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The Greatest 80s Fashion Trends-Ripped Jeans

The trendy ripped jeans (denim) of today were once workwear for laborers. Nevertheless, as fashion evolves through the ’70s, jeans also got their fair share of the evolution. We both know that the ’80s was one of the decades that ushered in bold styles. A period when both men and women found love in ripped tights, neon, and exaggerated clothes. The ‘80 has remained one of the greatest times that fashion history took a drastic but innovative change.

What were the Most Popular Jeans in the 80s?

As women found trousers like jeans comfortable, many fanshion designers took their production and styles to another dimension.

With the 80’s brands like Levi’s®, Calvin Klein®, Sasson and DKNY, popular vintage jeans at that time were:

  • Bootcut jeans80s Ripped Jeans
  • Flare jeans
  • Mom jeans
  • Blue jeans
  • Acid-wash jeans
  • High waist tapered jeans
  • Rock and heavy metal jeans
  • Ripped jeans

Some jeans styles became old-fashioned by the late ’80s. However, the likes of ripped and bootcut jeans never went out of style.

Why were Ripped Jeans Popular in the 80s?

Men wore jeans as far back as 1891, not as a fashion but instead as a pair of comfortable pants for laborers like gold miners. Another reason, being that it is sturdy. As jeans became daily wear for hard jobs, constant friction led to wear and tear; thus, ripping them off. Although men still wore it to work, it was not a formal way of dressing.

Levi Strauss Ripped JeansFor women, it was around 1934, that Levi Strauss began the design and production of women’s jeans. Around 1935, ripped jeans made it in Vogue magazine. However, even at that time, women ripped jeans were still very hard to find unlike now. Even more, anyone seen in ripped jeans would attract a ridiculous stare. That is not what many wanted at that time.

The popularity of jeans including women’s ripped jeans emerged from the late ’70s and soared through the ’80s even until now. One of the prominent triggers of its popularity was the 1970 social and political movements. When protesters rip off their jeans to express their resentments and demands.

In addition to that, the ’80s also saw a new wave in punk and heavy metal music. Their unconventional fashion includes torn clothes, ripped jeans, dreadlocks, etc. Thus, diehard fans of such celebrities who flaunt ripped jeans also follow suit their fashion trend.

Take Away

The ’80s was a time when women start to prefer attention-grabbing and comfortable outfits. They lay their hands on anything that can show their personalities rather than hide it. Today, even though women’s ripped jeans are common, it still comes in various styles and designs that give them a newer look.

However, one may wonder how a pair of ripped jeans, reduced to almost half of its normal size can cost more than proper jeans. Well, many think it is hot, sexy, comfortable, and gives them the laid-back look they want. Hence, paying a little extra for your comfort in ripped jeans is worth it.

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