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1950s jewelry

1950s jewelryJewelry was fast making an entrance into the essential women’s fashion by the 1950s, as were the scarves, headgear, and stockings. Costume jewelry was a global break-out, and the economy escalation post-war allowed people to come out of the austere jewel collections. Women began to pay attention to their accessories and overall appearance – they were keen to look well-dressed and groomed. This could be pulled off by pearls spread across the neckline, diamond studs, and dainty earrings.

The 1950s was an era that nullified a lot of previous fashion norms and launched some refreshing styles and tactics. Keep on reading to have a look at the 1950s women’s fashion of stones in detail.

  1. Cold Jewelry

1950s jewelryTo begin with, the 50s saw its fair share of popularity saturated on cold jewelry. These were yellow-toned gold necklaces, bracelets, earrings, handcuffs, and a variety of original styles. Gold with rose-colored stones was also emphatically received – particularly with the rubies. The red and gold toning was tantalizing but the plain yellow gold had its own fans.

Large and leaf necklaces in gold prevailed, daintily displayed as layers on the neck that looked heavily feminine and posh in the 50s. Button earrings, cuff bracelets, brooches in large and small sizes collectively encompassed the cold jewelry fashion of the 1950s.

  1. Colorful Jewelry

1950s jewleryColorful jewelry was not encouraged to wear in the daytime during the 1940s, but as soon as the 50s were touched, these became an impressive trend. Not only were these spotted in daytime, but a crowd of Hollywood stars and actresses were also spotted in chunky bracelets or flower-shaped studs.

Even more so, the clothes designed in the 50s were sketched with the particulars of colorful jewelry in mind. The sleeves ended at “bracelet length,” the coats had deep pockets to showcase brooches and the necklines were stretched to sport a beaded leaf necklace. Women went for laid-back hairstyles or cropped hair to the chin to feature big, funky ear-tops and studs.

The fashion of wearing stones dominated so heavily in the 50s that dresses were launched stitched prematurely with rhinestones. Headgear had pearls beaded, and bedecked belts and collars were made common.

Moreover, the fashion steered from pastel colors and soft hues progressing from the previous era into bolder and brighter colors. Red was actively popularized, whereas turquoise and coral shades were grabbed from the 20s. Correspondingly, these two stones were also famed, albeit created artificially. Women’s fashion in the 50s focused on contrasting designs and standout trends. Therefore, designers actively employed vibrant colored stones against lighter shades.

  1. Pearl Jewelry

1950s jewelryPearls were the first love of women and their designers in the 1900s. The 50s, however, saw the mightiest boost in its popularity as it endorsed every costume jewelry there was. White, shimmering pearls against jet black dress were a hit, and one of the most popular dress-up ideas of that time. Where the pearls impeccably adorned a plain evening dress, these were available in several colors pertaining to choice and complexion. Yellow, cream, champagne, coffee, lemon, and grey were some of the shades that pearl jewelry was assembled in, donned by women according to their dress color and occasion.

The regular day outfits in the 1950s had single pearl studs or double-strand pearl necklaces as their daywear requirement. Naturally, women who could afford routinely-wear pearls delighted in the trend, which then conveniently marked a line of class differences.

  1. Evening Jewelry

1950s jewelryCocktail attire with rhinestone earrings glimmering in the ears, and curled bob hairstyle was the exotic look of the 50s evening parties. The evening jewelry was kept minimal yet loud and shimmering that would catch the eyes effectively. Rhinestones were highly desirable in that decade, and women preferred choosing between rhinestones and pearls as their top evening jewelry choices. Dainty pearl necklaces with a plunging neckline were another hip trend of the 50s, along with brooches sewed on their slim-fitting dresses.

Crystals made another winning entrance to the evening jewels, as the expensive alternative to the rhinestone pendants. These were brighter, larger, and heavier on the skin, effortlessly speaking volumes for the wearer.

Jewelry is a woman’s adornment, and the fashion of gleaming in ornate stones began back in the time. The 1950s merely saw a popular upsurge in that trend that prevails up-till the 21st century.

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