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Outfit Tips of the 1950s: Best Long Sleeve T-shirts for Women


Fashion in the 50s took a different turn; the splurge of new colors and silhouettes became obvious with the Pin-up and rockability fashion taking a full swing.

The hourglass silhouette took the front row in this decade with thin waistlines, pencil skirts, slim sheath dresses and tailored suits as some of the dress trends that were popular to display the curve of the waist and the size of the hip size. With the emphasis on feminine fashion becoming so particular, there was a major distinction between adult fashion and teenage fashion. While teenage-style remained youthful and young, adult style developed a more mature appeal.


Rockability fashion

50s-Rockability-fashionThis became a popular thing in the 50s with the influence of rock music and rock culture on fashion choices and lifestyle. The fashion trend included bullet bras, fitted pencil skirts, swing dresses, long pleated skirts, poodle skirts, dark colors, or 3 to 4 colors all at once, rock ladies also fancied neck scarves and dark makeup to complete the look.



Pin-Up fashion

50s-pinup-fashionThis was inspired by the feminine appeal of the 50s. These outfits were meant to portray the obvious difference between the female physique and the males’. With tight-fitting pencil skirts, halter neck dresses, busty tops, bikinis, tight pants and other revealing pieces of clothing, the pin-up fashion was meant to be as sexy as sexy could be.


Greaser fashion

50s-Greaser-fashionNotably a teen style fashion with leather pants, tight jeans, frizzy smooth hairs, high waist pants and waist belts. It became the trademark for young people, blending the pin-up the sexiness and the rockability appeal.






Dress fashion

50s-Dress-fashionDresses of the 50s were quite iconic. There were sundresses halter-neck dresses, full neckline with a v-shape and tight waistline, sailor neck dresses, strapless dresses, gingham dresses and a lot of other dress patterns. The 1967 Christine Dior collection played a major role in the transformation of dress styles all through the 50s.


Best Women Shirts of the 50s

Best-Women-long-sleeve-Shirts-of-the-50s-2Shirts for ladies took a major twist in the 50s. In previous decades ladies mostly wore plain and neutral colors, mostly white and ivory, but with the fashion twist of the 50s, colors took over the scene. Ladies’ shirts came in a variety of colors, color patterns and designs. They were combined with neutral pants to give a brighter look. Female shirts which were previously distinguished from males by ruffles, bows and lace, began to take the look of male buttoned town shirts but with more accented waists to maintain its feminine look.

Best-Women-Shirts-of-the-50sWomen’s shirts came in long, short, caps and sleeveless sleeves. They became more fitted, but not tight or restricting, in order to maintain the hourglass silhouette of the decade.

A variety of collar patterns also came in the view over the decade, as women began to share the tailored shirt look with males. Nylon materials were used to reduce the stress of ironing while Peter pan, portrait and boat neck collars became an addition to the tailored shirt look.

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