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8 Roaring 20s Fashion Inspired Wedding Dresses

1920s wedding dresses

8 Roaring 20s fashion Inspired Wedding Dresses

There is no doubt that the thundering 1920s is one of our favorite revolutionary eras in style. There is a reason why we are fascinated with wedding dresses influenced by the roaring 20s fashion. The pomp, the glam, the age was all about opulence and emancipation, and the style of the period was no different.

Flapper’s spinning silhouettes were influenced by the daring shapes of Art Deco and Expressionism, popular music and Egyptian patterns. Let’s not forget the accentuated waists, feathers and fringes, bells and rhinestones, dazzling embroidery, and intricate design.

This was the first time that decadence had encountered a free spirit, coming together for reckless beauty. Influenced by the Swing Era, Art Deco represents the glitz and glamour, the glamor and all the lavishness of the 1920s and 1930s.

Traditional weddings are a thing of the past now and contemporary weddings are becoming more and more common nowadays, as people venture behind the conventional walls for reasons much broader than just cheery celebrations.

The times of Cinderella ballgowns may not be finished, but as we step into a more personalized wedding period, greater and greater couples are leveraging the influence of old-fashioned elegance to carry their festivities to completion in some of the most special ways.

There is an explanation of why wedding dresses influenced by the 1920s are still in hot demand. Bridal styles can come and go, but the elegance of the 1920s continues to inspire designers even today.

If you’re a bride-to-be who dreams of a wedding day full of excitement, elegance, you should go for the Art Deco style. This is why we have gathered some of our most favorite 1920s style wedding dresses from that are ideal for your Art Deco event.

1. Whispers & Echoes Milano Gown

8 Roaring 20s fashion Inspired Wedding DressesThis head-turner by Whispers & Echoes has just the right blend of art deco with its flicker sleeves and a beautifully detailed lace train. We would adore an ivory and amber color combination with this dress.




2. Catherine Deane Merry Gown

8 Roaring 20s fashion Inspired Wedding DressesCatherine Deane’s beautiful BHLDN dress incorporates elegant lace short sleeves over a slender torso. Probably the most beautiful feature is a diamond-shaped wide back that is sure to leave people in awe when you step on the aisle.




3. Art Deco Beaded Wedding Gown

8 Roaring 20s fashion Inspired Wedding Dresses

If you are in the quest of a one of a kind beautiful wedding gown with stunning intricate details then this is what you need. It’s like this dress was crafted for a cover shoot influenced by the Great Gatsby.

Influenced by the Jazz Age, this wedding dress has Gatsby written all over it. With a looping, vintage-inspired beaded design and delicate cap sleeves, this beautiful figure-skimming gown is an affordable modern classic.

4. Flapper Style Fringe Wedding Dress

8 Roaring 20s fashion Inspired Wedding DressesThis flapper design fringe wedding dress in white recreates the glamor of the 1920’s wear. The traditional relaxed V-neck retains the retro style while showcasing a more contemporary design.

Furthermore, the beautiful fringe adorned at the bottom of the dress gives it the perfect vintage chic yet glamourous vibe that we would want in a Gatsby themed wedding.


5. 1920s Inspired Flapper Backless Wedding Dress

8 Roaring 20s fashion Inspired Wedding Dresses

If you’re the kind of bride who wants all the attention on you, this dress could be your perfect match. We love the bold gold embellish of this dress and the to-die-for backless pieces.

This dress combines contemporary and traditional womanhood beautifully, and its elegant silhouette reflects on timeless beauty, which is just what you want and what you have to pull off your special day.

6. Ettia Satin Sheath Wedding Dress

8 Roaring 20s fashion Inspired Wedding Dresses

This dress is what you need to fulfill your Gatsby fantasies with its satin sheath fabric influenced by wine turrets and starlit landscapes.

This dress comes with a beaded fabric over vogue satin along with 1920‘s style border with Swarovski crystals and pearls. It’s low back neckline, V-neck and delicate beaded cap-sleeves give this dress its seductive yet elegant look.


7. Elecia Fringe Wedding Dress

8 Roaring 20s fashion Inspired Wedding Dresses

Clearly influenced by the theme of the 1920s, the Elecia Wedding Dress comes in a sophisticated, creamy hue with a beautiful, velvety fringe pattern cascaded down the body.

This art deco-inspired piece is designed in the form of a column to create an elegant outline and make it simple to pass. Fabricated, hand-beaded belts bring romantic and artistic elegance to this look.


8. Milly Beaded Wedding Dress

8 Roaring 20s fashion Inspired Wedding DressesMilly is a beautiful wedding dress crafted with a jewel and rhinestone artwork on the body and a luminous full top. This sleeveless wedding dress incorporates a keyhole design on the back of the neck, with flexible straps and a slim blouse waist for the dream match.

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