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Best Vintage Wedding Dresses for the Beach and No Traditional Samples

1950s Ball Gown Dresses

If you want to design the look of any bride, first choose the wedding dress and then the accessories. This is especially important for retro styles from the 1920s to 1980s fashion, because their styles in the 1920s to 1980s women’s fashion are completely different. Let the material, color, neckline, and details of the clothes guide your overall image. When choosing a vintage wedding dress, the best thing for the environment is to find what is available, not to start from scratch.


The sense of vintage wedding dress

vintage wedding dress

Retro dresses can make a deep impression. However, it takes time to browse through dress racks in vintage shops and to choose diamonds among rough diamonds. First, define the contour: streamline petticoat, full skirt, train, etc. Once you know the shape you are looking for, you can easily determine the appropriate era. For example, the streamlined tea-length looks very similar to the 1920s, while the tight corsets and long skirts are from the late 1950s.


samples of No traditional vintage wedding dress and corresponding  stores

Naked Bride – Amanda Garrett (Amanda Garrett) Fashion Wedding Dress1.Naked Bride – Amanda Garrett (Amanda Garrett) Fashion Wedding Dress

This Sydney bridal studio sells beloved designers, designer samples, and a selection of vintage dresses.

2. Oxfam UK – Donerica vintage dress

Oxfam stores are well known among fashion fans as a place to snap up bargains, including wedding dresses. Their online store offers a variety of vintage dresses in various shapes, sizes, and eras.

3.Etsy – Tulip wedding dress

The great antique shop displays its best clothing in Etsy. Stores like Vivian Elise Vintage in Maryland, USA are dedicated to restoring beautiful clothes to their former glory. This extremely simple evening dress from the 1970s will be the ideal lightweight dress for a summer wedding.


samples of the wedding dress of particular eras

1920s women's FashionA hanging waist wedding dress from the 1920s. Wedding dresses can usually determine the theme of the entire wedding, so low-waist 1920s wedding dresses belonging to family members can be provided. Wedding dresses in the 1920s were usually very loose ankle or knee-length dresses with delicate cap sleeves. Some have exquisite beadwork, while others are very simple and straightforward.

Smooth, full-length, diagonally cut silk wedding dresses were popular in the 1930s. Because the bride is still a child, a special style of wedding dress may attract the bride, the simple sweetheart neckline satin wedding dress from the 1930s was popular, too. In the 1930s, no one could influence fashion more than Hollywood. The celebrities promoted slim-fitting satin dresses, shiny accessories, and feather and rhinestone hair accessories. These styles became wedding dresses. In fact, slim-fitting silk satin wedding dresses were all the rage in the 1930s, but due to their moderate prices, most brides in that era usually chose rayon fabrics instead of silk.

Long and shiny rayon robe, broad shoulders, and slender waist became the most popular wedding dress in the 1940s. In this decade, rayon replaced silk because silk was needed to construct parachutes and other war materials for World War II.

1950s Ball Gown DressesIn the 1950s, full skirt wedding dresses with belts were popular. The tea-length short wedding dress, flowing skirt, wasp waist, and sweetheart neckline were the most popular wedding dresses in the 1950s. Unlike the 1940s, brides are not afraid to use a lot of luxurious fabrics. Full skirts, lace, and silk wedding dresses are all trends.

In the 1960s, psychedelic prints on man-made fibers were considered fashionables, such as polyester fibers, mini skirts, and round Peter Pan collar shirts, and imperial short-sleeved wedding dresses. Wedding dresses in the 1960s came in many shapes and styles. From ultra-short mini wedding dresses to psychedelic angel dresses, to conservative wool suits and traditional dresses, brides have many choices.

1970s-the era of puffy sleeves for old wedding style vintage wedding dress, the elements including the short skirt, satin material, introduced pearls, beads and nylon, high neckline, puffy sleeves, the smallest jewelry, long veil.

Beginning in the 1980s, tight-fitting suits with gold-plated buttons, wide shoulders, and waist, were also popular on sequins, beads, and studs in the 80s.


samples for the no traditional wedding dresses of celebrities

  1. Jacqueline Kennedy

1950s Ball Gown DressesFirst lady Jacqueline Bouvier married John F. Kennedy in a fluffy ball gown in 1953. New York-based designer Ann Lowe uses nearly 50 feet of ivory silk to make taffeta. Jackie’s beautiful wedding dress was full of sensuality: her dress was draped with wax flowers, sewn in the seams, and the veil was passed on to her by her grandmother.

