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1950s Vintage Jewelry Identification and Outfit Tips

1950s Antique Jewelry identification and Outfit Tips

I believe you have a lot of questions about vintage jewelry, such as “what qualifies as vintage jewelry?” “Is vintage jewelry worth anything and how to identify it?” and “ How do you do with the vintage jewelry?”. I think the question you most interested in is how to identify the 1950s antique jewelry of 1950s women’s fashion. This article will provide a satisfying answer for each question, especially the 1950s identification and outfit tips of vintage jewelry. However, firstly the connotation of vintage Jewelly and should be known, then what is the valuable jewelry in the 1950s.


1950s jewelry for friend

gift for friend

The connotation of 50s antique jewelry

Antique jewelry is any jewelry that is less than 100 years old but usually more than 50 years old. The second half of the definition depends roughly on the jewelry professional you request.

Which engagement rings for women can be considered as vintage?

Jewelry must be at least 20 to 30 years old to be considered antique. This can be anything that was done in the 1990s or earlier. Retro is probably the most commonly used term among the three because it covers the period of mass production of jewelry. Will engagement rings from the 1800s be considered old-fashioned? Technically, yes. Although the ring is not classified as a year, most dealers call the ring antique so that they can highlight the age of the ring. How about your grandmother’s engagement ring since the 1940s? That would be regarded as an old-style engagement ring.

1950s Antique Jewelry identification and Outfit Tips


Jewelry from 1935 to around 1940 is considered a retro style, and it is also the beginning of artificial jewelry, which is what we call retro jewelry today. Some are made of fine or precious metals, some are not. Many works provide synthetic gems of various colors and flowers and bow brooches are true love.

jewelery gifThe next is probably the 1940s, also vintage, the clothes of the post-war era that your grandmother and mother might wear. Jewelry in the 1940s was very similar to jewelry in the 1930s, but it was more three-dimensional, and the design elements transitioned from decorative art to a style. Eventually, due to World War II, it was called retro-modern. In addition, Victorian revival jewelry was still very popular in the 1940s, although the style was more refined than in the 1930s.

Around the 1950s, there have been considerable changes in jewelry design. The larger rhinestones that look more charming, with flowers and large bows and stones developed their own clear style in 1950, including multi-strand beaded bead necklaces with larger beads than the artificial pearls seen in previous years. In the 1940s, resin thermosetting inlays were all the rage along with colored resins and inlaid resin jewelry.

jewelryAround the 1960s, many decorative arts released clear rhinestones, which looked more gorgeous and more flashy. Another style is the Art Nouveau renaissance from the late 1960s to the 1970s. The color of the work is very rich and somewhat psychedelic, including a large number of cloisonne butterflies, dragonflies, and lady motifs. The Art Nouveau renaissance of this era is also common in the printing and home design industries.

The antique series of the 1980s is the latest or youngest style. We see more designers launch jewelry without extreme rhinestones and more gold and silver jewelry. Feather and plastic. With the passage of time, the manufacturing process of artificial jewelry is getting less and less, and the materials are getting cheaper. We see a lot of imported plastics and cheap painted metals. Many of them are still considered vintage wines. Most of the clothes from the 1980s are still well preserved and have never been worn or only worn once or twice. They are still considered to be vintage.

Best gift for best friend: the 1950s style jewelry

The years after the Second World War was a welcome return to luxury goods, which was reflected in the jewelry style at the time. The decisive element of jewelry design in the 1950s came from Christian Dior’s fashion style “new look” known in 1947 for its feminine, curvy silhouette. Jewelry designers began to produce luxury jewelry commensurate with women’s fashion. In the first few years of the 1950s, as the world was still recovering from the post-war recovery, jewelry design was underestimated. With the development of ten years, the style of jewelry has also developed due to changes in social, political, and fashion trends. Below is the 1950s jewelry you can choose as a gift for a friend (visit the website at the bottom of this article).

gift for friend

50s Antique jewelry identification guide

1.Vintage jewelry guide

It should be noted that the seller provides a copy of the real antique. Brand new costume jewelry, with old fashion or tribal patterns, does not make the pieces retro. The year the article was made is enough to make a piece of jewelry antique. Today, we think that the product produced in 1935-1981 is VINTAGE. We recommend buying in bulk. Many times you may find so-called antiques or antique jewelry boxes sold in boxes or pounds, and you may find that one or two pieces are actually antiques or antiques. Another problem with buying in large quantities is that many clothes usually lack gems, pearls, closures, and are really “unwearable” or in good condition.

