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Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for Men: Styling for Wedding Prom

vintage Men's Fashion

Men’s Vintage / Retro wedding hairstyles, are perfect to make you look like those classic and charming Hollywood stars. Many men may think these old-fashioned hairstyles from the 1920s men’s fashion to 1980s men’s fashion is outdated on the wedding day or may not be suitable for use in daily activities, but this idea is completely wrong. In any case, if you decide to wear such a hairstyle on the wedding day, you don’t have to worry about hair color, hair texture, age, or facial shape. Because there are many retro hairstyles, all men can wear them on their wedding day.


Men’s wedding hairstyles from long to short 

All these old-fashioned retro wedding hairstyles are more elegant, charming, or fashionable than other old-fashioned hairstyles. Therefore, you can choose any of those retro hairstyles and wear them on the wedding day. Just be prepared to swing, shock, and stunningly charming and elegant appearance…

1.Vintage long or medium hairstyle

1960s Men's FashionIf you are a groom with a long or medium hairstyle, what kind of retro hairstyle can you wear? The earliest famous and famous Vintage hairstyles are straight hairstyles. To this day, those hairstyles are still popular and popular among all men.

In addition to those smooth and smooth hairstyles, you can also wear curly hairstyles, ponytail hairstyles, smooth back hairstyles, backcomb hairstyles, the fish hairstyles, and bowl cut hairstyles. In addition to these hairstyles, you can also use Rockabilly hairstyles, Ducktail hairstyles, Pompadour hairstyles, Afro hairstyles, and Square hairstyles.

2.Hairstyle for short hair

If your hair is short, you can also wear classic and charming retro hairstyles; flat-top hairstyles, buzz-shaped hairstyles, burr-shaped hairstyles, hip-shaped hairstyles, scalp landing hairstyles or heavy-top hairstyles.

1960s Men's Fashion


vintage hairstyles from the 1920s to 1980s for different types of wedding

  • Urban Wedding

1920s Men's FashionLarge back hair type: The handsome back hair type is very atmospheric, and will definitely be able to calm the scene at the wedding, holding flowers, sweet smile, confident man charm bursting the table.

Hairstyle without bangs: The hairstyle for men without bangs that combs the hair backward can perfectly show the tough temperament of men, and the texture of gloss exudes the noble prince atmosphere. This hairstyle is also a must-have for the groom.

  • Country wedding

Oblique punk hairstyle: The groom can try this oblique punk hairstyle, which can perfectly modify the long face shape, wear in a stylish suit, highlight the handsome and tough masculinity, but also show a kind of elegance and maturity.

country wedding

Twenty-eighth short hairstyle: neat short hair is waxed, clean and snug, twenty-eighth bangs with a retro elegance, wearing big glasses, looks very handsome and elegant.

  • Lawn and beach wedding

Fluffy hairstyle: Natural fluffy hairstyle is very suitable for lawn and beach wedding, it looks very sunny.

Textured perm hairstyles: If you want to be handsome in outdoor weddings, textured perm hairstyles are very suitable to show your personality.

beach men


Something retro match the vintage hairstyle for the groom

Even if your man figured out his hairstyle, giving his appearance a proper retro atmosphere for your big day can be a challenge. I find the perfect look, suits, accessories, and retouching styles for an old-fashioned wedding, so please sit back and see if these are more than just things.

  • 1.The Buzz and Waist Coats for a summer wedding

1960s Men's FashionThe buzzing cut is one of the most attractive formal hairstyles that can be worn at a wedding. The top is slightly longer than the sides, and the hairline is arranged in a square. Waist jacket is the perfect retro accessory – no matter the age, season, or location! They are matched or contrasting materials stacked under the jacket, appear light and add some extra warmth for the autumn or winter wedding. Or they add color to a simple shirt and at the same time look more casual than a jacket-cooler at a spring or summer wedding…

  • 2.The Flick Back Hairstyle and Braces (or suspenders)

1920s Men's FashionUse products to modify hair for the best results. Flick your hair back and gently lift the front. This hairstyle requires little maintenance. Regardless of whether it is functional or purely decorative, the support/hanging device (is there a difference?) is the preferred accessory for a more relaxed, rustic, and casual wedding (Ryan Reynolds even made a custom leather strap for the wedding with Blake Lively). A shirt or suit with a slightly fashionable appearance, or boldly choose a contrasting color for a suit, but it should be paired with a tie, shirt, or shoes. Oh, if he decides to choose the patterned pair, make sure to keep the shirt plain.

