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1940s Dress for Ladies-What to wear in Summer?

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Every decade has played a major role in affecting what fashion is today and in reality; what fashion will continue to be in thousands of years to come. It’s always a pleasure searching through the trends of vintage summer dresses for different years as all you get to see are mind-blowing styles that have returned in a more sophisticated way. Well, the 1940s is no different as the decade’s summer dresses for women remain spectacular in its fashionable way.

The 1940s women’s fashion dresses made the wearers enjoy comfort and simplicity in clothing hence most 1940s style summer dresses, were usually casual although very interesting and fashionable. The 1940s summer dresses for women can be attributed to being the most casual in terms of clothing. Everything summer was simple but the various trends were paired together to form the most amazing styles for the season.

What women loved to wear during summer in the 40s were quite fascinating. Without much ado, let’s take a good look at the stylish summer trends for women during the stated period.

  1. 40s T-Shirts

two teenagers with T shirtA comfortable T-shirt seemed to be the favorite trend of the 40s women fashion Tops during summer. The T-shirt trend was loved and efforts were made to make them absolutely lovely. They were usually

well-fitted bodice but they hugged comfortably to the wearers. The necklines of the T-shirts were often made to contrast the main print on the shirt, and the ribbed ringer crew neckline became the most common. As for sleeves, they could either be short-sleeved or long-sleeved. When it was the latter, the women preferred to turn it up for a more stylish look. Polo shirts as T-shirts were fondly called then, came in simple prints and all colors. Striped prints led the way while the frequently used colors included white, red, blue, yellow, beige, and grey. They looked very simple and beautiful and were paired with mostly high waist trousers and shorts. For a more official look, they were tucked into the pants for those who preferred. Knitted cotton materials were the best fabric for them. Summer comfort can still be gotten from this fashionable piece of clothing. Just be sure to pair it rightly.

2.40s Peasant Dress

A RELAXED GirlYou might want to think of how casual the peasant dress style is, but it was a trending summer fashion in the 40s. The decade’s women loved simple A-line silhouettes and fortunately, the peasant dress falls under that category. With simple necklines like round necks, square necks, and collars, the peasant dress was worn as a casual and official outfit. The prints and patterns on the dress made them look so attractive. Sailor buttons down the dress, on the neckline and sleeves, formed perfect detailing on them. Fashionable pockets were placed either at the sides or the front of the dresses making them look stunning. They were paired with simple sandals or heels and a lovely hairstyle.

3.1940s Wrap Dress

4 women with wrap dressWrap dresses also made the 40s summer season colorful. The midi-length dresses featured a wrap at the bodice alongside flared skirts. They were so versatile and served as evening wear or day time wears. Different embroidery determined by the designer made them more beautiful. Ruffles were used at the top of the wrap dresses and other detailing such as belts matched perfectly on the dresses. The women of the 40s loved to rock the style with a headband and socks and that made them appear so unique. A modern-day wrap dress with some other 40s retro features will make you look as beautiful as you wish. Just get a lovely wedge shoe alongside.

Other trends like the casual pants fad for women defined the summer season during the 40s. High waist pants were the most regular and they came in rich colors. The wide-leg pants were also an awesome choice for office wear during summer. Jumpsuits also made the decade chic during the season. They came in different styles and were matched with t-shirts worn inside most times.

The 1940s summer dresses for women were a fashionable vibe. They are a great inspiration for fashion lovers today (especially those who love simple styles). Before the summer season approaches, be sure to have stocked your wardrobe with your favorite 1940s women fashion styles. You’ll be glad you did!

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