2.Vintage costume jewelry price guide

color-gifVintage jewelry has become very popular. Whether it is gold, silver, or artificial jewelry, everything is doing very well, and has continued for nearly a century, is gradually becoming antique jewelry. Vintage jewelry offers a certain style of jewelry. Whether it was the popularity of real costume jewelry in the 1930s or the advent of many designer brands from the 1940s to the 1950s, they are so popular today. Vintage jewelry is considered to be from 1929 to 1980. Due to craftsmanship, quality, and design, most people only want jewelry made before 1960.

When buying vintage jewelry, it may be earrings, rings, necklaces, pins, etc. The most collected today are earrings, necklaces, and pins. When we talk about old-fashioned jewelry, we also include real gold and silver jewelry. The reason we focus on costume jewelry is that in this era, the production of high-end costume jewelry began. Its price is lower, and it is even more beautiful than real gold jewelry.

One thing about old-fashioned jewelry is to make it durable. They are colorful and vivid. In the 1930s, people felt the hardship of depression. Costume jewelry entered the jewelry world. The production of these works is as good as the real gold and silver works. Many gold or silver are placed or filled.

3. Gold makers mark guide

Look for marks and metal marks. Gold is marked with numbers and then marked with K. Gold filling or gold plating is also valuable, but the value is not high. Good metal content or fine craftsmanship indicates that new parts are more expensive, so they may be more valuable now. Even if the piece is not gold or silver.

gold makers

Look at the back of the picture. Is it rough or smooth? Older antique jewelry is always smooth. It was not until the 1970s that it began to have a rough back. Rhodium is used on most antique jewelry and today will still have shiny silver or gold. An artificial rhinestone sticks inside to show the age. Look for jewelry set with diamonds. Synthetic diamonds are very beautiful and can be old, but have no value. All vintage earrings have screws or clips. The screw-back was used until the 1950s when everything was replaced with a clip. The screw-back may not be marked, but most clips will. Most silver ornaments will be marked on the back of the earring post/screw. You may not even be able to tell if something is silver until you clean it up.

One thing I can tell you, once you have antique jewelry in your hand, you will know the difference between the old and the new. The new jewelry is different from the old one, and the production is also different. Instead of using the same design details.

Outfit for women: How to wear vintage jewelry on different occasions?

1.Daily jewelry: wedding rings and silver necklaces for women

Some jewelry can be worn all the time. For married people, wedding rings are one of them. If you like to record time, and don’t like to use your mobile phone to record time, then the watch is always acceptable. A simple souvenir necklace is another piece of jewelry that can be worn most of the time.

daily jewelry

2.Office jewelry: plain necklace and earring sets

When choosing jewelry to wear, choose jewelry that doesn’t distract you or is noisy. You can still show your personality, but don’t wear any jewelry that might offend upper-class people or customers.

3.Official event jewelry: sterling silver chain necklace and 3 stone diamond ring

The formal event is a moment to show how elegant you are, this is the time to wear your best jewelry. Although it can sparkle everywhere, it is best to choose a piece of jewelry to emphasize its best function. For example, if you put on your hair in an upward manner, you can use some charming crystal or 3 stone diamond rings to show off the high bone and charming chin. The personalized necklace can also lift the eyes of the onlookers to the face. Remember, the jewelry should be an accessory for your clothes. Wearing too much, even participating in informal events, will distract the overall appearance.

formal jewlery

4.Party accessories: silver bracelets for women and charm bracelets for girls

When you go to a friend’s party or hang out with friends on Friday night, almost everything will happen. If you like incomparable bracelets and dazzling jewelry, then it’s time to wear it. Don’t forget, too much jewelry will attract the attention of others, and accessories will mask your personality.

