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Retro Wedding Dress, Hairstyle and Accessories for a Vintage Wedding

1920s Fashion

How do you make a vintage style wedding? A sweet old-fashioned celebration is composed of small elements and details that will surprise your guests, including clothing, transportation, and decoration accessories from the 1920s to 1970s style. These elements especially 1920s fashion accessories will be introduced, and an example of a vintage country wedding will be demonstrated to be a guide.


Clothing and bouquet: Being a vintage bride

1920s FashionLace wedding dress exudes retro charm. With Juliet’s headdress popular in 1920s fashion, it brings you a modern feel. And, weaving a retro-style hair comb by rolling up. You know you need some old things, some new things, some borrowed things, and some blue things…but don’t forget the end of the rhyme: “She has six pennies in her shoes.” The British currency was last minted in 1970, so your best option is to order one online.

You can’t go wrong with classic roses and peonies. The cascading green plants add a retro atmosphere. Emphasize fabric flower bouquets with pearls and antique brooches. Use heirloom brooches with fresh garden bouquets. Attach a cameo to the bouquet.


Ceremony: Having a romantic vintage wedding

1920s FashionRemind you of ancient scrolls and autograph your vows to runners in the aisle. Decorate the ceremony space with vintage lanterns surrounded by hydrangeas and roses. Use old-fashioned urns and classic pillars to display hydrangea and roses. The person wearing the ring cap is wearing a newsboy cap, and a pinpoint sign is placed under the aisle.


Transport: Making old fashioned wedding grand

The Gatsby style car is back to the 1920s. Ride a classic Ford Thunderbird. Get away from your ritual on the old-fashioned Vespa.

1920s Fashion


Photography inspiration: Vintage photography ideas for the forever memory

Toss a few (plastic!) records to make interesting photos. Lace umbrellas are very suitable for making exquisite retro photography props. Enjoy a retro-style picnic with your lover. Add some antiques you like to your photos.

vintage wedding


Cake: Vintage accessories creating a nice cake 

Decorate the cake with pearls, flowers, and flounces. Fabric roses decorated with jewels and brown paper add a vintage touch to this classic cake.

1920s Fashion

Accessories: styling a vintage wedding reception


vintage weddingUse different tones and texture arrangements to create a unique table core, combine them to create a rich style tapestry. Ideas include flowers, candles, antique books, beautiful lanterns, or elegant teacups… the list is still there! Use your creativity to make these core accessories the personality of a couple.


Hold old-fashioned celebrations and pray for simple and elegant blooms. Bunches of lavender, rose garden, hydrangea, and baby breath are just some blooming flowers scattered throughout the reception area.

Location settings

The charm of the retro theme is that it gives you the opportunity to experiment with various colors and patterns. Metallic or soft tones keep the color light and elegant, maintaining a classic look. If you are looking for a retro decadent, please add some classic floral patterns to your bet.

Happy snapshot

wedding fashionWithout some unforgettable family time, any old-fashioned wedding will not be completed. Incorporate some family photos into your life and take the retro theme to a whole new level. Photos are a great topic to make your loved ones feel like they are the most special part of the day.


The bunting cloth adds a simple, effective, and cheap function to your cocktail party. Very suitable for your retro theme. This is also a great way to get colors, textures, and shapes and incorporate them into decorations. If you want to become a DIY queen yourself, please try to use our guide to make your own bunting!

Guest Book

Guest BookIt is great to have a wedding souvenir to save your wonderful wedding memories. There is a rustic box for messages, a Polaroid message book, a canvas for guests to sign, or a retro-style book for guests to leave messages of love.


Decorate the chairs with lace, decorative fabrics, or feathers to add depth and detail to space. You can even mix and match reception chairs to add more fun and rustic touch to the celebration.


vintage weddingConsecrate candles, classic candlesticks, or antique lanterns to create an atmosphere and romantic atmosphere. The soft and kind light will bring a beautiful retro feel to your day and leave a memorable and charming look for your guests!


When designing a vintage wedding, lace is a must. As there are many different lace patterns and fabrics to choose from, the range of choices is really endless. Whether you hang it on furniture, weave it on a garland or use it as a table runner, it will bring a very luxurious and romantic feeling to your day.


Feathers are a true tribute to Gatsby, feathers are gorgeous and playful styling choices. Whether it’s in your core, wreath or flower arrangement.

