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3 Classic 60s Short Hairstyles for Vintage Lovers

Short Hair

The newfound love for chopped manes proceeded well into the 1960s, and the hairstylists and celebrities continued to turn up with glamorous, unique hairdos throughout the decade. The highlights of the 1950s fashion, namely the bangs and bobbed cut, pressed on with peculiar ingenuity and variation.

Some of the best, reproducible vintage hairstyles for Women from the 60s, specifically for short hair, are as following:

  1. Pixie Crop

Pixie CropAudrey’s pixie with a bang was, needless to say, thoroughly loved. The pixie style progressed to the next decade and remains one of the classic vintage looks. With the years passing by, the improvisation of the pixie look improved; now feel free to wear it in two, retro-inspired ways. Comb your thick bangs to one side and let the rest of the hair to taper down to the ears in a modern, tousled look. Or you can make a full side part, tuck the pixie ends behind the ear, and put on the hairspray to temper the sticky hair.

Both of these 1960s pixie hairstyles bring a sleek, sexy, and stylish look with the perfect amount of vintage vibe.

  1. Bobbed Cut

a nice Bobbed CutIf you have chin-length hair, you are all ready for the bobbed hairdos that prevailed extensively in the 1960s. The layered bob cut or the one with the super-straight bangs are some of the famous bob vintage hairstyles.

  • Ruffled bobbed cut, with layers to add on the modern appeal, is one way to go about it.
  • Straightened with an iron-straightener, to bring about spiky, sleek ends down to the chin with brow-length combed bangs are another, the in-vogue hairstyle that effortlessly makes you look chic and young.
  • If you have a retro party to attend, you may need the help of rollers to put in the vintage glam. Roll the ends outward, blow-dry the hair of the crown and side-sweep the bangs.
  • You may also turn up with a polka-dot headband securing the bangs neatly to one side and invoking the pretty school-girl vibe.
  • The voluminous bob-style; straight, waved, or ruffled with a clip to keep hair to one side has always been a popular yet stylish bob hairdo.
  • You may replicate Marilyn Monroe hairstyle which employed pretty, thick waves of the longer locks, with the front hair side-parted and curled distinctly. Lots of sprays to keep it up and fixed.


  1. Retro-style Waves

Three happy womenWomen in the 1960s crawled out of their craze for curls and reveled in straighter hair chopped to their chins. Nonetheless, the few of the wavy hairstyles for short hair included making a featured victory roll on the side front, and curling the remaining ends loosely. The hair spray was mandatory to keep the puff and the ringlet, up in their place.

You may also employ the all-rounder curvy hairstyle. Simply put a roller to every one-inch of your hair, and let them fall on their own. Run your fingers or loosely combs the curls to slacken the rolls such that appear sensually ruffled and voluminous. Comb the front curls up and about tightly, and put on a copious amount of hairspray to anchor the flyaway front lock. This flirty hairstyle is effectively vintage and wearable on any occasion.

Moving into the 1960s, the hairstyles slackened in their primness and delighted in frank, sultry and exotic looks that required minimal styling. The formal styles differed marginally with the informal ones – women enjoyed flirting with their hair at the social gatherings while simultaneously had fun going tidy, demurred, and sleek at the ceremonies. From neatly combed bobs to rugged, coy hairdos, the 1960s style had it all!

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