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Find 11 Various Styles For 1980s Swimsuits

1980s swimsuits

1980s swimwearThe 1980s swimsuits can be termed the most athletically inclined in history. Fashion experiments of the 1980s had introduced a set of mind-blowing styles that still inspire present-day bathing suits. V-hips, bright colors, scoop necks, and high cuts were some of the most popular swimsuits trends of the 80s. However, recent designers have not failed in bringing back these grand retro swimsuit styles, and even with some more amazing modifications.

The vintage trends of the 1980s swimsuits tended to be more sporty than romantic. The nylon materials used also added style and uniqueness to the bathing suits. Moreover, it also created a flattering effect.

Below, we have a collection of some really beautiful 80s swimsuits. Quickly, let’s get to see them.

1. Animal Prints

1980s swimwearAnimal prints seemed to be the favorite swimsuit trend of the 1980s. inspired by the Brazilian culture, they had a unique and eye-catching feature. The animal prints created a bombshell beach look which seemed most befitting.



2. High-cuts

1980s swimsuitsThe retro bathing suits were also characterized by high waists as well as high cuts. The bikini bottoms were mostly cut to rise high above the legs. The high cuts were made even more attractive with the V-hips style. Such high cut swimsuits are seen today to have been recreated by designers. Nevertheless, they remain as sexy and eye-catching as ever.


3. High Neck Swimsuit

1980s swimsuitsThough currently a fashion hottie when it comes to swimsuits, the high neck swimsuit was a major trend in the ’80s and continues to be the inspiration for high neck swimsuits till date.



4. Speedo Swimsuits

1980s swimsuitsThe brand swimsuits which were made from nylon materials became one of the most commonly used during the decade. This trend, however, remains a common swimwear trend in present times.



5. Two-Piece Suits

1980s swimsuitsAlthough the one-piece bathing suit had always been in trend, the 1980s introduced the two pieces’ bikini suits (which were also modified with high cuts). With the main part being the halter top, the trend rose to become a popular and favorite one. Also, the halter top of the bikini had underwires that acted as bra supports.


6. Sporty Details

1980s swimsuitsAs earlier mentioned, swimsuits of the decade were mostly sports inclined than romantic. Different sporty details such as lace upfronts and stripe accents were featured in these swimsuit styles. Most sporty suits also had high necklines.



7. Ruffle Swimsuits

1980s swimsuitsThe ruffle swimsuit trend was also at its peak during the decade. They were rocked as either one-piece or two-piece suits. The ruffles which were seen mostly at the top of the suit added a playful element to them. Although the 80s did not invent the trend, it became a unique suit style that was necessary to have.


8. Neon

1980s swimsuitsExtremely bright colors were the most used. The wonderful designs were usually complemented with neon colors. Such colors included electric yellow, pink, lime green, and others. They were stand out colors hence they made the wearers appear bold.



9. Materials

1980s swimsuitsVarious materials made the decade’s trend glow more. Apart from nylon, some such as lace, leather, elastic, and a few other fabrics were also used. Most times these materials made them shiny and attractive. Different print styles were also in vogue.

10. Work out swimsuits

1980s swimsuitsSome of the swimsuits were however inspired by workouts. Although the wearers of the style looked more like they had exercise sessions to attend, the 1980s had popularized the workout look. However, the trend was fit and amazing, especially with front zippers and straps and high necklines.


11. Halter Top Swimsuits

1980s swimsuitsCurrently, the inspiration for the halter tops bathing suits, halter tops one-piece swimsuit and more, this swimsuit trend is a worthy one to get.

In addition, the 1980s swimsuits also featured amazing necklines ranging from scoop necks to deep V-necks to asymmetrical necks and a lot more.

These swimsuit styles remain a model for modern-day styles and continues to add fun to pool and beach adventures. Hence,it’s necessary to have one or two of them.

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