3.The Short Pompadour and Old World Fabrics

1920s old fabricsPompadour is a hairstyle that has always been popular, and wedding hairstyles are no exception. The sides are shorter, gradually fading down, while the hair on the top remains tangled. This is not a statement that everyone can see, but tweed, houndstooth, and plaid fabrics are an interesting and fashionable fabric for a bold groom who wants to guide his inner country gentleman! Even in a suit, these textured textiles have the knack of looking more rustic and casual than formal clothing. But at the same time, as the fabric of choice for nobles (according to Downton Abbey), they imply luxury and elegance…

  • Short and Classic hairstyle with Pocket Watches

vintage Men's FashionShort hairstyles are always suitable for any special event. Apply the product to increase the volume and texture of the hair. Ideal wedding hairstyle. Pocket watches are perfect retro accessories that can be used regardless of the style of your groom (or wedding). Such a simple addition, even the most modern suit, can immediately bring elegance to the old world! Oh, and if they are not lucky enough to hide the family heirloom somewhere in the drawer, they will give your groom a great gift.


  • Long Pompadour and Bow Ties

The top of this Pompadour wedding hairstyle retains a longer length. Applying style product styles add more styles. The bow tie is the epitome of retro-chic for any gentleman! Since the 18th century, it has become a fashion choice. Choose from flowers, velvet, tweed, and even sequins, which can bring an attractive and fashionable appearance…

1920s Men's Fashion

  • The Brushed Back and Velvet

1960s Men's FashionThis wedding hairstyle requires products to modify the hair. The hair has an increased volume and is brushed back and side. The velvet suit may not be suitable for everyone, but this plush fabric is reminiscent of age, romance, and wealth. It turns traditional suits into fancy things, you can’t control your hands! Maybe summer is a bit warm, but it is perfect for a wedding in autumn or winter…

  • Textured and Tousled with Cravats

This hairstyle requires discolored and messed hair. The formal hairstyle is a bit like the beard that has just been retouched, making the hairstyle a bit confusing. Before the tie or bow tie appeared, the bow tie came! It was considered casual clothes in the early 20th century, and nowadays, it has become an ideal choice for looking like a small but somewhat different retro groom.1930s Men's Fashion

  • Ivy League and Hats

The Ivy League hairstyles give a formal look, inspiring and popular in the past. The split and smooth backside (finally fades in and out) makes this hairstyle amazing. Whether it’s Fedora, Bowler, Ivy, or Boater (actually, I think these options may require a complete post!) This hat looks very fashionable… Brought great praise to the groom!

1940s Men's Fashion

  • Slicked Back Short Hair and Brogues

The hair is not long when sliding backward, and the hair volume can be increased with the help of a hairdryer. This hairstyle requires effort to make it last. Ladies, we all know that a shoe is a dress, and it is the same for your groom. If there is a shoe style full of old-world style and complexity, it is Brock. Originally worn as country casual shoes in the early 20th century, they are now considered unsuitable for certain occasions. Today, they are inextricably linked to the popular audience shoes of the 1920s and 1930s styles

1970s Ball Gown Dresses

  • Classic Taper Cut and A Vintage Set of Wheels

1960s Men's FashionTapered haircuts are attractive and suitable for any special occasion such as weddings. This is a carefree and clean hairstyle, which needs to be free from any damage before styling. Whether it is rented or rented, this is a retro-style he will love-can guarantee to provide you with beautiful photos!

In our website, you can find more information about wedding vintage fashions, including the history of men’s retro wedding clothes, and some fashionable people looking for summer grooms, you may want to check out.

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vintage Men's Fashion

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