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1920s Feather Hat as Part of Alice in Wonderland Halloween costume

1920s Fashion

The theme of the party may be a good way to bring the celebration of Halloween to life. On Halloween, some people transformed themselves into iconic characters through costumes and role-playing, and many chose the Disney theme in doing so. For example, the Alice in Wonderland ensemble has many great examples that can celebrate and reproduce Alice, White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, etc. However, if you want to dress as a white rabbit and mad-hatter of Alice in wonderland, then 1920s feather hats will be a great choice.

The beauty of a bell watch comes from the simplicity and sophistication found in the delicate silhouette. After fashion designer Reboux introduced her design, bell clocks became popular, even before the 1920s fashion. More and more women began to like this style in the 1920s women’s fashion. By the end of World War I, the head-fitting version was very popular. By the 1920s, the bell-shaped clock was ready for success. Bob’s hairstyle is gaining popularity, and this particular hairstyle goes perfectly with these hats. The shape of “Baffle Bob” or “Eaton Crop” is perfectly imitated with the bell cap.

1920s feather hat

1920s FashionIn the 1920s, it became very popular in the United States and Europe-it was an understatement where ladies could wear feathers and whole specimens of birds on their hats. An ornithologist reported that he took two walks in Manhattan in 1886 and counted 700 hats, of which 525 had feathers or birds on them.

The Kloche (1920) version is iconic. It is more fitted than the previous product, and the degree of wear on the eyebrows is so low that women lift their chin and walk with their eyes drooping. Fortunately, walking in this balanced posture only increases the attractiveness of the appearance, because women feel that it creates an atmosphere of confidence and independence among the wearer. In these ten years, no woman has left this house, and there is no chic bell-shaped decoration to show her beauty. With the growth and change of bell-shaped styles, embellishments are becoming more and more important in design. The Art Deco style had a major influence on all aspects of fashion in the 1920s, and hats were no exception. The artistic style influenced the style of the edges and seams of the bell-shaped hat and the way it was decorated. Appliques, beads, pins, or feathers are popular and help to dress up hatred on more formal occasions. Some versions are made of lace and silk to add charm and can be paired with a beautiful evening ensemble.

The bell-shaped hat associated with the 1920s is back! It is warm and stylish, and most fashionistas know it. Nowadays, you can wear a bell hat with long hair and different elements such as feathers, ribbons, and rhinestones. I think the feathers are perfect for this hat.


A classic story theme, wrapped in red, blue, and white curtains, big rose trees, crazy hatters sparkling signs, jam tarts, playing cards, giant mushrooms, big clocks and chains, sweets and cakes, Ellie Silk silhouette, giant red shoe seat.


The guide to making your own Alice Wonderland costumes

Choose from Alice, White Rabbit, the Mad Matter costumes for Halloween. You don’t need a sewing machine, these tutorials will show you how to use common household and handicraft materials and a hot glue gun (which is worth your investment) to get creative.

alice costume


Alice is “more and more curious!” 

1920s FashionThe original heroine of Lewis Carroll is brave, strong, and endlessly curious. She is an active little girl with short brown hair. Disney attracted her with long blonde hair and an animated blue and white fifties style dress. This is our classic Alice dress, made of tulle (or mesh fabric) and a white apron. Don’t forget the white leggings!

The material you need: Glue gun. Red felt. White felt. White apron. White T-shirt. Blue t-shirt. Black button. Black ribbon. Blue and white tulle (mesh cloth). Flat elasticity. White pantyhose. Velcro strip. Black tube cleaner. Scissors. Tape measure.

Important note: If your waistband does not have Velcro at the end, cut it short by about an inch, and then use a hot glue gun to stick it together. Remember to fold the length of the tulle when cutting it and wrap it around the skirt, so make sure it is long enough.


White rabbit. “Oh, dear! Oh, dear! I will be late!”

1920s FashionHands and ears have white fluffy accents. There are clocks. Poker Stars decorated the hat and neck here to pay tribute to the Queen of Hearts. That hat also looks like a Mad Hatter hat, so this costume is a bit like a three-in-one idea.

Lewis Carroll’s “White Rabbit” is a tiny little figure in plain clothes and a pocket watch, and Disney added a pair of glasses. Our version uses a specification pipe cleaner (if you want to make it adjustable, also use ears) and the aluminum foil cake pan of the pocket watch. Unless you want to be late for World Book Day, we suggest you cheat with a pre-made vest!

The material you need: White felt. Pink/peach felt. Round disposable bakeware or pie pan. Black pipe cleaner. Ribbon. Paper. Marker pen. 1920s feather hat and headband. Scissors. Glue gun.

Top tip: Put 2 pipe cleaners in your ears to make sure they are fixed and can be bent in place.

  1. White Rabbit Costume Vest for Kids

As you can see, the basis of the costume is a white T-shirt and a pair of gray shorts, which Red already has on his dressing table. We took some clues from the movie costumes of “White Rabbit” and used these basic parts. You can buy red twill cloth from a local fabric store. Buttons, watch chains, twill cloth, felt cloth, and even a small key will be pick up to add to the “white rabbit” vest. All in all, you can only spend about 15 dollars and found that some felts were hidden in your handicraft drawer. You also already own a (member link) children’s knitted vest pattern, you can adjust its size to red and made it with red twill in about an hour.

  1. White Rabbit Pocket Watch Props

1920s FashionMost watches are made of hot melt glue and reinforced felt. Using an old pen holder to trace the felt to the required size of the pocket watch and cut out two identical circles. Making a smaller circle with a double-sided interface to iron the parts firmly without steam. Making the dial with four small black buttons and feeling the tone of the hands and the heart (this is a tribute to the “White Rabbit” for the “Queen of Hearts”). The other dial points are made of sharpei ballpoints. The top of the bracelet is made in the same way as the body of the pocket watch. You can add lines of stitches in this section to add size or keep its flat and cartoon style like us. Since the edge is produced from ironing and sandwiching the interface, you can close it with a bold edge. You can use some simple twill tape with light gold to “sewn into the ditch”, folded it, ironed it sharply, and added a little glue to seal it. In order to fix the pocket watch to the “white rabbit costume vest”, a cheap jewelry department chain sewn on one end was used. You will not open the lobster claw. You can sew a loop inside the faux welt pocket to hook the lobster clasp so that Red could open the vest and get dressed. The other side of the chain is hand sewn to another artificial welt pocket. The second lobster clasp has the key mentioned many times in Alice Books! It should be noted that the wobbly (at the time) six-year-old boy released the key within a few hours of wearing his costume. It’s so fun without playing!

  1. Little White Rabbit Disney Children’s Halloween

If we don’t want to spend the high temperature of Halloween in some areas, then this “white rabbit” costume vest can be well placed in our costume cabinet in Halloween of Disneyland! You can also delete the pocket watch to add a Valentine’s Day vest, and of course, you can change the button at any time.

Mad hatter crazy. “Have you guessed?”

HalloweenLewis Carroll’s Hatter enjoyed a never-ending tea party with March Hare and the sleepy dormouse. John Tenniel attracted him with an oversized top hat, which was advertised for 10/6 (ten shillings and sixpence). Although hatcheries in the 19th century used mercury as their top hats, we chose non-toxic PVA, cardboard, and colored paper. Feel free to add matching bow ties.

The material you need: cardboard, tape measure, scissors, pencil, PVA glue, tape, colored paper, a 1920s feather hat, ribbon, velcro.

Important note: When measuring the hole of the hat, please leave an extra 2 cm so that the hat is not too small. Improve your wit by using leftover wrapping paper and newspaper and feather to decorate the hat.

1920s Fashion

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