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Vintage Bathing Suits for Women in 1920s Style-Summer Holidays’ Guide


Beautiful Vintage Bathing suits in the 1920s

Summer holidays acquire a soft corner in almost every person’s heart. One of the main reasons for the same is bathing suits! Fashion whenever connected to an aspect of life, makes it more beautiful.

The same is the case with enjoying your summer holidays on a resort, or even a beach!

Some of the most popular great Gatsby dress ideas, also include the line of bathing suits.

An elegant bathing suit is a must, so that you can frolic around the ocean waves in style!

And that’s what we are going to discuss in this article. Beautiful vintage bathing suits in the 1920s!

The Bathing Suits of 1920s

1920s-swimsuits-wooden-5Well, it’s quite certain that the apparels which we have around us today, took inspiration from the past. And therefore, we also get a glimpse of that time frame.

Even in 1920s, bathing suits were very famous such as the swimwear which was made up of wool, spruce-wood and even some other vintage swimsuits.

The roaring twenties fashion line, had some amazing retro bathing suits! We are talking about the two-piece swim suits, and even the one-piece swimsuits which were very famous back then in the day.

Although not just these basic ideas, but then even some gingham swimsuits and other high-waisted swimsuits.

Knee high bathing suits

In the 1920s, these bathing suits were very common and loved by the women. At that time, the length of their bathing suits used to wary as per the trend. From knee high bathing suits to bikini bottoms, we saw a lot of changes in the decades which were to come ahead.

But at that time, privacy concerns were also given importance and therefore the length of bathing suits used to be till the knees. It was in the time that came ahead, when we saw shorts, etc., coming into the act.

New Inventions of Bathing suits

These were some of the bathing suits which we must know. Other than this line of suits, there were just new designs and prints.

For example, you would get to see one-piece bathing suits, with polka dots design or some other floral print. Therefore, the basic used to be the same with several changes in the design and print.

Then later on, we also started seeing bathing suits with belts and other accessories.

All in all, new inventions helped the fashion industry in evolving and ultimately, turning out to be better.

Modern bathing suits

When we talk about modern bathing suits, then they are definitely inspired by the foundation which was laid back then. The only changes that we see are the differences in the length of the bathing suit.

Compared to that time, now legs are more visible as women have moved to suits which are quite above the knees. The examples are high-waist bikini bottoms and other one-piece suits.


All in all, the vintage bathing suits are quite a sight and no matter what, but you are going to like them even in 2020! They are ravishing!

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