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1960s Makeup: How to do Makeup like Twiggy


1960s-makeup-Twiggy-1The 1960s were influenced by what was called “The London Look”. London based stars took the scenes and became the face of 60s fashion, makeup, and beauty. Notable faces of the 60s being London based models; Lesley Lawson and Jean Simpson.


1960s-Twiggy-makeup-3Other stars of the 1960s who influenced makeup fashion were Elizabeth Taylor in her Cleopatra role, Brigitte Bardot and Aubrey Hepburn. Feminism, Afro, and Hippie culture were also notable factors that affected makeup fashion.

The major focus of the 1960s makeup were the eyes, while the rest of the face retained a natural ‘baby doll’ look and what was called the Bronze look.


  • Baby Doll Look

This look was synonymous with the girly look of the 60s. It laid emphasis on a pale, almost white natural face powder and mild pink blush, long false top and bottom eyelashes, colorful and glittering eye shadows, dark-winged eyeliners, and natural neat arched eyebrows. The lips were usually nude or pink to give the perfect baby pout look.



  • Bronze Look

1960s-makeup-Bronze-Look-7Unlike the baby doll look that was all girly and feminine, the bronze look was loud. This look was essentially meant to glow and give the face a dramatic modern appeal.

The facial powder was meant to match the skin tone, while the blush was light brown and had glitters to highlight the cheekbones, nose, and chin. Eye shadows were dark; pinks, greens, blues, reds, etc, with dark winged eyeliners, false lashes, and full arched eyebrows. Lipsticks were in colors that popped like deep pink, peach, red, and shimmer.



twiggy-3Lesley Lawson, popularly known as Twiggy is a model, singer, and actress who came into the global limelight in the 1960s when she began her modeling career at the age of 16. She became a fashion icon while she worked closely with Mary Quant who popularized the Chelsea Look which was modeled by Twiggy.

Twiggy modeled miniskirts, dresses, and braless fashion which were considered to be scandalous at the time and that quickly brought her to the cover page of many magazines.


How to do Makeup like Twiggy in the 60s

twiggy-2Twiggy was the pioneering face of the Modernist look of the 60s. The mod look was considered the look of the youth with black and white eye shadows and black eye crease.

Mary Quant and Yardley were instrumental in the development of the Mod look with their affordable, colorful, and bold makeup products.



To get the perfect Twiggy look:

  • 1960s-makeup-Twiggy-8Eyebrows have to be as natural as they can be; after grooming, shaping, and defining, light eyebrow pencils could be used.
  • Top and bottom eyelashes should be painted with eyeliner, and short false lashes used on the top and bottom. Also emphasizing a natural baby doll look.
  • The mod eye shadow look of Twiggy was gotten by applying a black eye shadow along the line of the socket crease and pale lid color. White was also used alternatively.
  • She often stuck with a pale natural shade face powder foundation.
  • Lips were along with the baby doll trend; nude, light pink, and glossy.

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