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60s Hairstyles For Women’s Long Hair To Look Iconic

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Although bobbed hairstyle and the cropped, pixie look was the notorious hairdo of the 1960s, women who preferred keeping long manes went ahead to embrace sensuality. The popular hairstyles for long hair were voluminous, kept a tousled look, and touted provocativeness. Women had almost broken out of their demure little cage from the 20s and they began to actively revel in the dolled eyelashes and flicked eyeliners.

From cosmetics to hairstyling, the 1960s was an era that brought about some gutsy modifications to the original fashion. Let us have a look at some of the captivating hairstyles for long hair that you can go with to project the modern slash vintage vibe, inspired by the 1960s.


  1. Bombshell

a woman with BombshellModels and actresses continuously kept on challenging the norms of that era, and the Bombshell hairstyle hit like a strong gale of wind. There is really nothing to this hairdo, except for invoking a copious amount of exotic beauty. Blow-dry the length of your hair, allow the locks to spread on your chest – additionally swell the crown hair with a back-combing and hair spray, and keep them subtly unkempt. This hairstyle is wearable on any occasion.


 2.Audrey’s Messy Bun

Audrey’s breakfastAudrey ruled in her time with her outfits and hairstyles, and we cannot overlook the iconic messy bun from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. If you have the fringed front cutting, it’s even better. Collect the length of your hair up on the crown of your head and make a high ponytail. Now bring together the tail into a bun and secure with pins. Tug at it randomly to bring the messy look about, and you’re going to channel a modern Audrey every so effortlessly.

  1. Half-up Hairstyle

Half-up HairstyleThe half-up and half-down hairdo were enthusiastically received by the femme. It evoked fragility, submissiveness, and grace all together; today, you can either glam it up with the back-combed top of the head, and sultry waves or project a tousled image with loose curls and ruffled head – all pinned up to the half of the scalp.


  1. Bangs

bangsBangs were the vogue haircut for everyone from the 50s, and the women loved recreating new and hip hairstyles with their baby bangs. There are tons of hairstyles employing the bangs in a better, more stylish look that it needs a subcategory. Women in the 60s who had long hair decided to let go of the neatly sprayed curls and victory rolls to burst out in a more elemental style.

  • Side-Swept Bangs

The famous side-swept bang hairstyle features soft curls and a bit of back-combing to give volume and height to the crown hair. Comb your bangs completely to one side, and put on a curler on the length of your hair. At the crown, back-comb the hair to add on the volume, and there you go – all ready and exotic for the costume party!

  • Straight Hair Bangs

straight hairAnother popular iconic style from the 60s was super straightened hair. Blow-dry your hair to puff up the volume and add some shine. Run an iron straightener through the length of your hair and the bangs, straightening them to smooth ends.

  • Wispy Bangs

Requiring minimal styling, the wispy bangs are a wing of the 60s classic bang hairstyles. Primitive, natural, and with nominal effort, simply let loose your hair and your bangs in a French aesthetic look.

Bold, brazen, exotic, and beauty defined the 1960s women’s fashion era in terms of hairstyles. Emerging from the mainstream rolled up hair, the fashion of wearing it down frank and blunt was more the idea that prevailed. If you wish to project the 1960s style, have a go at keeping it loose, and trimming the front into baby bangs.

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