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How to Dress Like a 1920s Flapper

1920s flapper

1920s flapperThe 1920s and the unmatched ‘Flapper Style’ go hand-in-hand – that era was all about roaring wild, kindling party-spirit, and fluttering your way glamorously into the club. If you happen to shop for vintage costumes today, above everything else, you are likely to spot rows of various flapper style dresses and Gatsby suits because a) designers still love to recreate the beaded low-waistlines and classic tuxedos from the 1920s, and b) that particular fashion line is one of the few timeless highlights of the 1900s era.

Characterized from the 1920s, we are going to look at how you can reproduce the exotic Flapper style that marked history with its modest length and virginal cleavage.

Guide to Dressing like a 1920S FLAPPER

1. The Hairstyle

1920s flapperStarting from the crown, you need to get your hairstyle on spot. There was a classic, long-lasting trend of short hair or bob-cut for women in the 20s. Without pulling off the hairstyle first, your neck-below look will simply not spark the fire.

A tom-boyish haircut, if you already have one, is best. Women with longer hair can use wigs. Make a tight bun or plaits and pin it up on your head to accommodate beneath the wig. If you can’t find a wig that upholds your long hair, try making a chignon. Make a low ponytail at the nape, and wrap the tail into a bun. Secure with pins.

While bob-styled hair was more hip and relevant to flapper dressing, you can still prettily adjust your longer tresses to rock that classic look.

2. The Headgear

1920s flapperLong or short hair matters second to getting the perfect headgear for your 1920s flapper dress. The headbands and forehead bands were extremely prevalent in that time, along with hair combs or tiaras. These were designed with gemstones, feathers, or crystals to complement the fancy, beaded dress. If you get your hands on a headband, make sure you place it just above the brow. It looks cool, vintage, and very epic.

You can also opt for skull-fitting net caps, peacock Gatsby turbans, or the flapper style feather ribbons featured at the side of your face. The favorite thing to do for women of 20s was wearing headwear in peculiar styles. The variety is vast, even more so today than it was way back in that era. Pick the accessory that outlandishly complements your dress, which is what we will discuss next. Shop for your wear with only one thought in mind: the uproar style was the heart of the 1920s.

3. Choosing the Dress 

1920s flapperThe Jazz Age, as the 1920s are famously known by, was a time when several new inventions took place, and the world of arts and entertainment roared over. Emerging from a rather tamed, unglamorous decade, the 1920s was like an exhilarating gust of wind.

The flapper dress, the climax of the era, was designed to keep the conformity of women in view. Deep cleavages, immodest hemlines, or dresses that accentuated curves were considered offensive. Flapper dresses came with the boyish cut; almost straight off from the chest to the hips. The neckline was never too daring, and the hemline was never too up. These were, most of the time, sleeveless, of knee-length and laced with fancy beads.

You would want a dress that has a V-shaped back or front, is stitched with beads, or sequins and has a low-waistline belt that masks the curves. Fringes were also one of the highlights, with fabrics popularly like chiffon, satin or crepe. If you are unable to find a fancy beaded flapper dress, go for a plain one and flare it up with costume jewelry.

4. The Shoes

1920s flapperNot nearly as important as the dress and the headwear, going for T-strapped heels will be cherry on top to vitalize the Jazz Age energy. Black, silver, or gold in low heels, rounded toes, or pumps were the popular picks to dance all night in. The shoes were infancy, chosen to keep one comfortable as they would spiritedly enjoy Charleston at the club-nights.

5. Costume Jewelry

1920s flapperFlapper dresses were elevated with the addition of simple jewelry or other accessories, such as gloves, pearl necklaces, or cigarette holders. These finishing touches will time-travel you completely back to the Roaring 20s and to the age of fresh music and marathon dance.

Men in the 1920s

1920s fashionMen, on the other hand, enjoyed the more gangster look with slimmer-fitting suits, fedora hats, tuxedos from the James Bond, sports shoes, and an extra mimicry from the movies. Pinstripes were common, and anything else that complied with the Gatsby or gangster appearance.

Do you have a scheduled a costume party this weekend? Or are you contemplating for an offbeat get-up? You now know what to do!

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