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5 Best Vintage Summer Dresses

Summer Dresses for Women

Summer Dresses for WomenSummers are here and your love for the JazzAge does not have to quell. In this article, we will discuss the 5 best summer vintage dresses, dainty and delicate, that you can adorn your wardrobe with. These are midi frocks to frilly dresses and everyday outfits, in cool colors and tranquil prints to make your summers as breezy and light as the unpolluted era of the 1900s.

1. Antique Ivory Embroidered Midi Dress 

5 Best Vintage Summer DressesModestly white with round collar, this midi dress is breezy to wear and effortlessly brings a divine semblance. The long sleeves lovingly complement the virginity of this dress, and the antique ivory sheer floral embroidery and the flattering godets through the skirt add to the subtle intricacy of the vintage dress. The waist is cinched with a matching belt, which hugs to the curves. This vintage-summer dress is all you would need to go to your best friend’s wedding without fretting too much on the other must-haves. The sleek design and cut are quite sufficient for turning heads!

2. 1960s Tunic Dress

5 Best Vintage Summer DressesInspired by the 1960s summer dress, you will absolutely love yourself in this tunic dress with geometric embroidered pattern. It is modest enough with a square collar, pleather-over-velvet material, and the button details and has a knee-above hemline to keep you ventilated in the sunny season. Pretty on the eyes, easy on the body, and with a flirtatious flare, this retro-tunic dress is simply one of the vintage-best.

3. Delores Fit & Flare Dress

5 Best Vintage Summer DressesIt fits snuggly at the waist, accentuates the figure, and flares down to the knees. Delores dresses were extremely popular in the 1950s, and even more so today, for their subdued, conventional design added with a provocative touch. This vintage-summer dress is perfect for any gathering whatsoever – the low neckline hints at the cleavage while leaving most to the imagination, the vintage-modesty gushes with the elbow-up length of sleeves and knee-length skirt. Available in multiple colors, it enjoys minimal, offbeat print of watermelons that directly connotes to the summer season. From an expert opinion, this Delores Fit & flare dress is a must-have for summers.

4. 50s Strawberry Print Swing Dress

Summer Dresses for WomenFeel like a baby in the hot summers with one of these swing dresses which are perfect for a strenuous day out in the sun. The fabric fits and feels soft stretched against the skin, while the skirt length overall is a plus for keeping one cool and chic. Another highlight from the 1950s, the lovely dress with a square collar, strawberry prints, and buttoned-down top, might involve a modern improvisation, but they famously go back into the vintage era. This dress requires minimal effort – don them in half a minute, put on a pair of sandals, and you’re ready for your summer date.

5. Plus Size Floral Maxi Dress 

Summer Dresses for WomenThe 70s summer fashion brought maxi dresses to the front. These have long, billowing skirts that reach down to the ankles, slight cinch at the waist and modest, long sleeves with a V-neckline. Slack, beautiful, and extremely feminine, the Maxi Dresses in florals are an interesting collection with an elegant silhouette. These can be worn at home, at meet-ups, and even at formal sittings with the right accessories and shoes. Keep your makeup minimal because the Maxi Dress is enough to channel your vintage vibe!

The vintage element has become quite the novelty since the last few decades, and men and women are now huddling to bring something vintage to their wardrobe. Amongst piles of vintage summer dresses that have been designed to facilitate vintage-loving crowd, we have brought you five of the best that are readily available at every store. These are clean and modest enough to wear at informal venues, while feisty enough with the right ingredients to abide by the formalwear. Serving both the purposes, you can dictate your own vintage style with the right shoes, jewelry, and styling at any of the occasions this summer season!

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