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1920s Clothing Style – Decorate Your Wardrobe


The 1920s was a time of relief from the war as the world geared up to recover from the losses of war. It was a time of emancipation and freedom for women as the women took charge of their lives enjoying the best of it. This time was tagged the “Jazz age” and the roaring twenties because it was the time new things came into being like jazz music.

The flapper girl clothing style

1920s-flapper-costumeThe clothing style of this period was interesting and significant in the fashion world as the roaring twenties was the time of the flappers. The flapper girl was the signature Jugirl of this period as she was known to enjoy the wild lifestyle of the roaring twenties. The flapper girl clothing style was one of the interesting styles of the 1920s clothing style. She wears a shiny flapper dress which was either black, silver, red,  white, or gold paired with a flowery headband and a T-strap or pump shoe and decked in shiny jewelry from her head down to her toes. A flapper girl dresses to make an entrance, leaving the men awestruck as they pass.


The 20s women clothing for any occasion

The 20s women surely knew how to pair their clothes to give them the style they wanted. They had clothes for every occasion and activity.  The walking cloth was different from the summer cloth. The jewelry attire was different from tea time attire. The sporting garments were different from travelling garments. A 20s woman just has to be ready for any occasion. Hairdos were mostly bobbed hairstyles.

For a leisure day attire, a typical stylish  blouse and skirt coupled with a hat, pumps or Mary Janes and some light adornments was a normal 1920s clothing style. For a day of tennis, ladies were decked in all whites, white middy tops on white skirts paired with Keds. The harder sports required ladies to wear knickers and boots. Some ladies wore pants even though it was not really common. The 1920s clothing style also copied the Asian and Egyptian styles in some aspect like the kimono and pattern designing of fashionable items.


Evening wears in the 1920s

1920s-women-in-evening-dressEvening wears were an interesting fashion style in the 1920s as women attended formal evenings decked in their finest evening gowns. Gowns in this period were drop waist and made with fine materials like silk, chiffon, velvet and others. If you want a sketchy picture of what a 20s lady going for an evening party looked like, picture this;  a lady decked in a beaded drop-waisted gown paired with a matching evening shawl decked in drop earrings with a long pearl necklace and a headband or tiara, let’s not forget gloves and a beaded bag then a beautiful T-strap shoe or pumps.

From Art Deco styles to Egyptian styles to Oriental styles, the 20s women really had a great fashion year.


The 1920s clothing style of the men

1920s-fashion-mens-suitsThe 1920s clothing style of the men were not as extravagant as the women. Men styles were more of quality than fashion. The 20s man just wanted the best three-piece suit and a good hat to go for a business day and a nice Tuxedo and cravat with good shoes for a formal evening. No fuss.

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