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1960s Colorful T-shirts for Men: Red, Black and White Striped Shirts

1960s Men's Fashion

In the 1960s men’s fashion, colorful t-shirts were popular, and printed T-shirts were as common as jeans. T-shirts are not only comfortable and informal, but they can also express your opinion or tell people that you have seen the biggest band play. There were lots of characteristic t-shirts in the 1960s style: button shirt, striped shirt, polo shirt…… almost everyone had the colorful features and were suitable for fashionable men. Let us discuss them and pick a perfect one for our dad and husband.

1960s characteristic colorful t-shirt: the derive of button shirt

Arthur Benjamin Sugarman designed his iconic pioneering button shirt since 1963. Who was he? The fashion designer was born in Brighton in 1925, then obtained the key to the house at the age of 21 and moved to America. Working in his father-in-law’s shirt factory gave him a keen interest in textiles, and he used factory technology to produce vibrant plaid shirts and striped shirts, which were favored by countless jazz musicians at that time.

1960s Men's Fashion

Sherman returned to Blighty in 1961 for family reasons and later wanted the British public to taste his pioneering style and skills that he perfected in the United States. In this way, the button-down shirt was born. This classic American preparatory style became the shirt of choice for the rapidly developing Mod movement in Britain, and Sherman’s favorite stripe number was immediately popular. The versatility of the button-like button means that it is still the first choice shirt for men today. Without a piece of clothing, the wardrobe is incomplete.

1960s button shirts in school

1960s Men's FashionIn October 1968, the Geneva newspaper published an article by a New York writer about clothing suitable for schools. Today, the annual famine caused by classroom attire between school officials and students rages across the country. . . Some pressing issues have caused fierce, unresolved disputes. . . In Mandan, Northern Territory, the official rule for T-shirts during high school was: “They are underwear, not uniforms.” But at Radford High School near Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, T-shirts will be recognized as long as there is no text or pictures. seal. Many young Americans abandoned buttons and opted for a tartan look in favor of fashion inspired by “British Invasion”, including bright colors. However, many fashionable fashions did not enter school at that time. Most schools continue to adopt strict dress codes. Boys usually wear button-up shirts.

1960s striped t-shirts for men

1960s Men's FashionIn the 1960s, printing and tie-dyeing techniques appeared soon after the invention of plastisols. It is during this decade that wearing different bright colors and patterns has become a very popular fashion trend. T-shirts have become a way of self-expression through various artistic prints (such as prints for slogans or protests, and prints for commercial advertising).

1960s Digital T-Shirt Liberation Front: the creation of printed T-shirts

1960s Men's FashionSince the 60th century, plot printing has entered the era. This involves cutting out colored foils, pressing them layer by layer on the shirt, and sticking them together through high pressure and heat. From the 1960s to the 1970s, various groups-hippies, rock fans, anti-war activists-used t-shirts to spread their messages to the world. However, companies and designers soon discovered suitable T-shirt printing and swept the fashion industry.

Tie-dye T-shirt

1960s Men's FashionTie-dye T-shirts were popular with musical icons and counter-cultural people in the late 1960s, and they are indeed the most iconic T-shirt ever. T-shirts are the main content of hippie culture, and they have found space in today’s fashion style wardrobes. Bright colors and exciting patterns make it a must-have fashion ensemble. The classic style of the 1960s continues to this day with its dynamic swirling colors, providing a perfect retro style. Whether you’re a tie-dyed T-shirt at home or a tie-dye T-shirt decorated with a message or brand logo, this eye-catching look is timeless. The Grateful Dead tie-dye T-shirt with a dancing bear is the epitome of this style.

Cookie Monster T-shirt

1960s Men's FashionThe iconic Cookie Monster T-shirt of Sesame Street was founded in 1966 and is still popular today. Regardless of age, everyone likes to wear Cooking Monster T-shirts!

Hippie shirts

1960s Men's FashionIf the fashion of the previous decades was related to form and boring colors, then the male fashion of the 1960s was far from the case. In fact, it was during this decade that men began to wear bright colors and wide-format printed clothing. The hippie movement began in the 1960s. It is considered a sign of rebellion and is very popular among young people. It changed fashion in many ways. Clothing is stronger in nature. This is also the first time a man wears a T-shirt in fashion history. Due to the popularity of hippie shirts, designers began to make brightly colored pants, jewelry, headbands, and belts. Men tend to bright colors and unpleasant patterns such as dots, flowers, and paisley.

1960s film “Fun in Acapulco”:  Elvis’ colorful Striped Shirt

1960s Men's FashionIn this movie, Elvis Presley as Mike Lindgren, a foreign singer, part-time lifeguard, and former circus performer. Mike wore a short-sleeved sports shirt with black, gold, brown, and taupe balance weight stripes, all of which had a speckled effect. The flattering shirt has a short length with the hem cut straight at the bottom and tied with five flat mother-of-pearl buttons in front of the mid-chest plain, it gently cuts the collar without a button at the top, like the soft change of the leisure-oriented Lido collar. Each short sleeve has a groove on the outside and a matching patch pocket on the left chest


1960s Men's Fashion

Far Afield has indeed introduced some interesting designs in this broader clothing line, especially polo shirts. It brought back some knitwear designs in the style of the 1960s and added them. Their design and colors match the style of the mid-1960s, so they look very suitable for this modern-day. Even your current activities are just sitting outside and going for a walk every day.

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