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80’s Fashion for Girls: Colorful Outfit for 80s Party

80's Fashion for Girls

The 1980s were defined by some rather bold trends. Colors, prints and silhouettes-not to mention hair and makeup-all embody more ideas. But whether you like it or not, the era of fashion polarization is back. The colorful style was the main feature of 1980s women’s fashion, which can illustrated by some colorful elements in 1980s style accessories. Naturally, the girls’ clothes were affected deeply in this feature, especially in an 80s party.


The colorful style of 1980s clothes

As fashion drifted away from the bright disco colors of the 1970s, clothing in the early 1980s tended to be more simple, practical and soft. The palette is composed of earthy colors with shades of brown, tan and orange. By the mid-1980s, fashion began to shift towards striking looks with bright colors, big shoulders and bold jewelry.

The colorful style of 1980s clothes


The colorful elements in 1980s women’s fashion

  1. Neon Color

1980s Neon ColorThe 1980s fashion were famous for their colorful clothes. Nothing is more colorful than neon lights. In the past, the most popular shades were similar to highlighters-bright yellow, orange, green and pink. Fashionable people will wear matching sportswear or coordinate neon tops and bottoms. If you just want to use soft colors, why do you want to be bold? It doesn’t make any sense. This is why neon colors were everywhere in the 1980s. In addition, during black skating, neon lights did suddenly appear on the rink.


  1. Scrunchie

The headband is a favorite hair accessory for women and girls in the 1980s. They have gained such widespread popularity that there are thousands of colors and materials to choose from. Although they are prepared for hair, they are more of an accessory to the body. When the girl does not wear hair, the girl will wear a few on the wrist, stacking them like colorful bracelets.

1980s Scrunchie

  1. Bold Prints

1980s Bold PrintsIn the 1980s, people were free to wear bold colors and mix and match prints. Usually, the pattern includes neat decals and patterns. Everything is time! In the next few decades, although the simpler tones were maintained, we saw a new round of bold prints, and the mix of patterns became popular again.

  1. Power Suits

In the 1980s, more women entered the workforce than ever before. It is not just a secretary or assistant position. When women work on boards and offices, they have been promoted to important positions in the corporate world. What follows is the need for powerful suits suitable for women’s style. Bold colors and sturdy shoulders help women show their bosses to everyone. Today, by embracing traditional feminine trends (such as flowers, pink and curvaceous suits), an equally powerful statement is made.

  1. Sequin

If you set foot in a dance club in the 1980s, you would have witnessed a sea of long hair and sequins. The sequins cover almost every special event dress from the bridesmaids to the aisles to the celebrities on the red carpet.

1980s Sequin

  1. Colorful Eye Makeup

1980s Colorful Eye MakeupWhen I remember makeup in the 1980s, the first thing that comes to mind is blue eyeshadow. The eye makeup of the 80s is colorful, full and bold. In the past ten years, despite the harsher full-face trend that has always existed, color trends still appear this year. To try colorful makeup trends, take steps with blue mascara, coral lipstick or blue-green eyeliner.

  1. Fishnet

Fishnet tights, shirts and stockings were all the rage in the 1980s. The pop star wore fishnet tights under torn jeans and fishnet gloves on the red carpet. Now, the fishing net is back, as popular as ever. If you want to adapt to the trend of the 1980s, try a wide and thick fishnet in neon color.


The 1980s colourful outfit of girls for an 80s party

The theme parties are fun. Girls may find themselves invited to a party with in the 80s but don’t know what to wear for the party. Use these girls outfit in 1980s to reproduce the fun and fashionable look, which can help you adapt and even become a party topic! Bold prints, big shirts and irregular pints suit jackets. If you are a kid in the 80s (or must wear clothes), these fashion essentials are likely to be very popular.

1980s The 1980s colourful outfit of girls for an 80s party


1980 to 1989 Girls’ Wear

In the 1980s, there were several trends in children’s fashion. Matching is very common. Children’s popular clothes are matched with matching shorts, polo shirts and socks, all styles or colors are the same. Stripes are also popular among children and teenagers. Stripes are particularly popular on T-shirts and skirts, and thick or thin varieties can be found in vertical or horizontal directions. Multicolor striped clothing also appeared in the 1980s.

1980 girl clothes1980: Girls can wear round skirts, velvet sweatshirts, stitched vest suits, corduroy suspenders jeans and printed tops, work clothes, Wester style corduroy vests, velvet dresses and novel woolen top suits.

1981: This year’s girls are wearing pleated round skirts, western denim and tops, colorful corduroy overalls, ruffled bib dresses and classic suit jackets.

1982: Coordinating pleated skirts and sweaters are popular among girls, sweaters and tops with interesting prints and ruffles, cropped velvet pants, corduroy cardigans and soft knitted short-leg overalls.

1980s girl fashion1983: Folded peasant blouses, overalls with lace and ruffles, bow tops, monogram sweaters, tuxedo-style corduroy pants and suspenders are all popular clothing for girls.

1984: This year’s most popular girls’ clothes include suspenders, two-piece sweater and pleated skirt suits, front collar sweaters, loose corduroy jeans, jacquard vests, printed tops, pleated front pants, and rounds with ruffle details. Skirt and layered fleece skirt with ruffles matching pullover.

1985: Soft corduroy pants, printed bottoms, well-designed sweaters, pants made of colored wool, printed pleated front pants, sweaters with eye-catching collars and bright accessories, eye-catching mixed printed clothing, oversized tops and Examples of girl clothes worn by high waist pants this year.

1980s girl1986: The girl is wearing a soft colorful acrylic knitted pullover, skirt, horse pants and top with ruffles, knitted jumpsuit, silk-screen printed top, sweater dress and leggings, bright printed oversized shirt and High-waisted pants with a belt, and a floral print shoulder blazer.

1987: Girls’ clothing generally consisted of cuffed bottom pants, ribbed knitted sweaters, printed polar fleece sweaters, striped shirts, lace leggings, side-length tailored tops, denim splits, yarn-dyed sweaters and loose corduroy pants .

1980s fashionLarge earrings are common among young women and teenagers, and this affects young girls who are allowed to pierce their ears and wear flashy earrings. Large earrings or large hanging plastic items are especially popular, and children often match them with the color of shirts or shoes. In the late 1980s, young people began to wear earrings for the first time in mainstream American culture. Under the enthusiastic pursuit of singer Madonna, jelly bracelets made of plastic and rubber are also popular among children and teenagers.

1988: This year’s popular girl clothes include brightly colored and interesting leggings, sweatshirts and skirts, suspenders tops, dropwaist dresses, decorative waist trousers, long skirts, oversized tops, and soft sweaters and skirts.

1989: Crazy floral printed polar fleece cardigan, acid washed denim jacket, pants and skirt, turtleneck sweater with simulated vest, elastic waist pants, hanging skirt, tent top, round neck top, denim with pleat pl front and key pockets Jeans and tank tops are popular girls’ clothing this year.

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