well all of us know that now, the length of swimwear for women has decreased. Earlier there was a particular notion that the length couldn’t be above the knees. But now we see women in bikini suits and what not.

Men prefer to stay bare-chested with shorts. The shorts can vary a lot, depending on the taste of the individual. Khaki shorts, swim shorts and more prominently baggies, are some of the new trends.

Today’s Footwear on the beach

1920s-swimwear-todayComing to footwear, nowadays both men and women either wear fashionable flip-flops, or remain barefoot.

Apart from that, both the genders prefer stylish hats, goggles or even reflectors. And then in 2020, you are never left out with wristbands.

So, as far as elegant looks are concerned, people do achieve that quite comfortably.


How do you dress up? What’s your special mantra for dressing up like a fashion enthusiast?

These were some of the tips which can help a person. It’s quite clear that the roaring twenties fashion has inspired us in a lot of ways!

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