  1. Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly’s satin and lace gown made by MGM’s wardrobe department is considered one of the most beautiful weddings dresses ever. This evening dress is composed of rose lace details, seed pearl ornaments, fitted long-sleeved corset, and flared skirt. It is carefully designed and divided into four parts.

  1. Audrey Hepburn

Although she may be famous for the bat-neck wedding dress in the movie “Funny Face”, Hepburn’s private wedding dress is equally beautiful. The tea-length piece designed by Pierre Balmain has a high collar and sleeves of a ball gown and is paired with classic elbow white gloves.

  1. Rocky Barnes

Fashion blogger Rocky Barnes shook the petal mini dress on a special day, proving that he was in the right industry. This light ensemble is the work of Pronovias and includes a high neckline and transparent applique long sleeves. Feathers on the trim of the mini dress highlight the stylish design.

  1. Diana

1980s dressThe bride wore an ivory silk taffeta 1980s vintage wedding dress designed by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel. The dress was worth £151,000 at the time and was decorated with lace, sequins, hand embroidery, and 10,000 pearls. It had a 25-foot train and was the longest train in the history of the royal wedding.

  1. Princess Anne

Princess Anne’s Tudor 1970s wedding dress is made by Maureen Baker, the chief designer of Susan Small, featuring a high neck and medieval-inspired bell sleeves.

  1. Bianca Jagger

The bride decided not to wear a traditional 1970s wedding dress but chose a white skirt suit by Yves Saint Laurent. The designer originally made a shirt for Bianca, which can be worn under the jacket, but because she was four months pregnant it was inappropriate, so she didn’t wear any clothes underneath. She wore a wide-brimmed hat to let the Riviera’s sunshine directly.

  1. Princess Margaret

Ball Gown DressesThe bride wore a silk organza 1960s wedding dress customized by Norman Hartnell, the designer behind the Queen Elizabeth dress. The designer used more than 30 meters of fabric to make the dress. This dress wears a Poltimore headdress and a full cathedral veil.

  1. Marilyn Monroe

The new Hollywood star wore a black 1950s wedding dress and white fur collar at the second wedding and held a bunch of white orchids.

  1. Elizabeth Taylor

The bride wore a Helen Rose (Helen Rose) gown, a GMG costume designer who designed Grace Kelly’s wedding dress. This 1950s wedding dress is strikingly similar to the one worn by Taylor in “The Father of the Bride”, and the dress was also created by Rose.

  1. Queen Elizabeth II

Ball Gown DressesQueen Ma Xia is famous for saving ration cards to purchase the materials needed for her 1940s wedding dress. The dress is made of ivory duchess satin and is decorated with 10,000 imported white pearls, silver thread, and tulle embroidery. Her bridal ensemble also includes a 15-foot-long patterned full train, attached to the shoulders, and a silk tulle veil, with a fringed headpiece of Queen Mary lent to the princess by her mother.

  1. Wallis Simpson

Edward VIII abdicated in December 1936 to marry Wallis Simpson at Châteaude Candé in France in 1937. The bride wore a light blue wedding dress with buttons on the waist and a Cartier brooch around her neck, like a halo hat.


samples of LONG SLEEVE no traditional WEDDING DRESSES: suits for the beach 

  1. Stretch Mikado Pleated Trumpet Gown

Ball Gown DressesThis is a perfect example of a vintage long sleeve wedding dress. Feel the elegance in this gown with its off the shoulder neckline, asymmetrical pleating on the bodice, and trumpet detail on the skirt. The stretch Mikado fabric will have you dancing the night away.

  1. Allover Lace Trumpet Gown with Detachable Long Sleeve Jacket

It is a timeless Alencon lace small wedding dress. With matching long-sleeved lace jackets to expose the shoulders, the sweetheart neckline can be turned into a long-sleeved retro wedding dress in a short time.

  1. Long-Sleeve Crepe Gown with Cowl Back

A lovely retro long sleeve wedding dress. The crepe corset is matched with a flowing chiffon skirt, and the waist is decorated with beads. The surprisingly beaded bodice details on the front and back together create this charming look. This dress is a perfect combination of clean, modern, and timeless.

  1. Allover Lace Illusion Long Sleeve Fit and Flare Gown

Ball Gown DressesIts full lace long sleeves and fitted flared profile will make you fall in love with it. Retro-style lace is dotted with an illusion bodice, if you want, you can also line it, and then drop it into a beautiful skirt with a tulle silk scarf. The button closure starts from the back neckline and extends to the bottom of the zipper, making this vintage lace wedding dress look elegant and fashionable.

From the above varieties of examples, the vintage wedding dress which suits you will be selected. No matter what vintage style you want, you will always find the satisfied one in your vintage theme wedding. If not, you can read more on our website:

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