1950s vintage jewelry match guides

1.Gold bracelets for women: Layering and mixing bracelets and bangles

1950s jewlryThe more the better. Matching several bracelets together actually complimenting each piece by creating popular colors and contrasts; always wear an odd number of bracelets; remember the color scheme; mixing ratio and texture; high/low mixing. It’s good to mix clothing with fine jewelry, and old fashioned with new jewelry.

2.Layering women’s gold chain necklaces and sterling silver chain necklaces

laying necklaceThe sum of the parts is greater than the value of the parts; the silver story-necklaces all with unique proportions or textures, but with the same tone, in this case, silver; the combination of pearls and gold- wearing a white vest, a long-sleeved cotton shirt, and then wear all the jewelry on the shirt, and the buttons of the shirt should be buckled on your waist, add a simple earring.

3.Wearing a pin brooch with butterfly jewelry

Below: vintage brooches are affixed to Vogue’s photos, showing how vintage jewelry is reproduced in top jewelry magazines.


Below: “Fix” two old-fashioned rhinestone butterfly brooches on the old-fashioned Monet three-chain necklace.

Below: Two faux pearl necklaces enhance the look by adding a spectacular retro starfish brooch. The brooch is “fixed” on the pearl.

1950s brooch

Below: 3 cool retro novel brooches, including three links, arrows, and turtles, are “fixed” on 2 retro chains. Because the brooches are the same size and have two things in common, they work well: gold and a little rhinestone.

1950s brooch

Below: The rhinestone brooch on the summer straw hat is interesting. I wore a scarf on the scarf and tied a brooch. The color of the cotton scarf matches well with the color of the old brooch.

1950s brooch

Below: Vintage jade green butterfly brooch is a good way to add a little pop to straw fedora.

hat with brooch


Wearing vintage jewelry like a true fashion icon

  • 1950s pearl necklace: The necklace at Tiffany’s opening scene

Start with a multi-strand faux pearl necklace. Fix or nail the fabulous rhinestone needle to a single string of pearls. Lay a single string of pearls on/over multiple strands of pearls and loosen the necklace so that they can all hang well and the pins can be fixed well.

  • Necklace and earring set: Retro, but modern

If you plan to go out wearing a string of pearls, with a short skirt and multiple pearl lines, the best idea is to use your old-fashioned heart-shaped locket with a simple T-shirt or a floral summer dress.

  • Antique jewelry sets: Remember brooches

Be creative and fix your brooch on your bag, headband, or scarf. Pairing with contemporary jewelry, such as unmatched earrings or geometric rings, can create interesting effects.

  • Points are good for polka dot pinup dress

Ana Luisa’s red and blue Kinoko earrings, as long as you wear the right clothes, can help you create a great retro effect. These earrings will be paired with a white mid-length dress or vest, followed by a pair of high-waisted mom jeans.

  • Forget about how much are pearls worth

For an attractive appearance, wear multiple strings of pearls or very long pearls. In order to make the hairstyle of the 1960s more fashionable, please wear a princess long pearl necklace.

1950s jewelry

  • Don’t be afraid to declare vintage jewelry

You can choose a large cocktail ring, a pair of diamond clusters, or an oversized brooch. But you should not wear more than two at a time.

  • Mixed: leather bracelets for women

banglesDon’t be afraid to combine your antique jewelry with modern jewelry, or even stack them together. The vintage cuffs with leather bracelets and geometric bracelets look stunning. The leather collar for the heart-shaped locket looks great, and so on.

  • Think outside the jewelry box for women

These fixed old-fashioned clusters may look beautiful on your ears, but that doesn’t mean you can fix them on sandals. Rings as pendants and necklaces as headbands, all these choices are right in front of your eyes.


If you follow above antique jewelry identification and outfit tips, you will be a true vintage fashion icon and show off around your friends. If you want to shop for some vintage jewelry, below is the shopping website.

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