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Hippie 70s Fashion Influence

The hippies‘ unique style and unconventional dresses with bright colors made them significantly different from modern American fashion. In 1960, many key movements emerged in America. One of the movements that gained civil rights momentum was bohemianism. However, it was not until the ’70s that it became popular.

Hippies, otherwise called bohemians, were known for their counter-cultural beliefs. They created their separate community, accommodating people with the same values. Therefore, it consists of members who practice non-traditional or unconventional lifestyles. That is, those who will give up their fashion and beliefs for the bohemian style. Perhaps, a community of people ready to mix up vintage clothes in style different from the normal way.

However, there are also notable personalities behind why the bohemian lifestyle influenced the hippies’ fashion.

Who influenced Hippie Fashion?

One of the influencers of the hippies 70’s fashion and movement were the “Beat Generation.” They consisted of filmmakers, authors, artists, writers such as Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, “New Hollywood,” etc. This set of people produced one of the alternative lifestyles in North America, still present to this day.

What was the ’70s best known for?

Bohemian Style Hippies

The ’70s marked a very popular fashion trend in history. A time when many enjoyed the freedom to wear what they wanted. How and when they want it.

First, clothes were cheaper due to mass production. Second, fashion-focused on individual preferences rather than bounded by some set of rules. This factor facilitated the rise and development of the unconventional lifestyle of the hippies. During this time, the hippies popularized bell-bottomed jean trousers. Nevertheless, minis and earlier versions of vintage clothing were still very much popular.

What is the style of the hippies?

The lifestyle of the hippies has a root in bohemian personality. However, these two counter-cultural practice has only a little in common – their unusual dressing style. The hippies wear less glamorous clothes. They buy most of their clothes from the flea market or at least make them themselves.

On the other hand, the bohemians wore expensive and better clothes designs. Although they, too, dress in unconventional ways, their styles are far cooler. Anyone can identify the hippies with their mode of dressing. More so, women can dress like men regardless of the gender gap at that time. They identify themselves with jeans, especially bell-bottoms. Bell-bottoms are a style of flare trouser usually wider from the knees down.

This style has long been in existence in Europe for centuries, usually a protective style for carpenters. The flare covers their shoes to prevent wood particles from getting in. It only became a fashion style in North America and Europe in the 1960s. It became very popular in the ’70s as the hippies accepted it as their mode of dressing.

Their style also includes intense clothes (bright enough to go unnoticed). Loose tops, long full skirts, tie-dyed and batik fabrics, and dashikis also formed part of

Bell-Bottomed Jeans

their dressing style. Women also wore fringe vests. However, many of them now come in modern designs, made of crochets rather than leathers. Most of the hippie’s women tend to go braless. Nevertheless, bralessness is not peculiar to the hippies alone. Many young women in America and other countries do so.

The hippie’s accessories

In 1970, the accessories for the non-liberated America were the cloche hats, bracelets, chunky high heels, pearl earrings, and many more.

However, these types of accessories do not fancy the hippies. They love accessories, so to say, but wear a lot of them. They go extreme with their accessories, just like their clothes. Therefore, let it not surprise you to see them wearing fringe boots, many bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

pinsPins are also a common accessory, and wearing pins with hippie elements can enhance the hippie style. If you want some unusual hippie pins, you can come to GS-JJ to customize. Simply use pictures with hippie elements to customize pins at GS-JJ. These pins are uniquely styled and feature original designs. Makes a great addition to your hippie look! Visit now!

Again, other accessories that go with their dressing styles include floppy hats, chokers, capes, and ponchos. Even more, handcrafted/beaded bags and ornaments grace their attire. Also, anyone can notice the remarkable difference in their grooming style too. Men grew longer hair just like women as opposed to short hairs and beards.

On the other hand, women put on less makeup. Some wear no makeup at all. One thing was sure. The bohemian style practiced by the hippies did not interest many. Most women still prefer their casual clothes to quirky ones. Nobody wants to look like they are going to a themed party. At least, that is what a hippie style looks like to others.

However, amidst all the large minis production and glamorous clothes, the hippie 70’s fashion still got widespread recognition.


Hippies had a great influence on the 70’s fashion style. They sought liberation (life free of societal restrictions).

Hence, in gaining what they seek, they explicitly expressed themselves through their odd way of dressing. If colors can signify one’s mood, then wearing them speaks their intentions better.

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