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80s Hairstyles-Lady Diana Haircut VS. Audrey-inspired Cut

1980s hairstyle

Putting everything aside, the 1980s actively emphasized on volume with the hairstyles. Women with long hair would seek to further billow it into a puff, by rolling, perming or back-combing. Females, on the other hand, who preferred to keep their hair short, would want to enjoy wider hairdos by utilizing hair accessories or going for Lady Diana’s cut.

Iconic personalities of the 1980s, for instance, Madonna and Diana also provided ample hairstyles for short-haired girls to rock n’ roll.

  1. Vintage white-Floral Fusion

1980s hairThis hairstyle involves a big white flower to fill the void for the 80s slogan. For shoulder-length short hair, simply roll the ends thick and outward, fluff up your hair, make a side part, and comb it high and insert the white flower to one side. Using a hairspray, keep the look fixed and contradict the virtuous style with a red-hot lipstick.


  1. Audrey-inspired Powerful Pixie

1980s hairThe Audrey-inspired, cropped Pixie cut triumphed through the early decades and became an androgynous hairstyle of the 80s. Men and women who liked to keep their hair to the minimum often went for a pixie cut that would shift to its powerful pose when spiked wholly on the head. This sleek powerful pixie requires hair gel and hairspray and is an iconic 1980s hairstyle till today.


  1. Wrap-up or Hair Bow

1950s hairThe Madonna’s wrap-up was an instant hit, employing a nominal punk chignon with front tresses unkempt and loose. A Madonna wrap would pass over the chignon and tie to one side on the top of the head in a loose bow. Quite similarly, the hair-bow up-do hairstyle is another 80s highlights. Simply collect your short hair into a high pony, and place a bow, preferably black and polka-dotted, on the top just after the hairline of your bangs. Partition the long bangs into unequal halves, and you’re done for the day in five minutes.


  1. Short and Sexy waves

1980s short hairFor the love of curls, this was another popularly received hairstyle for short hair from the 1980s, that check-marked the big hair box while keeping it subtle and sexy. Make a side part of your hair, sleek comb the roots, and use rollers to give wide and sexy waves to the ends. Use a hairspray to keep the thick curls rolled up and in place, enticingly hiding the ears and framing the cheeks beautifully.


  1. Messy Side-Swept

1980s hairThis was the gym look of the women in the 1980s and is playful, sporty yet big on the hair. It is more of a hairdo for wild and social gatherings than for a mundane place like the gym. Blow-dry your hair, add slight, loose waves to the whole of your mane and comb them totally to one side for a messy sweep. Glam it up with a headband on your forehead, if you wish.


  1. Princess Diana

1980s hairstyleShe was not only the princess of our hearts, but she was the ultimate 80s hair icon as well. Touching on the androgynous nature of hairstyling, Lady Diana had a haircut that stood out effortlessly on the whole. With no additional styling whatsoever, it managed to look voluminous, puffed out, and cropped to perfection for women who prefer short hair yet pull off the glamorous tone. Chopped in layers, starting with shortest on the crown to varying slightly in length as it tapered down, her hair fluffily covered her forehead, subtly hid the ears, and curved inward at the nape. If you have a 1980s theme-party, you should definitely relive the Princess with her iconic hairstyle.

Since the 1980s was the era that boldly defied the norms, people felt the liberty to experiment and opt for the craziest looks in vogue.

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