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70s Inspired Outfits: Find The Perfect Kaftan


The 70s fashion era was an era filled with individuality and variety. It was a year with no predominant look as it was deeply rooted in individual expressions. Clothes were meant to mix and match with each other and across gender lines, according to the whims of the wearer.


Kaftans have been worn in several cultures worldwide for thousands of years and are of Asian origin.

Hippie fashions of the late 60s and early 70s drew inspiration from ethnic styles, including the kaftan. African styled kaftan like dashikis was popular, especially among African Americans. Styles were appropriated by designers who marketed 1970s caftan dresses as hostess gowns for casual at-home entertaining.

For extra warmth during the winter, kaftan can be paired with a coat or jacket, thick stockings and boots and accessorized with a woolly scarf. Kaftan tops can be matched with Jeans, giving the wearer warmth and style, creating an outfit perfect for cool weather.


The 70s was the golden age of blue Jeans. Everyone had a pair or more that they wore for different occasions; at home, to hang out with friends, or to the office.

You can wear jeans with simple tops, snug-fit tops, or polo shirts with large collars in stripes or bold colors. The loose peasant tops or smock tops with embroidery, crochet trims, lace, and neckties were all trendy outfits in the late 70s.


70s wrap dresses were made from light Jersey materials that clung to the body with a thin tie belt that held it in place. They were popular as disco dresses. Mainstream styles were button-down shirt dresses with collars.

They could belong to maxi dresses, but they were mostly knee-length. They were simple, elegant, pretty, and feminine.


Another iconic 70s outfit was the maxi dress. They featured lace trim ruffled hems, puffy sleeves, and an empire waistband and can be simple or fussy, with prints or pastels.

Maxi dresses should be worn with strappy sandals for summer and lace-up boots for winter.


The pleated mini skirt is one of the 70s outfits that never went out of style. It’s timeless for all the right reasons and can be worn with a tank top.


Jumpsuits and satin wrap dresses were the choice of clothing for people to go partying in the 70s. 70s jumpsuits were or bell-shaped wide-legged with solid pastel colors or big prints. Some were sleeveless, with a halter top or any revealing design. Disco Jumpsuits should be worn with strappy thin heels or platform shoes and matched with plain jewelry that sparkles.

Besides Jumpsuits, women also wore shiny dresses to the disco. Most disco dresses were red, white, pink, or blue. Disco should be worn with long thin heels, platform sandals or silver boots, and a faux fur wrap or coat for cool evenings.

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