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1970s Hairstyles for Short Hair for Men: How to Do 70s Popular Hairstyles

1970s Hairstyles for Short Hair for Men

In the 1970s fashion, the masculine appearance was influenced by the uprising trends of musicians, actors, and sportsmen. The Beetles, Elvis Presley, Desmond Decker, Punk, John Travolta, Clint Eastwood, David Cassidy, Paul Newman, Mark Spitz, George Best, among others were all pioneers of male hair and fashion. The society also played a role in the hair choices of men, with the circumstances prevailing in the 70s like political movements, the hair products available, and the overall individual creativity and choice of a man.

The hippie culture of the 1960s fashion-led a lot of men to grow out their hairs, this culture was then marked as a bad boy choice, so in the 70s, it had its downsides.

Short hairstyles worn by men were:

short haired wigs

Short-haired wigs

70s men hairShort-haired wigs for men became a need in the 70s. After a lot of men grew out their hairs in the 60s, some institutions like banks and courts considered long hairs to be indecent, so they enforced short hair rules. In order to keep their jobs, men with long hairs who were not willing to cut them resulted in using wigs.

Man Perm

Mike Brandy from the Brandy Bunch TV series in the 70s made the perm a sought after hairstyle for men. It became so popular that stars like Al Pacino and Dustin Hoffman had to give it a go.

Classic short hair

With the need for decency in the workplace, most wall street businessmen still sported classical short hairs. Although variations like the shaggy cut and geometrical cut still existed, stars like Rudeboy and Skinheads kept the short hair in trend.

Rudeboy and Skinheads

Greaser haircut

This was a tidy brushed back professional short hairstyle. It had an oily appearance and was smooth and clean cut. Water-based products were used alternatively when oil products were not a preference.

1970s men hair

Popular Male Hairstyles

Other popular male hairstyles of the 1970s were:

The Mullet

Like David Bowie’s in the 70s, the classic mullet was short and shaggy in front and long at the back.


Letting nature do its thing with the natural dreads brought in through the reggae culture from Bob Marley in the 70s. It is a long process to attain but in its completed form, it has a lot of benefits and ease.


Classic Long Hair

Ditching the pomade and gels, and letting your hair grow as nature intended, whether it grew straight or curly, it had its own natural style.

Medium Shoulder Length Hair

The Beatles were at the forefront of the 70s shoulder-length hair trend which began in the 60s but continued making waves in the 70s.

The full afro

This was more of a political statement. The Afro is prominent with men of African descent and letting it grow out in full with the right hair products symbolized black pride.

Shag haircuts

Men often left their hairs free and shaggy. This style was effortless and was perfect on medium length hair as it fell around and even below the ears.

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