1920s Fashion


Full of love, bringing a classic feel to your special day. Signs can contain gorgeous quotation marks to provide information to guests or just to welcome guests. No matter what they say, they can create outstanding personal style through exquisite style.

Wine barrel

1920s FashionThe bucket can be used as a lovely way to display exquisite desserts, or as a table where guests stand or place other decorations. These rich wood tones bring an elegant and retro feel to any wedding, especially when working outdoors or in a bright green environment.

Fairy lights

Who can resist adding more flashes to the wedding? Fairy-tale lighting has always been a popular decoration choice, and its stunning features will bring a romantic atmosphere and retro feel to your day. Not to mention that the ways to display these are almost endless!

Example: what a retro country wedding should look like

1920s FashionIf you want to have a rustic wedding with a touch of vintage, you are suggested to learn a real vintage wedding. Some points should be mentioned: the details and colors should make it look more charming! Then the aisles are decorated with brightly colored dandelions and wheat, and rustic and retro styles are not to be missed at the ceremony. The details and themes are perfectly integrated into the rhythm.

Step 1-Choose your venue

1920s weddingThe more existing venue decorations make people like your appearance, the less decoration you will bring in. The less decoration you bring in, the more time and money you save. When the existing venue decoration is close to the decoration you have already thought of, there will be more time and money left, and you will be able to play with smaller and more interesting details. Set the initial atmosphere correctly, then play with the details! If you find a space you like, but they did not attend the wedding or at least did not advertise, please ask.

Step 2-Choose your vintage wedding color

1920s FashionJust remember the basic principle of choosing two focal colors and a neutral color to “change” the base color, and you’re half done. What if you are completely stuck? If you don’t know what you like or where to start, please use the wedding planning tool for me. Take a look at the tones of the focal color-are they bright, soft, or soft, based on gray colors? Maybe they are just one color or different shades of Ombre? When paired with or “grounded” with neutral colors such as cream or latte, the gradient palette looks stunning.

Step 3-Create an inspiration board

1920s FashionAs you collect more and more images for the inspiration board, you may begin to notice the emergence of a style or a specific era. Maybe you will be attracted by rustic charm weddings or DIY, cunning weddings with lots of eclectic decorations. Looking at the images you have collected will tell you a lot about the appearance of the wedding. Once you have the first draft of the inspiration board, you can start to modify its shape and focus on the look you really want through the editing board.


Step 4-Choose your decoration items

Now, if you use this simple technique, it doesn’t sound as daunting as it sounds. The decoration items are divided into four main groups:

1) Paper kit

1920s weddingThis includes your “save date”, “invitation letter”, “accompaniment card”, “seat card”, seat map, label, etc. The choice you make for the paper suite will give your guests a taste of the wedding’s expectations and set the tone for the wedding. The rest of the design. Choosing a rustic retro design can enhance the appearance of the wedding and point out a clear direction for decoration and color.

2) Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements in old-fashioned wedding design, and if executed carefully, it can save you time and money. Think of the warm glowing lanterns strung above your reception space… you don’t need a lot of other decorative items because the light will be the focus.

Step 5-Decorate the tracking table

vintage-weddingThe secret to tracking the smallest details of purchases and purchase decorations is to use a tracking table. So easy to use, as long as it only takes a few minutes to update every day, you can easily track all sources, delivery times, and costs.

Setting up a worksheet on Google Drive {was once Google Docs, but still works the same way} means you can access the “Decoration Tracking Sheet” from anywhere, and you can share it with anyone who likes bridesmaids and moms. There is another column to provide ideas and comments, and then, if your BFF finds the perfect ribbon stick, she can record a comment in your tracking form… easy!

When I plan a wedding for a cute retro bride, I use a “decoration tracking table”, if not, it’s like a blueprint for my plan. I track all aspects from the location, cost, delivery cost, delivery time, etc. of the found item. I also found it really helpful to paste the image into the worksheet to recall my memory.

Step 6-Really interesting things-what to wear!

1920s FashionLeave yourself plenty of time and headspace to find dresses and bridesmaid costumes, don’t forget the groom and the boy! No matter what decision you make, remember that your dress will be the focal point, so make sure it is in harmony with the rest of your wedding look.

If you want to learn more about a vintage style wedding such as vintage wedding dresses and vintage wedding hairstyles, then don’t hesitate to read here: https://www.vintage-retro.com/tag/wedding-dresses-for-women/

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