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How to Apply the 1920s Flapper Girl Makeup


Makeup became very popular and was a common trend in the 1920s. The 1920s flapper makeup was basically the smoky eyes, dark red lips, arched brow and the rose colored cheeks. Makeup products available in the 20s are a lot different from what we have now, so is its application.

You will need to create the 1920s flapper girl look with your full makeup kit

  1. 1920s-makeup-flapperGet your face ready with a primer, although this wasn’t available in the 20s, this ensures your makeup last all day.
  2. For your eyeshadow use a color shade that matches your eye color, preferably two colors. Apply the lighter color on your eyelid up to the crest towards the arch bone, apply the dark color but don’t extend it to the crest. Blend the eyeshadow to soften the edges.
  3. Smoky eyes was the rave in the 1920s, eye pencils were available in colors of the eye shadow which was the option for evening, during daytime, brown or black was used. Use a black eyeliner pencil to draw a line on your upper lash, for the lower lash, just apply dots so it doesn’t get too much. Then use a smudging brush to smudge it out into your lashes, this makes the lash look fuller.
  4. Thin arched eyebrows was the style in the 1920s, brows were shaped with a brown brush to thin out the brows. Pluck your brows thin, then use an eyeliner pencil the shade of your hair color to draw your brow, extending it downwards.
  5. 1920-Flapper-Girl-MakeupMascara available in the 1920s came in cake form and had to be applied with a brush similar to the one used to shape the eyebrows. Apply your mascara, preferably water proof to make your eyes really pop. You can add a lash to it.
  6. The whiter your face, the better it was then because it allows the eyes and lips to really pop up because they were dark. Apply your foundation and powder, make it light. Apply the powder downwards following the contour of your face, don’t apply too much, and even it out.
  7. Apply your blush in circular motion, this makes the face become round which was the goal in the 20s. Blend the hard edges, but be sure the color is popping
  8. 1920s-makeupThe signature lips is shaped like cupid’s arrow; the effect was to look much younger. A metal lip tracer was used then to get the shape. The lip outline is smaller than the normal lips and emphasis was on the center of the lips, the upper part is heart shaped with a thin lower lip. In the early 20s the color of lipstick that was popular was deep red, deep brownish reds, and orange.  Raspberry berry and medium red started gaining traction in the late 20s. A red matte lipstick should be perfect, one that matches your skin tone. Use a lip pencil, the color of your lipstick to outline your lip shape and blend to your lips. If you have full lips, line your lips just on the inside edge, and if you have  thin lips, the bottom lip should be overdrawn to make it look plumpy. Then use a concealer to thin the edges.

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