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Roaring 20s Summer Dress- Create Flapper Fashion

The 1920s summer dresses for women were simple but fashionable and of high quality. The roaring 20s summer dresses had covered every occasion from informal casual dresses to semi-formal and formal event dresses. Different age grades of women preferred different styles. While older women wanted to go all modest with high necklines and long sleeves, the younger ladies preferred drop-waist dresses and body hugs.

One trend that was common in the 1920s women fashion was the white dress trend. White was a well-accepted trend by every woman during summer. Midi length was also the regular lengths of summer dresses during the 1920s. With elegant dresses of the season, the women always looked stylish and bright. A lot of other fashion trends were spotted during the 20s summer period.  Below, we take a look at the best trends of the roaring 1920s summer dresses for women.

  1. 1920s Necklines

The necklines of the 20s summer dresses made them so unique. The boat neck was a common neckline style on dresses. Also called bateau, they made dresses look so beautiful. It was easy to wear and was a modest style. The round necks were also popular on the summer dresses for women. They were usually made very wide to be able to pass through the head. Since the round necks enabled easy wearing of dresses, they replaced fasteners on the women dresses. The square sailor neck which usually had bow ties attached also had its turn. Another neckline that made the summer dresses effortlessly beautiful during the era was the deep V-neck. Collars were also trendy during the period with large round collars and peter pan collars being very common. In all, modesty was a priority.

  1. 1920s Sleeves

Beautiful sleeve styles also defined the feminine summer dresses of the 1920s. Short sleeves seemed most comfortable for the season hence, they were the most common. Cap sleeves were very popular. They made the dresses look so simple but gorgeous. For those who were lovers of long sleeves, the bishop sleeves were the regular trend. The sleeve had gathers at the shoulders and the wrist. Another was the bell sleeve. They were bell-shaped and felt very comfortable. They varied in length and the shorter it was the more suitable it was for the summer season. These summer dress sleeves of the 1920s have defined fashion dresses for decades after and still do today.

  1. 1920s Details

The major characteristic of a 1920s summer women dress was simplicity and the trending details suited this feature. Ruffles were commonly used and on the bodice of dresses. Sophisticated embroidery works on different parts of the dresses such as skirts, collars and bodice made those summer dresses stunning. Bold flowery designs were also used to beautify the clothing and made them look so feminine. Draping also made those summer outfits lovely. They were used majorly on skirts and gave the skirts an elongated length. Smocking was another awesome detailing. It was done majorly on the bodice of majorly party dresses. These detailing were seen mostly on evening event dresses and were indeed amazing while they were modest.

  1. 1920s Fabrics

Lots of fabrics were used during the 20s for the summer dresses for women. The fabrics used were the determining factor as to what dress was a day dress or an evening dress.  Casual dresses were made of mostly cotton. Other fabrics used were wool, linen, jersey, checks, taffeta, velvet and organdy. The lighter fabrics made the day wears while the more expensive and weightier fabrics were used for the evening wears. The fabrics were delicate and very much suitable for the styles that were trending at that time. The fabrics also came in really beautiful colors. White was the most popular summer dress color, especially for evening events. Other colors were also used. Stunning prints also beautified the fabrics. Floral prints, polka dots, geometric prints, and many more were frequently used. Summer dresses of the 20s were incredible with these fabrics.

The 1920s summer dresses for women had simple and modest but wow trends! The stylish nature of the dresses alongside their details has made them unforgettable in the fashion market. These dresses serve as perfect vintage outfits for the summer season and are very much available in vintage shops. You may be interested in just a particular feature of the 20s summer dresses or in getting a full piece of the decade. Just be sure to step up your summer look with a 20s summer dress style.

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